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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

answer and truth of the great gas conspiracy

the answer, secret and truth of the great gas conspiracy theory is the miracle carburetor that supposed to get 300 miles per gallon but actually that's thing has just make your car fuel-inefficient so the oil supply is deplete faster than usual and big oil company(particularly private ones!) get vast amount of net worth and the conclusion is the oil company secretly league with car manufacturers to produce fuel-inefficient vehicle by equip these cars with miracle carburetor in the hope car engine produce more energy however it just waste the fuel.
and that conclude this conspiracy theory was solved (thanks to mythbusters for answers).
however vast majority of other conspiracy theories are unsolved problem due to mass media cover-ups since almost all of mass media outlets are largely owned by racist, brutal, and greedy zionists that seeks one world totalitarian goverment and reduce life on earth to extinction.
they also keep everyone from find the truth and answers of the conspiracy theories and they also declare and treat almost all of the conspiracy theories as silly hoax, fantasy and science fiction.
everytime we talks about conspiracy theories, secret societies, and UFOs we must forgot about fantasy and science fiction for find their truth and answers.
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