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Monday, August 9, 2010

the Anunnaki(for my projects)

the Anunnaki is the race of reptilian aliens that has predates mankind for eons and for those that unfamiliar with Anunnaki, here are following information:

The Anunnaki

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Vertebrata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Theropoua
Family: Homonidae
Genus/Species: Homo Saurus

Nicknames: Nephilim, Anakim, Rephaim, Djinn, Giants, Titans, Fallen Angels, the Watchers, the Els, the Ari, Elders, Sons of Zadok, Sons of Seth, the Uranids, Cyclopeans, Promethians, Olympians, the Elect, Asuras, the Illies, Fomorians, the Necromancers, Rayless Ones, Bent Ones, the Dogons, Dagons, the Ana, Amaraka, Nagas, the Rakshasas, Dragon Kings, Naddred, the Brotherhood of the Snake, the Serpent People, Djedhi, Tuatha de Dunan, Greys, Reptoids, Draconians, Sun Gods, Homo Futurus, Gog and Magog, Chuck Norris

Lifespan: Quasi Immortal(can only died in the unnatural ways, but they always cheats death with Mind Uploading Technology)

Diet: (mostly) Carnivore

reproduction Method: Mass reproduction via Cloning Technology since their people is genderless(this can make them overrun and outnumber their preys)

Method of eating: food is processed into fine liquid nourishment then simply pumped to their brains

Body: What do you see here are merely Bio-mechanical suit of armor(with that mainly worn for protecting their breaths from Oxygen as Oxygen is the bane for the Anunnaki) that works lot like Human body with bio-design of veins, organs and other worm like features that a human incorporates in bodily design albeit with ultra sophisticated Nanomechanical parts and Nanoelectronics where each of those Bio-Mechanical suit of armour comes with various modifications, each of them are suited with Anunnaki tasks like unarmored shapeshifting suit for Anunnaki covert Shapeshifters, Armored Suit for Anunnaki Combatants, and so on

Brain: Their brain is very similar to human brain, but Anunnaki brain is lacking Mammalian part of their brains, making them ultra violent despite their superhuman intelligence

Homeworlds: Their world appears to be metallic, cold, manipulative, overpowering, Lifeless and barren, domineering, controlling to the extreme, technological and fascist, without love or joy and with no regard for the free will of other beings. Sounds like a good definition of Hell.

Language: Reptilian/Draconian(sounds lot like Parseltongue albeit with twists of Sumerian, Arabian, Hebrew, and Babylonian words) with Robotic Voices.

Technology Level: Their Science and Technology is 'beyond farthest reaches of imagination'

Powers: other than superhuman Intelligence, their powers are all come from their Nanotechnology implants and the Exosuit that they wears where some of their powers are: Omnilingualism(from machine translator built on their exosuits), Shapeshifting(from their specialized suits of armor),etc.

Voices: they speaks with Stephen Hawking-esque voices albeit with robotic, demonic, and reptilian twists. Anunnaki shapeshifters can change their voices

History: they has been predates mankind for eons where in the prehistoric times, their leaders are killed, but luckily they all are cheats death by mind uploading technology, where one of their dead bodies are buried in the prehistoric sea that would later in the present day become Bermuda Triangle while another one of them are buried in the place in the Mars that later become Face on Mars, the Ea(the top leader of the Anunnaki empire) gets new body like no other: Cyborg Dyson Sphere type construct that built around supermassive black hole that provides "godly" amount of energy needed to processes near-fathomless amount of information at rate beyond speed of light where that thing are located in the exact opposite from the Earth(especially if the earth itself are aligned with both sun Galactic core of Milky Way), they have around on earth numerous times in the ancient times where Ancient People are too often misinterpret them as Polytheistic gods and they are the basis of the Sun God legend in the Real World

Founded: Probably 15 Billion of years ago

Genes: Anunnaki's DNA are distinctively triple helix unlike most other known life forms which their DNA is double helix

Population: (estimated) 1000 Quadrillion

Blood Type: they have self replicating nanobots flowing in their veins instead any normal Blood cells so everytime they bleeds, they releases self replicating Nanobots known as Grey goo to the environment, and that nanobots are known as Ichor as it can eats through everything that it touches

Leader: Anunnaki Pharaoh Anu

Head of State: Pharaoh

Ideology: Technocracy, Scientism, Materialism, Racism, Transhumanism, Imperialism, Slavery, Trans-Galactic Dominance

Military Strength: Galactic-scale military force

Economic Strength: Extremly Powerful

Political strength: Extremly Powerful, it spans over galaxies

Affiliation: Illuminati(in Ani-toonspiracy case)

Currency: Unknown(their Nanotechnology implant are also can be used as wallets for their Digital Money)
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