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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ulangan Komputer



  • 600 gr. nasi dingin
  • 3-4 sdm kecap manis
  • 1-2 sdm saos tomat
  • 5 sdm minyak untuk menumis

Bumbu yang dihaluskan:

  • 5 butir bawang merah
  • 2 siung bawang putih
  • 3-5 buah cabai merah atau menurut selera
  • ½ sdt terasi

Bahan Pelengkap:

  • Irisan mentimum
  • Telur mata sapi
  • Emping goreng
  • Bawang goreng
  • Acar mentimum
Cara membuat:
  • Dalam wajan, panaskan 5 sdm minyak dengan api sedang.
  • Tumis bumbu yang telah dihaluskan hingga harum.
  • Masukkan nasi dingin. Aduk rata.
  • Masukkan saos tomat dan kecap manis. Aduk lagi hingga rata.
  • Angkat, dan siap dihidangkan dengan bahan pelengkap.

Untuk 6 orang.


Semua orang pasti tak bisa menolak jika disuguhi sesuai 'berbau' cokelat. Puding cokelat dengan saus koktil ini pasti mampu menghipnotis keluarga Anda.

1 bungkus (7 g) agar-agar bubuk warna putih
150 g gula pasir
sedikit garam
50 g cokelat bubuk larutkan dengan 50 ml air panas
700 ml susu cair
2 butir telur ayam, kocok
3 sdm rum, jika suka

300 ml susu cair
1/8 sdt garam
75 g gula pasir
1/2 sdt vanili bubuk
1 kuning telur ayam
1 sdm tepung maizena, larutkan dengan 1 sdm air
1 kaleng koktil buah campur (kalengan)

Siapkan loyang puding bervolume 1 liter, basahi air matang. Sisihkan.

Campur agar-agar, gula pasir, garam, cokelat bubuk, dan susu. Masak di atas api sedang sambil aduk-aduk hingga gula larut dan mendidih.

Ambil 100 ml larutan agar-agar panas, aduk dengan telur kocok hingga rata.

Tuangkan kembali ke dalam adonan agar-agar mendidih. Masak sambil aduk-aduk hingga mendidih kembali, angkat.

Aduk-aduk agar-agar hingga uapnya hilang, tambahkan rum, aduk rata. Tuangkan adonan agar-agar ke dalam loyang, biarkan hingga dingin dan membeku.

Saus vla: masak susu, garam, gula, dan vanili sambil aduk-aduk hingga gula larut dan mendidih. Campur kuning telur dengan 2 sdm adonan susu panas hingga rata. Tuangkan kembali ke dalam adonan susu mendidih. Tuangkan larutan maizena, aduk hingga kental dan mendidih. Angkat dan dinginkan.

Sajikan puding cokelat dengan siraman vla dan koktil buah campur.


Mie Goreng Sedap

Mie Goreng Sedap memberikan rasa selera sendiri dengan bumbu yang meresap. Mie Goreng Sedap paling cocok disajikan dengan acar mentimun.


Mie Kuning basah 1/2 kg

Telur 2 bh kocok lepas.

Bawang merah goreng

Sawi Hijau secukupnya.

Kol secukupnya.

Daun Bawang 1 btg potong serong 1cm.

Garam, gula, merica.

Kecap asin 2 sdm

Kecap manis secukupnya.

air 200 cc

Bumbu halus:

Bawang Putih 5 bh.

Cara memasak:

Rendam mie kuning basah dengan air dingin, tiriskan.

Goreng telur, sisihkan.

Tumis bawang putih sampai kekuningan masukkan garam, dan sayuran masak sampai layu tambahkan air, beri kecap manis, kecap asin, gula, merica masak sampai didih, kuah sedap masukkan mie, dan telur goreng, aduk masak sampai kuah mengering.

Taburi bawang merah goreng.


Anda bisa menambahkan bakso atau daging ayam bila suka.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fortean subject

almost all of fortean subjects and concepts are treated as silly hoax, scam, fantasy, and science fiction by mass media outlets since almost all of mass media outlets are owned by zionists, they also make people judge others by looks, skeptic to such subject, etc by public opinion, allegedly these individuals are: gerald levin(CEO time warner), michael eisner(CEO walt disney company), sumner redstone(CEO viacom), rupert murdoch(founder of news corp).

Thursday, September 18, 2008


What happen if 8 original digidestined adding Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy to "enhance" their roster?

Monday, September 15, 2008

JFK assassination

There a something wrong about JFK assassination: bullet come from behind but zapruder video shown he was shot from ahead by his own driver, its later revealed the driver just fires a blank cartridge while JFK shot from behind at same time.

celebrity deathmatch

actually celebrity deathmatch was hybrid beetween mortal kombat and world wrestling entertainment since the CDM arena are wrestling ring and the celebrities are fought and die in mortal kombat style(excessive graphic violence).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fermi paradox

It seems the major causes of fermi paradox are certain conspiracy theories such as MIB (men in black) since some societies are don't want people recognize extraterrestrials, the societies that cover-up the ETs are the illuminati, etc so the most people will think the ETs are nothing more than silly fantasy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

dangers of GTA

GTA series are very dangerous games but some are relatively safe to people, despite the dangers its violence are never proven but its other adult contents such as sex are proven.

Autism and asian financial crisis

Everytime I think about both I was felling biting into bullet, but there a well hidden link beetween both, the clue about this are Majority of autistic children are 1997-1998 birth(in 1990s alone), the cause of this are a greedy jewish speculator that seeks human extinction by causing a economic bubble then poison virtually every child by thimerosal so the chaos will sink the world.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

answer and truth of the great gas conspiracy

the answer, secret and truth of the great gas conspiracy theory is the miracle carburetor that supposed to get 300 miles per gallon but actually that's thing has just make your car fuel-inefficient so the oil supply is deplete faster than usual and big oil company(particularly private ones!) get vast amount of net worth and the conclusion is the oil company secretly league with car manufacturers to produce fuel-inefficient vehicle by equip these cars with miracle carburetor in the hope car engine produce more energy however it just waste the fuel.
and that conclude this conspiracy theory was solved (thanks to mythbusters for answers).
however vast majority of other conspiracy theories are unsolved problem due to mass media cover-ups since almost all of mass media outlets are largely owned by racist, brutal, and greedy zionists that seeks one world totalitarian goverment and reduce life on earth to extinction.
they also keep everyone from find the truth and answers of the conspiracy theories and they also declare and treat almost all of the conspiracy theories as silly hoax, fantasy and science fiction.
everytime we talks about conspiracy theories, secret societies, and UFOs we must forgot about fantasy and science fiction for find their truth and answers.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

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