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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It's been around (more than) five years gone...

... since last updated this blog. man! time was flies so fast

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ani-Toonspiracy: the Spin-off(extended edition)

This is a Spin-off of My own movie project that's to crossovers Happy Tree Friends, Sonic, Mario, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Warhammer 40.000, and others(including even Angry Birds, Portal, and so on) for my project:

Payton wakes up in the Station of Awakening(ones that has pic of Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, and Sniffles)

Payton: Where Am I?

Unseen voice: you're is in the dive to the heart, where you will meet your destiny

Payton: look! I can fly in this place

(Payton keeps flying throughout the stations until suddenly, the Heartless, Nobodies, and Dream Eaters appears for Payton. Payton decided to fights them with his fire and ice powers as well his claw)

Payton: looks like you're have no match for me

(suddenly, Payton's shadow turns into a Giant Monster of Unversed where Payton fights it until it defeated and it's essence possess Payton)

Payton: Arrrgh!

(Payton then wakes up in the morning)

Payton: what's happened to me?

(after having Breakfast, Payton then flies to the cemetery of Happy Tree Town where he's visiting the graveyard of Wolfie and Cheeks the Hamster)

Payton: why you're leaving us?

(suddenly, Payton hears someone screaming in Happy Tree Town)

Payton: Giggles?

(Payton then flies to Happy Tree Town where he sees people with Sparkling White Skin that moves faster than bullets eating Happy Tree Friends)

Payton: what's happening?

(Payton then calls Splendid and Wopter to fights Twilight Vampires, we see Quilly protecting Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, and Sniffles from Edward Cullen and Bella Swan)

Quilly: stay away from my babysits!

(Payton then arrives and helps Quilly fights Edward Cullen and Bella Swan since Quilly is also Payton's babysitter)

Payton: don't mess with me and my babysitter and my friends

(Payton keeps fighting until he defeats Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. meanwhile Emmett Cullen goes after Flippy, Pop, Cub, and Disco Bear only to be neutralized by Splendid)

Splendid: looks like you're can't mess up with my friend

(Splendid then speedblitz Emmett Cullen and most of Twilight Vampires so the Twilight vampires fled, Payton and his friends follows Them until they reaches some kind of Portal that appears before them and they disappears through those portal)

Payton: what is this?

Toothy: I don't know

Payton: Sniffles! can sent in the drone to this portal?

Sniffles: yes!

(Sniffles then sent in the Remote-controlled robot to the Portal only to have the robot stop responding as it enters the portal)

Sniffles: damn!

(suddenly, the Heartless comes out from the Portal after the Portal changes its color)

Payton: I got feeling that they're now immune to even Keyblades

Payton: and Run!

(Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, Sniffles, and Payton then runs(fly in Payton’s case) from the Heartless. as the Heartless lays Waste at Happy Tree Town and consumes everything that they touches, Payton and his friends keeps Fleeing until he got separated from his friends)

Payton Friends: Payton!

(Payton then confronts Darkside Heartless where he keep shooting it with his powers whilst flying around, only to realizes that not even Keyblades can even damages the heartless now, let alone his powers. and then he got sucked into other Dimension)

Payton: *Wakes up* where Am I?

(Payton realizes that he's lands in the Traverse Town where he then decided to flying around in Traverse Town where he finds out that the Traverse Town is far too crowded than ever(crowded enough to makes Holy Terra looks empty) and he got separated from his friends)

Payton: what's happened to my friends?

Payton: looks like there's too many worlds that suffered same fate with mine and it makes baby boom looks like all but Nothing

(he then flying around where he encounters warring fangirls of Team Edward Cullen and Team Jacob)

Payton: they're bunch of the idiot girls that fighting over those that once invades my home universe to eats my people

(the Warring fangirls then got Attacked by Buffyverse Vampires)

Payton: another vampires attacking those girls, at least they don't sparkle but I need to save those girls from Vampires *Fights and defeats vampires*

(after he defeating Buffyverse Vampires, he then flying around in the Traverse Town until he sees kids Playing Bakugan at Traverse Town game center)

Payton: looks like it's cheap knockoff and poor man's substitute of Pokemon, Digimon, and Yugioh

Payton: Speaking of Digimon *sees random thug burns graffiti(written in Digimon alphabet) with his bionic implant in the street*

(he keeps Flying around until he sees gang warfare between Mutants from X-Men Evolution, Huntsclan from American Dragon: Jake Long, and so on)

Payton: Superpowered Gang Warfare happens for real?

(Payton keeps flying until he reaches District X Space Elevator where he notices that there's something comes out from Space Elevator Terminal just after he sees one of the moon in Traverse Town(that looks like bioship) destroyed by black hole weaponry)

Payton: who are they?

(suddenly, people that comes out from Space Elevator Terminal shots Payton with their laser rifles, but luckily, Payton uses his Barrier powers to blocks their shots. it seems that they're Cadian 412th Shock Troopers(which lands far too early in Traverse Town than the rest of 40k Characters) that led by General Sturnn)

General Sturnn: say hello to my men!

Payton: why you here?

General Sturnn: our universe is also consumed by Heartless too!

General Sturnn: and you're just another Squishy Xeno Witch

General Sturnn: Attack!

(General Sturnn then orders his men to shot Payton only to finds out that their Lasguns can't penetrates Payton's Barrier powers)

Payton: looks like your men has Flashlights for their guns

Payton: and it's my turn *Blasts General Sturnn's men with his powers*

(Payton keeps Blasting General Sturnn's men until General Sturnn himself is the only one left that stood against Payton)

General Sturnn: take this! *Fires his Bolters at Payton*

(General Sturnn fires his Bolter at Payton only to realizes that even Bolter rounds can be deflected by Payton's Barrier Powers, and he Speedblitz General Sturnn and he scratch General Sturnn with his Feline Claws(after he finds out that General Sturnn wears something that shrugs off his powers))

General Sturnn: My Medals protect me from your powers and looks like your claws can only annoys me, I have bigger claws: the Power Claw

(it seems that General Sturnn have upper hand in close combat against General Sturnn and he mortally wounds Payton)

General Sturnn: looks like you're have no match for me

(suddenly the Wounded Payton wakes up and it seems that he's possessed by Majin Buu and he proceed to murders General Sturnn before finally passed out. he then wakes up that his injuries are fully healed and he saw dead General Sturnn lies next to him)

Payton: what's happened?

Payton: does I murders Him?

(then, the Traverse Town law enforcers arrests Payton. we skip some time later where something opens Payton's cell just after the Prison Wardens and Policemen deserts the Prison(emptying the Prison from the rest of it’s inmates))

Payton: what's this?

(Payton exploring the prison until he sees a computer that tells him to meet whoever hacks the Prison's computer system)

Go and meet us at room 322 at Traverse Town Hotel

(Payton then left Prison where during the journey, he's through TV shop where he heard the news that Prince William is promoted into New World Order ruler by age 33. and finally he reaches Traverse Town Hotel)

Payton: this is it?

(Payton then go to room 322 in Traverse Town hotel and after he reaches it, he open it where he enters dark Room, and then the light goes on, reveals the guy with futuristic version of Medieval knight helmet and trenchcoat waiting for Payton)

Payton: *Asks guy with Helmet and Trenchcoat* Who Are you?

(the guy with Trenchcoat and Helmet then retracts his collapsible helmet(uses Nanites to prevent this compromising it’s durability), revealing himself that he's Adam Jensen)

Adam Jensen: I has waiting for you and I hacked the Prison's computer system to invite you here

Payton: and where's your companion?

Adam Jensen: welcome to the group

(Adam Jensen then introduces Payton to Hajime Kindaichi and his friends: Miyuki Nanase, Fumi Kindaichi, Isammu Kenmochi, Akechi Kengo, Saki Ryuta, Shinsuke Kimura(yosuke itsuki), and Reika Hayami)

Hajime Kindaichi: Hello!

Payton: why you're all here?

Hajime Kindaichi: we're here because of massive increase of Paranormal phenomena which many of them are too real to be a Tokusatsu

Fumi Kindaichi: and we ends up stumbles into this city, back when we disappeared in the Devil's Triangle in our home world upon our investigation of disappearances in Devil's Triangle

Saki Ryuta: and just before we landed here in Traverse Town, We meets our Nemesis: Yoichi Takato uses his  magic powers(which I records) *gives his handycam to Adam Jensen*

Adam Jensen: thanks! but your handycam are uses outdated technology, but at least I can save the footage of your nemesis uses newfound powers to my aug's Computer

Miyuki Nanase: where when we got lost in the catacomb section of this city, we encounters Silas from the Da Vinci Code only to be tasered by the guy that later become our new friend that is Adam Jensen

Isamu Kenmochi: back when Yoichi Takato stops our police bullets with his newfound powers, I engages him in Fistfight only to finds out that he manages to Overpowers me, so even when I got gorilla-like strength, I have no match for him

Akechi Kengo: we all here because back when we chasing Yoichi Takato, he uses Devil's Triangle to escape our home universe after he stoles an Antimatter sample, when we reaches that, we all ends up lands here while Yoichi Takato lands somewhere

Hajime Kindaichi: we investigate murders that unlike any previous murders we used to handle, it's victims has hole in their face upon face down, indicating that it's murder weapon are Cattle Gun, and the Murderer is now Complete Monster

Payton: Oh Mr Adam Jensen! what about Heartless destroying my homeworld?

Adam Jensen: I don't know about it, but it must have to do with the Illuminati(earth-1218 one)

Payton: what is the Illuminati?

Adam Jensen: the Illuminati is evil Secret Society that hails from universe that also known as Quadwall(known for most of its earthlings are ignorant to it's truth), they're real enough to makes Osama Bin Laden and the like looks like Saturday Morning Cartoon(read: fictional) Villains in comparison, their tech levels is at least 30-50 years ahead of their time, and they worships some evil interdimensional alien gods

Payton: does the evil gods that the Illuminati worships is have to do with Heartless consuming my homeworld?

Adam Jensen: maybe!

Adam Jensen: and my Augs now are updated and has incorporates tons of Technologies that even Sarif Industries fails to provides: Retractable Exosuit that I can deploy at will to increase my physical prowess as well provides enough protection to makes nothing short of dedicated anti-vehicle weapon can touch me, I can also deploys only parts of the retractable exosuit like deploying collapsible helmet back when I first met you Payton and my retractable sunglasses are it's visor. the electronics of my augs are now utilizes high-temperature superconductor. my augmented vision allows me to sees through entire electromagnetic spectrum. my Cranial augs are now among many other things enhance my intellect to truly Superhuman Levels as well I can interface with anything that uses Digital Technology and I know everything about Maths, Sciences, and Languages, I also know every fighting styles thanks to my augs. My digestive system is also augmented so I can eat anything. my skin is Tougher than kevlar due to Flak Armor from 40k(Flak Armor is tougher than ones where today's special forces are die for) being implanted under my skin. nanobot-assisted regeneration. Cold Fusion reactor build at my heart. Grappling hook Gun built into my Cyber Arms. special computer built into my augs that stores Physical objects as Digital Data so I can carry so many weapons to the battle. my Combat Nanoceramic Blade is now utilizes Chainsaw technology and also built into my cyber legs(though at the size of knife). and my cyber arm can also becomes following: Portal Gun(this is also give me Telekinesis), Repair Gun, High-tech Swiss Army knife that built into my fingers and incorporating the following: Nano-transjector(for hacking things that incompatible with my hacking device), Lockpicks, and many others. and I can also summons drone that controls with my mind.

Payton: if you have a Portal Gun by any kind, where's the Companion Cube?

Adam Jensen: there's already too many objects that makes Companion Cubes all but obsolete

Fumi Kindaichi: from what we research, most of the Victims of the murders that we now investigate is Power Rangers

(unaware to Payton and his companion, an Illuminati RAH-66 Comanche is about to fires it's missile at the Room where Payton was)

Hajime Kindaichi: and the Murderer is no other than Anton Chigurh

Adam Jensen: *his radar detects Missile* Incoming!

(the Hellfire Missile then enters the room and explodes, leaving Payton and Adam Jensen the only survivors due to their Barrier Powers: Adam Jensen's Barrier Powers is the part of his Armored forms, and the RAH-66 Comanche decided to fires it's missile once more)

Adam Jensen: Run!

(Payton and Adam Jensen then flies and runs from now-destroyed Hotel Room throughout Hotel Corridor as RAH-66 Comanches fires it's hellfire missiles at them(seen through X-ray vision of it's pilot) and then both Payton and Adam Jensen comes out from bombarded Traverse Town Hotel)

Payton: *freezes the fulcrum of RAH-66 Comanche rotor blades with his powers*

(the RAH-66 Comanche then falls to the ground. and this isn't the only Illuminati unit, countless more reinforcements of the Illuminati forces has arrived)

Adam Jensen: looks like the Illuminati has invades the Traverse Town

(the Reinforcements consists fleets of RAH-66 Comanches and AH-6 Little Birds escorting C-17 Galaxies dropping Illuminati Infantry and Vehicles(including the Literal Mechanized Infantry forces) the RAH-66 Comanches and AH-6 Little Birds fires their Missiles and Chainguns as well their Metal Storm Machine Guns and 50 cal Machine Guns respectively at Payton and Adam Jensen only to have their shots stopped by Payton and Adam Jensen's Barrier powers, then they proceed to blows up Little Birds and Comanche Helicopters and after all of the Little Birds and Comanche Helicopters that currently surrounding Payton and Adam Jensen falls, both Payton and Adam Jensen stands back to back)

(we sees Illuminati Soldiers and Shocktroopers as well Knights Templars and Mechas uses their Flamethrowers(Napalm Cannon in Knight Templars case) at random buildings in Traverse Town as well they also throws their anti-personnel grenades(including even Radioactive Grenade) at those buildings. Payton and Adam Jensen carefully watch them from the wall of high building)

Adam Jensen: look! they have no problems with using weapons that banned by United Nations

Payton: Yeah

(Suddenly, an RAH-66 Comanche is about to Fires it's hell fires missile at them, but Payton flies and Adam Jensen jumps(then fires his Portal Gun built into his cyber arms to the Comanche's Target field while the second Portal Gun are fired at behind Comanche helicopter) so the Comanche Helicopter are got hit by it's own Hellfire Missile since it's goes through Portal. and then Adam Jensen fires his Grappling Hook Gun just before he hits the ground, then he swings, kicking the Illuminati troops in his way. he then lands at Illuminati's Bradley Light Tank where he rips the Main Gun and fires it at V-22 Osprey VTOLs, RAH-66 Comanches, AH-6 Little Birds, F-35 JSFs, Mechas, M1 Abrams, and so on until they all shot down.)

Adam Jensen: *retracts his Collapsible Helmet* I'm cool

(suddenly, Adam Jensen took the Headshot, but luckily he's fine because of his advanced Dermal Armor in his head. meanwhile, Payton uses his Lightning powers at Illuminati Mechas, Foster-Miller TALON S.W.O.R.D.S., and Cypher UAV after he blocks their Miniguns and Heavy Machine Guns with his Barrier Powers and then he engages F-22 Raptors and F-35 JSFs midair where he freezes their Jet Engines. Adam Jensen shooting Illuminati Soldiers and Shocktroopers with his Combat Rifle(Basically FAMAS Variant that fires Armor-piercing fin-stabilized Discarding Sabot round))

Adam Jensen: One Shot One kill!

(he also engages Illuminati Soldiers, Shocktroopers, and Knights Templars in Close Combat where his Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blade slices through their armor and flesh like knife through butter. then some Illuminati Soldiers releases their Attack Dogs where the Attack Dogs are goes after both Payton and Adam Jensen)

Adam Jensen: Run!

(Payton and Adam Jensen then runs from Attack Dogs and once they can't escape anymore, they engages fight against them: Payton uses his (enchanted) Cat Claws against those Dogs while Adam Jensen uses his Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blade where his chainsaw blade slices through Dog's Flesh)

Adam Jensen: chainsaw is great for making Dogmeat

(Adam Jensen then escapes from Attack Dogs by using Grappling Hook Gun and Smoke Grenades while Payton simply flies upward. then they encounters Illuminati forces open fire toward Traverse Town denizens)

Payton: what we gonna do?

Adam Jensen: just save them?

Payton: and most importantly, don't shoot any civilians!

(Adam Jensen and Payton then defeats Illuminati forces that attacking Traverse Town civilians, then a Squad of Knights Templars escorting hovering M270 MLRS arrives for Payton, Adam Jensen, and Traverse Town civilians)

Adam Jensen: *Fires his FGM-148 Javelin one-handed*

(Adam Jensen blows up M270 MLRS, they then proceeds to attacks Knights Templars only to realizes that they has deployed their shields which is impervious to any damages)

Payton: what we gonna do now?

Adam Jensen: summon your Angry Birds

Payton: *Summons Angry Birds through D-Link*

(After summoning Angry Birds, Payton is equipped with Slingshot that fires Angry Birds)

Adam Jensen: use your Boomerang Birds

Payton: *Fires Green Boomerang Birds at Shielded Knights Templars*

(the Boomerang Bird then hits Knights Templars from their backs once the Green Boomerang Birds flies past them)

Payton: Nice hit

(Adam Jensen and Payton keeps fighting Illuminati forces until they got tired where they got surrounded by Illuminati forces, but luckily, something speed blitzes the entire Illuminati Forces)

Adam Jensen: what is this?

(the thing that speed blitzes Illuminati Forces are no other than Splendid)

Splendid: hello!

Payton: where's the rest of my people?

Splendid: when the Supremely Sensational Stupendously Spectacular Super Squad survives the destruction of the Universe where you and me come from, we survives together until our fateful Encounter with a hybrid between Eldar's War God and C'Tan shard of Nightbringer(which rampaged in the Streets of Traverse Town some time ago) where it leaves me a Sole Survivor even when we're teams up with X-men to fights it(alongside distraction from invading Illuminati) and for the Happy Tree Friends that aren't my Comrades, just follow me!

(Payton and Adam Jensen them follows Splendid throughout Traverse Town until they reaches something that guarded by Machine Gun posts crewed by Generic Tree Friends)

Generic Tree Friends soldier: Welcome

Splendid: this is it!

Splendid: the place where the rest of my people are hide

(Splendid then checks his Eye in the Retinal detector so the door to the hideout of his people are unlocked and then, Payton, Adam Jensen, and Splendid enters it. where they got greeted by the rest of Happy Tree Friends main characters)

Payton: I miss you so much

Adam Jensen: what is this? a bunch of Cute Animals that once used to do nothing but killed in their shows because they're fragile as newborn baby and I now meet them in flesh

Payton: don't touch just any of us

(Payton then introduces Adam Jensen to HTF characters)

Payton: this is Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, and Sniffles

Sniffles: *working on the computer whilst having snack from his ant farm*

Payton: Flaky! If you’re scared over something, tell all the HTFs to stay away from whatever scare you

(Payton then introduces Adam Jensen to Flippy, The Mole, Buddhist Monkey, and Lumpy)

Adam Jensen: another HTFs that can fights

Payton: *shocked from remember someone that raises him before he lost in the mountain and joins orphanage where Cuddles, Toothy, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, and Sniffles growing up*

Buddhist Monkey: my name is Buddhist Monkey, remember me Payton?

Payton: Yes! You raises me back when Flippy gave me to you after he found me as a Baby in General Tiger’s base

Buddhist Monkey: Indeed!

Payton: I introduces you to Flippy too, he's praying over the loss of Sneaky and Mouse Ka-boom. and Buddhist Monkey, would you ask Flippy with your Telepathy?

Buddhist Monkey: *uses telepathy on Flippy* what killed your friend: Sneaky and Mouse Ka-boom

Flippy: back when we have gunfight with Traverse Town criminal gangs(including Genestealer cults with X-men mutant powers), we stumble into Abandoned Internet cafe where what scares Traverse Town gangs from here are..

Adam Jensen: Heartless-Digimon hybrid?

Flippy: yes, even when we can get weapons and ammo specifically made for killing Digimon and Heartless from Traverse Town's black market, it won't hurt them and this leaves me sole survivor until I reunited with Happy Tree Friends that aren't Payton and Splendid after I found this bunker

(Payton then also introduces Adam Jensen to Lifty &; Shifty(both playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 using stolen game console and both plays as Rocket Raccoon), Handy, Russel, Pop and Cub, Disco Bear, Lammy, and Truffles)

Disco Bear: *Playing Dance Dance Revolution*

Lifty: there's another Kleptomaniac Raccoon just like us, except he's far too capable

Shifty: to the point we simply can't compete with him likely because we worries over even minor injuries that can easily kill us

Payton: who's that another Raccoon that thief like you two?

Shifty: Sly Cooper

Payton: where did you know that?

Lifty: we borrows Sniffles computer and we finds out that Sly Cooper(and his friends) are here cuz their Home Universe are destroyed just like ours

(Suddenly, Sniffles' computer detects Something)

Sniffles: everybody! there's bunker-buster armed bomber planes is heading toward us among the second wave of the Illuminati forces that invades Traverse Town

Payton: I and Splendid dealing with the Illuminati air forces while Adam Jensen, Flippy, The Mole, and Buddhist Monkey is dealing with Illuminati ground forces

(Payton, Adam Jensen, Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, and the Mole then go outside only to finds that the place where the Tree Friends are took shelter are surrounded by the Illuminati forces)

Illuminati Officer: surrender or we'll use Bunker Buster on Bunker where your HTFs took shelter

Adam Jensen and fighting HTFs: Neither

CABAL: *Talks through LRAD* Surrender or Die

(Payton and Splendid then fighting Illuminati Air Forces while Adam Jensen, Flippy, Buddhist Monkey, and the Mole fighting Illuminati Ground Forces)

Buddhist Monkey: *Pressure Points Illuminati mooks to Paralysis*

Flippy: *Stabs Illuminati mooks with his knife*

The Mole: *shoots Illuminati enemies with his Handgun*

Adam Jensen: *shoots Illuminati Mooks with his Combat Rifle then he engages Illuminati Mechas(Close Combat variants) in Close combat where he dodges their attacks, then he kicks them in their groins by his leg-mounted Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blade, splitting them into half. he then Rips Gatling Guns and Flamethrowers from some other Illuminati Mechas, then he stores those weaponry in his implanted computer after he uses it on those mechas*

(we sees Payton and Splendid fighting Illuminati Aircrafts and incoming Illuminati Commandos)

Payton: Splendid! if you're sees incoming B-2 Spirit and SR-33 Aurora, destroy them before they reach the place where our people took shelter

Splendid: Yes Sir!

(Splendid then destroys incoming B-2 Spirit and SR-33 Aurora before they drop their Bunker Buster bombs. then the fleet of F-35 JSFs and F-22 Raptors and comes for them)

Payton: I have feeling: their Vulcan cannons are loaded with Kryptonite-based Airburst shells and their loadouts are Kryptonite Blaster Cannon in place of their missiles

Payton: and Stay Away from them, Splendid

(Payton then confronts F-35s and F-22s where their Vulcan Cannons are fires their Airbursting Kryptonite Shells and Kryptonite Blaster Cannons though the latter is ineffective at Payton and Payton blows up F-22 Raptors and F-35 JSFs with his powers)

(our heroes bravely fights the Illuminati enemies until they got hopelessly outnumbered)

Payton: looks like we're have no match for them

Splendid: since they has bring on Kryptonite Weapons, even me is have no match for them

(suddenly, something lands for Adam Jensen and fighting HTFs, it's a Space Capsule rocket)

Adam Jensen: what's this?

Payton: it telling us to rides it

(Adam Jensen and then all the HTFs(including ones that hiding in Bunker and Generic Tree Friends) then rides the capsule. as Adam Jensen and the HTFs rides the capsule, the capsule automatically flies to upper atmosphere of Traverse Town and finally, it reaches some kind of Space Station where the capsule are reattaches itself to the space station, as the Capsule reattaches itself to the Space Station, the door to Space Station opens where Adam Jensen and his HTFs leaves the capsule and enters the Space Station)

Adam Jensen: *raising his pistols with both hands* what is this place?

(Adam Jensen and combat-capable HTFs patrolling around until they suddenly meets Sonic and Mario, shocking Jensen and HTFs so this prompts Adam Jensen to lowering his pistols)

Mario: Mamma Mia! is that you Geno?

Adam Jensen: Who Are You? *Scans Mario and Sonic with his Stat-O-Vision, then uses his C.A.S.I.E. at them*

Mario: it's me I'm Mario

Sonic: and I'm Sonic

Payton: reminds me of Super Mario Bros Super Show crossover with Inspector Gadget

Adam Jensen: where's your friends?

Sonic: just follow us!

(Adam Jensen and his fellow HTFs then follows Mario and Sonic until they reaches the Bar where they meets Sonic and Mario friends: Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles, Cream and Cheese, Rouge, Shadow the Hedgehog, Big the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, The Toads, Yoshi, and Rosalina)

Cuddles: another Bunny!

Cream: *Fell in love with Cuddles*

Sniffles: what is this space station?

Tails: this is Interdimensional Space Station, the Space Station that can travels through the Multiverse

Adam Jensen: how did you get that?

Tails: I'm build this Space Station with a Box of Scraps and of course, the Anunnaki Technology that we reverse Engineers

Adam Jensen: what is Anunnaki?

Tails: they're the aliens whose Technologies allows them to casually travels through multiverse

Tails: and they once invades our whole world: Mobius only to be stopped by Sonic and Shadow with their Chaos Emeralds

Adam Jensen: and what's the facilities in the Interdimensional Space Station?

Tails: I'll show you these

(Tails then takes Adam Jensen to various parts of Interdimensional Space Station: he takes him to Engine Room)

Tails: this is the engine room, which powers the Interdimensional Space Station, and the Reactor are utilizes contained synthetic miniaturized version of Supermassive Black Holes that found in Galactic Cores for its power sources

Adam Jensen: wow

(Tails then takes Adam Jensen to Hydroponic Farm)

Tails: this Hydroponic Farm is big enough to feeds just everyone onboard Interdimensional Space Station

Tails: and it can become any sorts of foodstuffs here in the Interdimensional Space Station

(Tails then takes Adam Jensen to the Game Room)

Tails: this is the Game room, it has table that utilizes this principle: String Theory to play just any tabletop games. and it also has Arcade machines: Pinball machines and Video Games: Morden's Waaagh-Fare, Commando Conker, and so on

(Tails then takes Adam Jensen to the Lab section of Interdimensional Space Station where they sees Professor E.Gadd working on something)

Tails: this is the Laboratory where we do our scientific work, and here's Professor E.Gadd

Professor E.Gadd: hello! my name is Elvin Gadd. I'm Mushroom Kingdom's scientist

Tails: he's my friends whatever we works

(Tails then takes Adam Jensen to the giant aquarium where it's fishes drops coins)

Tails: this is Insaniquarium, it's to sustains us financially by cash that those fishes pumps out

(after that, Tails takes Adam Jensen to the Residential Quarter of the Interdimensional Space Station(located in the central core of the Interdimensional Space Station))

Tails: this is the place where we all will live here

(and finally, Tails takes Adam Jensen to the control room of the Interdimensional Space Station)

Tails: this is the place where our crews pilots the Interdimensional Space Station through Multiverse and Rosalina is the one that Navigates through the multiverse as well I introduces you to R.O.B.)

R.O.B.: Hello!

Adam Jensen: a Sapient Automaton, I never seen this before

Tails: R.O.B. is the sophisticated Artificially Intelligent Automaton where it has Anti-Gravity device for it's locomotion

Tails: his role is our Mission Control

Tails: and we have an alarm to alert us when there's attacks across the Omniverse

Adam Jensen: wow!

Adam Jensen: and where's the Chaos Emeralds now?

Tails: we stashed them in the storage section of Interdimensional Space Station

Tails: and also! due to nature Anunnaki Technology that can seems Supernatural, the Interdimensional Space Station can have it's part added or removed, but for the removal, that part must be empty from it's occupants, not to mention it’s hyperdimensional nature makes us never worry anymore about Claustrophobia

(Meanwhile, in the Bar)

Mario: and that's how Koopas got some Sci-fi guns: they joins the Anunnaki Empire

Luigi: preferably when their guns are more overpowered ones

Payton: what about Heartless attack?

Sonic: by the time you're rides Interdimensional Space Station, there's no more Heartless attacks

(suddenly, there's alarm sets off in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Payton: what is this?

(everyone in the Bar goes to the control room of the Interdimensional Space Station as well Professor E.Gadd)

Crew: we got distress signal from Equestria

Adam Jensen: *deciphers Distress Signal from Equestria* it says that the Equestria is under attack from ACME Corporation and here's the message: Dear Princess Celestia, we're helpless against those evil humans in Power Armor that led by whiny girl in powerful super suit, even with your help

Payton: what is ACME Corporation?

Adam Jensen: from what I heard, the ACME Corporation is formed from merger between most(if not all) of Corporations from across the multiverses. it has privatizes just everything and recently it has bought Aperture Science from Half-Life universe

Sonic: do we have Bronies here?

(after Sonic asking Payton's team for Bronies it seems that one that lift their hands are Payton, Flippy, and Adam Jensen)

Adam Jensen: looks like you, Payton and me are Bronies

Sonic: anyway! next stop, Equestria

(Rosalina then enters special navigation room where she drives the Interdimensional Space Station to the MLP:FiM Universe. the Control Room shakes as the Interdimensional Space Station flies towards MLP:FiM Universe)

Adam Jensen: hold on tight

(and the Interdimensional Space Station has finally reaches MLP:FiM Universe)

Announcer: *Speaks through speaker* everybody except E.Gadd, R.O.B., and the staff, please enters the re-entry capsule to lands on Equestria

(Adam Jensen and his fellow HTFs, Sonic and Mario characters(Barring E.Gadd and R.O.B.) then enters the re-entry capsule and after they're inside, the capsule are launched into Equestria. Meanwhile in Equestria, Princess Morbucks(wears vastly upgraded Super Suit) and her fellow ACME Forces lays waste on Equestria)

Princess Morbucks: Die! idiotic Herbivores!

(suddenly, the Re-Entry capsule lands above Princess Morbucks, crushing her, from the Capsule, comes out the group of HTFs, Mobians, and Mario's group where they're scouting around as they left the Capsule)

Payton: where's the girl that led the ACME forces?

Princess Morbucks: *recovers from crushed by re-entry capsule* I'm here you fool?

Payton: how did you survived being crushed by our re-entry capsule

Princess Morbucks: my suit can protects me from even the most devastating of damages

Princess Morbucks: and die *throws re-entry capsule at Happy Tree Friends*

(Princess Morbucks throws Re-Entry Capsule at HTFs only to be stopped by Adam Jensen's Telekinesis(courtesy of Portal Gun built into his arm))

Adam Jensen: Don't touch my cute friends!

Princess Morbucks: Attack *Orders ACME Forces to attacks Payton's Team*

Payton: all Happy Tree Friends that aren't me, Splendid, Flippy, Buddhist Monkey, and the Mole. run for your life!

(this group of HTFs: Payton, Splendid, Flippy, Buddhist Monkey, and the Mole; Sonic and Mario casts, and Adam Jensen decided to fights Princess Morbucks: Mario fights her and ACME Air Forces with his Caped Form, Adam Jensen shots incoming ACME Forces with his Combat Rifle only to finds out that his Armor-piercing rounds won't penetrates their Power Armor)

Adam Jensen: my Armor Piercing Fin-stabilized Discarding Sabot Rounds won't do diddly squat against their armor

Adam Jensen: *Draws Bolter from his Digital Storage augmentation*

(Adam Jensen then fights ACME Forces with his Bolter where the Bolter rounds penetrates their armor like knife through butter and explodes once they inside, he then engages ACME Marines in close combat where his Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blade cuts through their seams. Sonic and his friends fighting ACME Forces where while the rest of Mobians are dealing with ACME Forces, Sonic and Shadow(both uses their Chaos Emeralds) fights Princess Morbucks alongside Splendid until Princess Morbucks got upper hand: she blasts Sonic and Shadow with Bio-Energy feedback inducer so their Chaos Emeralds powers are deactivated, then she stabs Splendid with Kryptonite Shiv where the Kryptonite Shiv breaks inside Splendid Body)

Payton: Oh Noes! And SIlver, stop her!

Silver: of course!

(Silver tries to stop Princess Morbucks to stop her from escaping only to took Tachyon smoke grenades)

Silver: It’s no use

Princess Morbucks: mwahahahahaha! *escapes with fellow ACME Forces*

Payton: Splendid! are you ok?

Splendid: *Coughs*

(Payton and his friends then takes Splendid to Fluttershy's house)

Payton: *knocks Fluttershy's house* hey Fluttershy! can you heals my wounded Friend?

(then Fluttershy comes out from her house)

Fluttershy: of course yes!

(when Removing Kryptonite fragments from Splendid's Body, Fluttershy finds out her lack of Opposable thumbs keeps her from removing Kryptonite from Splendid’s Body)

Fluttershy: Cream! Would you help me remove Kryptonite from Splendid?

Cream: Yes!

(Cream removes Kryptonite fragments from Splendid’s body, so Splendid is fully healed)

Fluttershy: how your feeling Splendid?

Splendid: I'm feeling okay once the Kryptonite Shiv is removed from my body *flies*

Payton: Welcome to my team Fluttershy

Fluttershy: I join you along my pet

Payton: and my friends, would you recruits the rest of Mane 6(and their pets) as well Derpy Hooves to my team?

(Payton then orders the rest of his team to recruits the rest of mane 6 as well Derpy hooves. started with Sonic goes to Rainbow Dash's House)

Sonic: Hallo Rainbow Dash! can you racing with me?

Rainbow Dash: of course Yes!

Splendid: but your race is incomplete without me!

(Splendid then racing with Sonic and Rainbow Dash. meanwhile, Tails takes Sniffles to Twilight Sparkle's House)

Tails: *knock the door* hello!

Twilight Sparkle: *Comes out from her house* Welcome to my house!

(Tails and Sniffles then enters Twilight Sparkle's library, followed by Adam Jensen)

Tails and Sniffles: wow!

Twilight Sparkle: this is where I spend my time on it

Adam Jensen: I can do anything you can like Magic of Friendship, Telekinesis, and so on

Twilight Sparkle: how?

Adam Jensen: with my own C.A.S.I.E. Augmentation as well Portal Gun built into my arm

Tails: Yeah!

Spike: Me Too!

(Adam Jensen then uses his C.A.S.I.E. Aug to recruits Twilight Sparkle after he demonstrates his Telekinesis. and then Twilight Sparkle and Spike as well Owlicious joins Sniffles, Tails, and Adam Jensen. and they joins Payton's team)

Payton: welcome to my team Twilight Sparkle and Spike

Payton: and you and Knuckles, Recruit Applejack to me

Adam Jensen and Knuckles: Yes Sir!

(Adam Jensen and Knuckles then go into Applejack's Barn house where they sees Applejack kicking Trees for Apples)

Adam Jensen: Excuse me! can you give me an Applejack(Drink) because I ran out of Waaagh Heimer?

Applejack: Yes of course! *gives Adam Jensen bottles of Applejack*

Applejack: but you must beat me in Tree Kicking contest, no weapon(including even knifed feet) allowed, and who get most apples wins

Adam Jensen: I just take this challenge

Knuckles: yeah!

(Adam Jensen, Knuckles, and Applejacks kicks the trees for the Apples until when kicking one tree, Adam Jensen kicks tree bit too hard(with his Martial Arts kick) so the tree falls, but luckily, Adam Jensen keeps Tree from hitting the ground with his Telekinesis)

Applejack: you win! Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen: Am I?

(After they recruits Applejack. Knuckles and Adam Jensen then is about to reunites with Payton's Team, but just before they reaches Payton's group, they greeted by Big Macintosh)

Big Macintosh: where are you going?

Adam Jensen: we just making new friends because we have no match for ACME Forces that attacking Equestria

Big Macintosh: ok

(Adam Jensen, Knuckles, and Applejack(and her pet) then joins Payton's team, followed by Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash as well her pet: Tank the Turtle(though this is interrupted by Soarin))

Soarin: where you going Rainbow Dash?

Rainbow Dash: I just join my new friends that can help us kick ACME Asses

Soarin: Good Luck Rainbow Dash!

(Meanwhile, Nutty goes into Pinkie Pie's bakery to finds some sweets)

Nutty: hmmmm! this house is made of Sweets

(Nutty then enters Pinkie Pie's house where he eats anything that made of sweets only to encounters Pinkie Pie)

Pinkie Pie: you steals my sweets!

Nutty: my bad!

Pinkie Pie: hey Nutty, looks like we have something in common: we are Sweet Tooths

Nutty: and there's evil army coming for us

Pinkie Pie: yeah! and I can take them with my Party Cannon

Nutty: anyway, just follow me

(Pinkie Pie and her pet: Gummy follows Nutty to the place where Payton's team gathers)

Payton: nice to join my team

(Rouge the Bat returns from recruiting Rarity as well Lumpy and Big the Cat recruiting Derpy Hooves(aka Ditzy Doo))

Rouge: all that I get is her cat: Opal and this Message

I has a unicorn pony named Rarity and I has captured her to makes a new Super Suit for me
- Princess Morbucks

Payton: Bitch!

(suddenly a male Pegasus Pony alerts Payton's team)

unnamed male Pegasus pony: everybody, go to the Ponyville because ACME Forces is about to invades Ponyville

Payton: but we're incomplete without Rarity

(meanwhile, in the place where Rarity is being held, Princess Morbucks is enslaves Rarity to makes her Super Suit more fashionable)

Princess Morbucks: makes my Super Suit more fashionable or you die

Rarity: I just can't make your Super Suit more fashionable because it's bit too technical for me

Princess Morbucks: then you die

(just before she executes Rarity, Princess Morbucks get shot by Stalker Bolter and 20mm Shell. it seems that Adam Jensen fires his Stalker-pattern bolter and 20mm Anti-materiel rifle like pistols at Princess Morbucks)

Adam Jensen: 2 words: BFGs Akimbo

Rarity: it's Adam Jensen! *Joins Adam Jensen*

Princess Morbucks: fuck!

(Adam Jensen and Rarity then reunites with Payton's team)

Payton: now we're complete

(and then, Payton's team then goes into Ponyville where they prepares themselves for incoming ACME attacks, and then, the ACME Forces are invades Ponyville)

Payton: all HTFs that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and of course me! hide for your lives

(with the newfound strength of Mane 6 plus Spike and Derpy, Payton's Team bravely fights ACME Forces(led by Princess Morbucks): Payton, Splendid, and Cape Mario engages ACME Air Forces where Payton Zaps them with his Thunder powers. Sonic and Rainbow Dash takes on ACME Navy that fires their missiles at Ponyville from rafts that floats in the nearest water body. Adam Jensen, Knuckles, Applejack, and Amy Rose takes on Chainsaw-armed ACME Marines where Adam Jensen stabs and slash them through their seams with his Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blade while Applejacks kicks shielded ACME Marines and Knuckles punches them in their faces as well Amy clashes with them with her piko-piko hammer. Shadow, Flippy, Rosalina, and Twilight Sparkle fights ACME Army where Twilight Sparkle stops their bullets mid-air with her telekinesis, then Shadow, Flippy, and Rosalina fights them where Flippy stabs them in their vulnerable joints, Shadow speedblitz them, and Rosalina blind-flash them. suddenly, Adam Jensen's radar detects something)

Adam Jensen: Splendid! There's powerful nuke missile heading toward Ponyville, stop it before it reaches Ponyville

Splendid: sir yes sir!

(Splendid then speed blitzes Nuke Missile and sent the Warhead to the Black Hole in the Space so it won't detonates. then Princess Morbucks comes to attack)

Princess Morbucks: Behold!

Payton: *asks Princess Morbucks* Why you're attacking Equestria?

Princess Morbucks: because we're in the campaign of purging the Omniverse from all sorts of Superpowered beings

Payton: what's the campaign of purging the Omniverse from all sorts of Superpowered beings?

Princess Morbucks: it's the campaign that Lex Luthor(my adoptive father) engages

Payton: since you're attacking my friends, I fight you *Fires his lightning and dark powers at Princess Morbucks*

(Payton attacks Princess Morbucks only to finds out that her Super Suit shrugs off his attacks)

Princess Morbucks: fool! my suit can protects me from anything

Payton: anyway I got a new friends: the Ponies and they'll attack you. and Rainbow Dash! Attack!

(Rainbow Dash attacks Princess Morbucks with her Sonic Rainboom only to finds out that her Super Suit can withstands even Sonic Rainboom)

Payton: all my friends! attack!

(Payton then orders the rest of his Team to attacks Princess Morbucks only to finds out that even the most powerful of their attacks won't do diddly squat against Princess Morbucks' Super Suit despite adding Ponies to his roster)

Princess Morbucks: It's My Turn!

(Princess Morbucks then speedblitz all the members of Payton's team that aren't non-combat HTFs and curbstomps them all)

Giggles: what we gonna do now!

Cuddles: we just too soft to fight anyone

Twilight Sparkle: Dear Princess Celestia, even with the help of our new friends, we're still have no match for her *orders Spike to sent the Message to Princess Celestia*

Spike: *send the message to the Princess Celestia with his fire breath*

(Meanwhile in the Princess Celestia's castle, Princess Celestia replies to Twilight Sparkle)

Princess Celestia: use your Elements of Harmony

Twilight Sparkle: that's right, we must use Elements of Harmony in order to defeats Princess Morbucks

Payton: just use Elements of Harmony

(and then, the Mane 6 uses Elements of Harmony at Princess Morbucks, defeating her)

Payton: now that's the Superweapon

Princess Morbucks: my suit is damaged! *teleports away*

Adam Jensen: don't mess with Ponies anymore

(Payton's Group then goes into the palace of Princess Celestia in Canterlot)

Princess Celestia: as the reward of saving our world, my student will join you in your adventures

Luna: but there's bad news: Discord has joined some kind of alliance between evil aliens

Mario: you mean ones where Koopas joins it?

Luna: indeed!

Adam Jensen: and the empire where Discord joins it are the Anunnaki Empire?

Luna: Yes!

Twilight Sparkle: does that mean we must travels with our new friends?

Princess Celestia: yes of course

Pinkie Pie: *Cheers*

Payton: and our new friends from Equestria will teaches those Anunnaki Bastards love and tolerance

Payton: Let's Go!

(then the Payton's group goes into the re-entry capsule where all of the group, including even newly-recruited Mane 6 plus Spike, Derpy, and Their respective pets enters the capsule, and leaves Equestria)

Spike: *tells Princess Celestia about their new adventures and friends*

(the Re-entry capsule is finally reaches the Interdimensional Space Station. meanwhile in the ACME Building, Princess Morbucks is whining as Usual in the front of Lex Luthor(bald, but Morbidly obese person))

Princess Morbucks: Daddy, why you sent me to bombs Equestria unaware that they have weapon that can penetrates my suit

Lex Luthor: actually you're did very well. you're does good job making some horseflesh out of those Ponies until some of them proceed to uses Elements of Harmony

Princess Morbucks: that's because my super suit aren't designed to withstands Elements of Harmony

Lex Luthor: Yeah

Lex Luthor: and soon, the Omniverse will be purged from all sorts of Superpowered Beings

(Meanwhile in the Interdimensional Space Station. after recruits Mane 6, Spike, and Derpy. Payton takes them to the Residential quarter of Interdimensional Space Station where it prepares itself for MLP:FiM characters)

Twilight Sparkle: wow! we can live here?

Payton: of course yes!

(Professor E. Gadd then tells Payton about something)

Professor E. Gadd: I made something?

Payton: what's the thing?

Professor E. Gadd: it's hacking device for Adam Jensen and that's works by projecting the user's consciousness into the Cyberspace

(Payton then meets Adam Jensen)

Payton: Mr. Adam Jensen, Professor has made something for you: an advanced device where you can hacks computer networks from safety and you're the only one that use it

(Payton then takes Adam Jensen to the Hacking device that E. Gadd made)

Adam Jensen: wow!

Professor E. Gadd: with this device, you can dive deeper and jacks in into the Cyberspace

Payton: just try it!

(Adam Jensen then uses that device to hacks Illuminati and ACME computer networks: his consciousness is projected into Cyberspace where he dodges the firewalls until he reaches the computer network of the ACME Corporation where he extracts data from ACME Corporation, then he hacks Illuminati network where he got information about the Illuminati and the Anunnaki Empire, and after that, he safely finished hacking computers with that device. and then he's goes into the briefing room where the rest of his teammates are gathered where he interfacing himself with Holographic computer in the briefing room)

Adam Jensen: I has finds out that the ACME Corporation is started out as Corporate arms of the Illuminati prior of Lex Luthor takeover, formed from merger between most(if not all) of Real World and Fictional Corporation

Adam Jensen: but ever since Lex Luthor takes over the ACME Corporation, they stop producing all sort of augmentations(not restricted to mechanical ones). the production of those are up to the Illuminati. and they got an agenda: they want to purge the Omniverse from all sorts of Superpowered beings

Payton: who it's Lex Luthor?

Adam Jensen: his real name is Alexander Josef, apart from hailing from Israel as well his IQ of 360 plus with practically superhuman Mastery of Maths and Sciences that matched by his abysmal eating habits: he finds Fruits and Vegetables inedible, but finds even people edible and he's too physically unfit to fight. little is known about him

Adam Jensen: his Right hand man is Hannibal Lecter where despite his intelligence, he's completely consumed by enough hunger to eats every Human and Animal from across the continents

Adam Jensen: I has encounters Syndrome from The Incredibles back when I hacking ACME network, he's used to be the Enemies of of the Incredibles, now he's physically little more than burnt ground beef confined into sophisticated life-support machinery that powered by Zero-point energy that located beneath ACME Building

Payton: do you know, ACME Building is once used to be Freedom Tower built in WTC Site at Earth-1218?

Adam Jensen: Yes!

Adam Jensen: and below Lex Luthor, there's ACME Board of Directors: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Sergey Brin, President Shinra, and so on(including even ATC and Crynet Board of Directors)

Adam Jensen: plus, the ACME Corporation has privatizes everything. not to mention it has massive armies of Power Armored mercenaries which many of them are poorly trained soldiers that simply wears Power Armour(which is supposed to levels playing field between Regular Humans and Metahumans)

Adam Jensen: and the goldmine of ACME Corporation is lies in this: Soylent Emerald: a Cannibal Foods that can looks, feels, smells, and tastes like any kind of foodstuffs, except it made from Superhuman dead bodies

Payton: so that's mean anyone that they kills are ends up being processed into some kind of Soylent Green?

Adam Jensen: yes!

Adam Jensen: and anyway, let's back to the Illuminati

Adam Jensen: the Illuminati is the ancient Secret Society that worships the Anunnaki. they have been around for millennia, and their technologies is 30-50 years beyond their time plus they can travels between the Multiverses(albeit in much lesser degree than the Anunnaki)

Mario: what about Bowser?

Sonic: as well Ivo Robotnik?

Twilight Sparkle: and of course Discord?

Adam Jensen: Bowser and Discord has joins the Anunnaki Empire while Ivo Robotnik joins the Illuminati

Twilight Sparkle: and why Discord ends up joins the Anunnaki Empire?

Adam Jensen: because back when ACME invading Equestria, Discord felt that he's no match for ACME Forces, so he ends up joining Anunnaki Empire aka Luciferian Alliance of Aliens

Flippy: and what's the force composition of Illuminati, ACME, and Anunnaki forces?

Adam Jensen: the Illuminati infantry are centered around this: the Illuminati Soldier, the Bread and Butter of the Illuminati forces, they're armed with Caseless ammunition carbine(combines Rate-of-fire and compactness of Submachine gun with damage output and range of High-powered rifles) and they wears shear-thickening head-to-toe body armor as well their standard-issue weapons are also integrates Metal Storm grenade launcher and pump-action shotgun. they also supported by Illuminati Shocktroopers(Frontline Illuminati troops, made from Terminally-ill people that placed in some kind of nuclear-powered cybernetic suit of armor that has military programming, and they're master of N.B.C. weaponry) and Knights Templars as well literal mechanized infantry division(Artificially-intelligent bipedal mechs that armed with close combat claws, Gatling guns, missiles, and flamethrowers) and fully-autonomous Drones(Cypher and S.W.O.R.D.S.) plus MIBs(think about Agents from the Matrix got recycled in Real World, and their equipments are Desert Eagle and Briefcase missile launcher), Scientists(Illuminati Cyborgs that do their Research and Developments, occasionally goes into battle), and Cultists(resident Super-mooks of the Illuminati, they looks like Shy Guys, except far too tall, and their robes denotes their ranks: Black means low ranking, Red means medium ranking, and White means high ranking)

Adam Jensen: all the Illuminati vehicles and aircrafts are made from Coltan-titanium alloy lined with Plasteel-laminated Carbon Nanotubes. here's their Vehicles and aircrafts: Humvees(has remote-controlled turret that equipped with both M2 Browning and MK19 Grenade Machine gun that fires airburst frag grenades), Combat bikes(armed with Missile launcher and machine gun), Buggies(ultra-flexible weapon platform), Light Tank(multi-function vehicle that looks like tank), Medium tank(basically M1 Abrams that the Illuminati uses), Heavy Tank(Mammoth Tank), AH-6 Little Bird, RAH-66 Comanche, F-35 JSF, F-22 Raptor(fills the role of Air-superiority fighter), B-2 Spirit, SR-3 Aurora, UH-75D, MV-22 Osprey(they're now uses Jet Engine in place of rotors and has fireports as well Missiles), TAW-50, and TR-3B Astra(Illuminati main spaceship) as well for sea vessels, they have USS Nimitz(that fitted with Anti-Gravity device), Railgun-armed Battleship, and so on

Adam Jensen: the ACME Corporation forces frontline troops are consists following: ACME Army(also known as ACME Ground Assault Troopers, usually armed with M2 Browning Machine Gun in left arm and Milkor MGL in Right Arm as well shoulder-mounted M242 Bushmaster 25mm Chain Gun), ACME Navy(also known as ACME Sea Assault Troopers, they are armed with Shoulder-mounted missile pods and wrist-mounted twin-linked P90), ACME Air Force(Also Known as ACME Air Assault Troopers), and ACME Marines(Also known as ACME Weapon Assault Troopers). some of them have Sappers if they're lucky enough to get those weapons, ACME Sappers are the most dangerous of ACME Forces because their weapons are designed to neutralizes Superpowered beings before they kills them for food sources

Adam Jensen: and here's video clips of Lex Luthor's speech *plays video clip of Lex Luthor's speech*

Lex Luthor: *talks in video clip* in the Food Chain, Humans are higher than Metas

Lex Luthor: *Talks in Video Clip* and if it aren't non-powered Normal Human, then it's nonhuman that deserves nothing but extinction

Adam Jensen: *stops video clip of Lex Luthor's speech* it seems that the ACME Corporation is no longer believes in Good and Evil, instead, they believes the word "Human" and "Super" are absolute opposites in their vocabulary and moral beliefs

Adam Jensen: their goals is to purge the Omniverse from all sorts of Superpowered beings

Toothy: but where's Splendid?

Splendid: Hi guys, I has flies into Gensokyo for a vacation where there's enough magic in that place to makes me sneezes away a random solar system when I'm in the way from Gensokyo to here

(Suddenly, the Payton team receives a message)

Payton: what's the message?

Adam Jensen: *opens the message*
from: Jimmy Neutron
to: Adam Jensen
the Illuminati is going after the Survivors from Left 4 Dead series in order to kill them all. go and rescue them all before the Illuminati got them since they're the only sources of Vaccines that aren't Illuminati-made vaccines and they're only source of vaccines for curing Zombie Virus

Adam Jensen: Boys and Girls, let's go to Left 4 Dead Universe

(the group then goes into Control Room where Rosalina enters the special navigation to flies the Interdimensional Space Station into Left 4 Dead Universe and R.O.B. pushes the buttons so the Interdimensional Space Station flies into Left 4 Dead Universe)

Adam Jensen: everybody! hold on!

(and then the Interdimensional Space Station are reaches Left 4 Dead Universe)

Adam Jensen: everybody! go to the Re-entry capsule

Adam Jensen: and quick! rescue the Left 4 Dead series survivors before the Illuminati get them

(Adam Jensen and his teammates are goes into the Re-entry capsule only to be interrupted by Professor E. Gadd in their way)

Professor E. Gadd: Wait! I has make something for you!

Payton: what the something?

Professor E. Gadd: a vehicle for your squishy friends

Payton: does that vehicle are fit into the Re-entry capsule?

Professor E. Gadd: yes, but they needs another re-entry capsule because they're too big to fit in the re-entry capsule that your team uses

Payton: and what's the kind of vehicles?

Professor E. Gadd: one of them is based on Sentinel from 40k Universe that simply retrofitted with GAU-8 Avenger(recovered from crashed Illuminati A-10) for it's armaments while another is the transport for your squishy friends

(as the Payton's team goes into Re-entry capsule, Adam Jensen goes to the Armoury section of Interdimensional Space Station to equips himself Typhoon Explosive system)

Adam Jensen: *installing Typhoon Explosive System rounds at Typhoon Explosive system slots throughout his body*

(and then, Adam Jensen goes into the Re-entry capsule where the rest of Payton's team are located)

Adam Jensen: Sorry I'm late

(After Adam Jensen enters the re-entry capsule where the Rest of Payton's team was, Professor E. Gadd and R.O.B. then launches 2 re-entry capsules to Left 4 Dead earth. meanwhile in the Left 4 Dead earth, some group of Illuminati snipers positions themselves in the city where survivors are possibly around, then we sees place where reentry capsules are lands where Payton's team and their vehicles are comes out from their respective capsules, and then everyone got some kind of communicator)

Adam Jensen: this communicator is designed by Tails, Sniffles, Professor E. Gadd, Twilight Sparkle, and of course me

Payton: cool!

(suddenly, the team got incoming Transmission from R.O.B.)

R.O.B.: *Talks through Payton's communicator* the Survivors are comes in 2 groups(Each of them are consists 4 person): one is in this city, while another is on the neighboring city, here's they are: Bill, Francis, Zoey, Louis. and another group of survivors consists Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle. the Illuminati are goes after both group of survivors. and just for insult, they have little to no experience of fighting anything smarter than the Infected so they'll have no match for the Illuminati.

Payton: so that's mean we must rescue them in order to get Vaccines for Zombie Virus because any other vaccines are tainted ones

R.O.B.: indeed

Payton: Adam Jensen! go and Rescue this group of survivors: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis. while the rest of us, rescue Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle

(The Rest of Payton's team then goes to the city where Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle was while Adam Jensen are go to the city where Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis are located. upon split up, each group is escorted by Sentinels. but just before splits up, Payton orders HTFs that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, The Mole, and of course himself as well Generic Tree Friend soldiers ride a Transport vehicles. Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash are first of the members of Payton's team(minus Adam Jensen) that reaches the city where the Second Group of Survivors are located where they're scouting around)

Splendid: *Talks to Sonic with his communicator* do you see the Infected?

Sonic: nope so far!

(Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash scouting around until they spots the infected)

Splendid: *tells everyone through his communicator* everybody! there's some infected, don't touch them unless it's me

(Splendid then speed blitzes some infected until he meets this group of survivors: Ellis, Coach, Nick, and Rochelle)

Nick: who are you?

Splendid: I'm Splendid

Rochelle: and where's your friends

Splendid: they're here

(the rest of Payton's team then rendezvous with Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors)

Ellis: why you're here?

Payton: we come to rescue you because the Illuminati is going after you

Nick: what is the Illuminati?

Payton: an evil secret society that wants to kill you cuz you're apparently makes alternative for their tainted vaccines

Payton: anyway! we take you to the safety before the Illuminati got you

(Payton's team(minus Adam Jensen) then escorts Survivors to the safety, but in the way, they confronts Illuminati forces once the railgun sniper round lands near the foot of the Survivors)

Illuminati Officer: give us Survivors or we shot at you

Payton: Neither

(suddenly, the infected are appears for Payton's team and the Illuminati)

Payton: ok Splendid, take care of those infected while most of us, take care of the Illuminati

(Splendid then ordered to take care of the Infected while the rest of Payton's team are ordered to takes on Illuminati forces: Rainbow Dash speedblitz Illuminati Snipers. Flippy stabs Illuminati soldiers where he's snacks on them. Sonic speedblitz Knights Templars as they fires their Miniguns at Sonic. Amy engages Sword Fight against Knights Templars where she uses her hammer while Knights Templars uses their Big swords. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy forms makeshift firing squad against the Illuminati with their elemental powers where they shots their elemental powers at the Illuminati. Yoshi whips Illuminati soldiers with his tongue. Applejack Kicks Knights Templars from their shields with her back legs. Payton fights Flamethrower-armed Illuminati units(Mechas, Shocktroopers, and so on) with his Ice Powers, then he takes on Gatling Laser-armed UH75D where he fries it's electronics with his Thunder powers. Pinkie Pie shots Illuminati forces with her Party Cannon. Knights Templars, Shocktroopers, Soldiers, AH-6 Little Bird, and Humvees fires their Miniguns, Autocannons, Caseless Rifles, Metal Storm Machine Guns, and Heavy Machine Guns respectively at Twilight Sparkle and Silver the Hedgehog as well Rarity only to have all of their bullets are stopped mid-air with Twilight and Silver's as well Rarity's Telekinesis, then Twilight Sparkle, Silver, and Blaze retaliates by fighting them with their powers)

Payton: be wary of the Commandos!

(then the Commandos are arrives with their electro-gravitic Gliders where they prepares their XM8s)

Illuminati Commando: Target received!

(the Illuminati Commandos fires their Xm8 Smart Guns at Payton and Twilight Sparkle instead of firing it at Survivors and their Barrier powers stops their bullets so Payton and Twilight Sparkle takes out Illuminati Commando teams. Payton realizes the real goal of current mission is to evacuating the Survivors)

Payton: looks like we must evacuates the survivors to the capsule landing site

(Payton and his team then takes the Survivors to the capsule landing site. meanwhile, Adam Jensen(with his Retractable Armor activated) is looking around with his Modern Repeating Crossbow loaded)

Adam Jensen: if the infected are shows up, I'll shot them and if I found the survivor, I'll take them to safety *summons his drones*

(Adam Jensen then have his Pinky finger detaches from his hand to become cybernetically-controlled drones to looking for another group of survivors)

Adam Jensen: so far no survivors are around, but hey, there's infected around

(Adam Jensen keep scouting until he finds himself surrounded by the Infected, so he decides to uses his Typhoon Explosive system to takes out surrounding infected. he keeps looking for Survivors until he manages to finds this group of survivors: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis where his Pinky finger re-attaches to his hand)

Bill: Who are you?

Adam Jensen: my name is Adam Jensen, I'm here to rescue you

(Adam Jensen then takes Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis to the safety where during their journey, Illuminati forces attacks the Survivors starting from Snipers fires their gauss rifles at the survivors only to be neutralized by Adam Jensen by having their gauss rifle rounds caught by Adam Jensen's hands. then the group got captured between the Infected and the Illuminati forces)

Adam Jensen: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis. deal with the Infected, I deal with the Illuminati

(as the Survivors are ordered to dealing with the Infected, Adam Jensen himself is dealing with the Illuminati forces: he fights them with PEPS Akimbo)

Adam Jensen: remember everybody, go to the Capsule landing site

(Adam Jensen and the Survivors then runs to the capsule site whilst fighting Illuminati and Infected respectively and when they got chased by overwhelming amount of the infected, Adam Jensen fires his Portal Gun from his arm so the wave of the infected falls into infinite loop of the Portal so finally, Adam Jensen, Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey reaches the landing site of re-entry capsule and regroup with the rest of Payton's team(with another group of the survivors))

Payton: you does good job bringing this group of survivors: Bill, Francis, Zoey, and Louis to us. Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen: yeah

Payton: and further reasons why the Illuminati are going after the survivors that we rescues?

Adam Jensen: according to my hacking results, the CEDA are desperate when dealing with zombie infection so they ends up working together with the Illuminati but with the rule: the survivors must be assassinated

Payton: Tails and Sniffles! make the Vaccines from Survivors in the field laboratory of the capsule, while the rest of us, defends the capsules from incoming Infected and the Illuminati

(Tails and Sniffles then making Vaccines from Genetic materials of all 8 Survivors while the rest of Payton's team are defends the capsule from Illuminati forces and the Infected)

Payton: ok! Adam Jensen, you're deal with the Zombies while the rest of us(save for Flippy and the Mole) are dealing with the Illuminati

(then, the Zombies and the Illuminati forces are comes for Payton's team. Adam Jensen, Flippy, and the Mole shooting Zombies with their Crossbows and Handguns respectively. Buddhist Monkey pressure points Illuminati mooks to paralysis. Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash dealing with Illuminati Mechas. Payton and Twilight Sparkle blocks Illuminati bullets with their Barrier powers, then Payton and Twilight retaliates. Yoshi lays Suppressive Fire with Watermelon Seeds. Amy Rose engages melee combat against Knights Templars and Melee Mechas with her hammer. Applejack kicks Shielded Illuminati soldiers with her hind legs. and then Payton realizes that the Infected from Left 4 Dead Universe aren't the only Zombies that comes for them, the Zombies are also includes Nanosuit Zombies and Plague Marines)

Payton: *talks to Plague Marines* Look it's zombies wearing M1 Abrams

Petunia: Ahhh! Nurgle! I'm scared too much

(Lumpy then plants some plants from Plants vs Zombies(Gatling Peas behind Torchwoods with Tall-nuts in the fronts of torchwoods where each of torchwoods are given Plant food from Plants vs Zombies 2 to become Napalm) to fights off the Nanosuit Zombies and Plague Marines only to have both Nanosuit Zombies and Plague Marines invulnerable to even napalm peas(due to their powered suits) while Plague Marines slashes Tall-nuts with their plague knives while Nanosuit Zombies eats Gatling Peas and Torchwoods)

Payton: OK Adam Jensen! take care of those Nanosuit Zombies

(Adam Jensen then takes care of Nanosuit zombies where he's uses his Nano-disruptor grenades at Nanosuit zombies, so he's can headshots Nanosuit Zombies. and then, Sniffles and Tails finished their research of making vaccines for zombie virus)

Sniffles: I has finished making Vaccines for Zombie Virus

Adam Jensen: can i use these to fill injectors that can fired from my dart rifle?

Tails: yes of course

(Adam Jensen then uses Dart Rifle loaded with vaccines at Zombies where instead of dying, the Zombies are turns back to Normal people(or Space Marines in case of Plague Marine))

Tails: be careful, don't waste the vaccines at them

Sonic: I got something for you: it's dimensional link to summons Team Chaotix *gives D-Link for summoning Team Chaotix to Payton*

Payton: thanks *Summons Team Chaotix*

(After got summoned by Payton, Team Chaotix(Consists Vector, Espio, and Charmy) is ordered to mow down Zombies and Illuminati forces with their Chaotix recital and then, Payton's team left the Survivors in the Left 4 Dead earth as the Payton's team flies into Interdimensional Space Station, the Survivors waving their hands at leaving Re-Entry capsule)

Bill: bye!

Coach: Good Luck!

(the Re-Entry capsule then reaches the Interdimensional Space Station. everyone(and their vehicles) is returned into safety in the Interdimensional Space Station. meanwhile in the ACME Building, Lex Luthor is playing chess with Hannibal Lecter(now wearing high-tech restraint mask that can retracts whatever it got deactivated))

Lex Luthor: checkmate!

Hannibal Lecter: *speaks with Electronic voice courtesy of high-tech restraint mask* you does good job beating me in Chess

Lex Luthor: apart from being geniuses, we finds Fruits and Vegetables inedible but finds people(like any other animals) edible instead, and we're militant atheists

(Suddenly, Lex Luthor got a message in his holographic personal computer)

Lex Luthor: Syndrome! what's the message?

Syndrome: *manifests as Hologram* the message is from Illuminati MIBs and commando teams that has captured a group of people that attempts to approaching Area 51(which is off-limit for us)

Lex Luthor: and Hannibal Lecter, come back after you got some people and animal flesh

(Lex Luthor then left his office where he rides his pilotless flying car(actually being flown by Syndrome) along his bodyguard. meanwhile in the Interdimensional Space Station, Dr. Mario prefects Vaccines that made from extracting Survivors' Genetic materials)

Dr. Mario: this vaccines can cures anything, even Nurgle's rot

(we sees Adam Jensen and Flippy trains in the Hogan's Alley where once the cardboard cutouts of Flippy sue shows up, Flippy shots it)

Adam Jensen: nice shooting Flippy!

Flippy: yeah! cuz I'm tired of those Flippy Sues

(we sees Twilight Sparkle reading "Psychic Surgery" book in her room)

Twilight Sparkle: *Reads the Psychic Surgery book* use the Telekinesis to remove something from inside subjects body

(then, we sees Sonic playing Pinball in the game room)

Sonic: *plays Pinball* Man! I'm so bored and this game does reminds me a level in my game

(Suddenly there's an alarm sets off in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Adam Jensen: *comes into Game Room and tells Sonic* Sonic! there's an alert!

Sonic: what?

Adam Jensen: incoming alert from Avatarverse

(Sonic and Adam Jensen then goes to the Control Room where everyone in the Payton's team Gathers here)

Adam Jensen: the next stop will be one of more technologically backwards place, though at least they got relatively modern Technology levels. but at the levels of 1920s

Payton: and Rosalina, fly this Space Station into that universe

(Just before Rosalina reaches the special room that allows her to fly Interdimensional Space Station into destination universe, Hannibal Lecter(with his restraint Mask retracted) arrives for Payton's team)

Hannibal Lecter: I finds everyone else in this Space Station tasty

(Just before he attacks anyone in the Interdimensional Space Station, he got Tasered by Adam Jensen only to teleports away with Teleportation device)

Adam Jensen: he got away!

(and then Rosalina then enters special room where she flies the Interdimensional Space Station to the Avatarverse)

R.O.B.: we finally reach the Avatarverse

Payton: Quick! everyone in my team, enters the Re-entry capsule

(the Payton's team then enters the Re-Entry capsule where R.O.B. launch it to the Avatar earth, specifically at the outskirts of Republic City. meanwhile, we sees ACME Forces shooting Benders after they got depowered by ACME Sappers in the streets of Republic City, and this is the view of zoomed in vision of Adam Jensen)

Adam Jensen: Does I looks like Edward Elric with bit too much tech? and Look! the ACME forces are killing innocent people just because those innocents are can manipulates the elements(other than the facts that those people are still Squishy Humans)

(Suddenly, the Payton's team got attacked by ACME Sappers where Payton's team fights them)

Adam Jensen: be careful, their attacks can temporarily depowers you

(Meanwhile, we sees Korra and her friends: Bolin and Mako fights ACME Forces in the streets of Republic City after they running from downed airship of Beifong family(gunned down by ACME Air forces) until the Sappers comes for them and those Sappers are got shot down by Adam Jensen with his Bolter Revolver)

Korra; Something save us from got depowered by Sappers

Bolin: and that's something we never seen before

Mako: who are him?

(the guy that shot Sappers are no other than Adam Jensen followed by the rest of Payton's team)

Adam Jensen: my name is Adam Jensen and here's my friends: Payton the cat(you can teach him some Bending lessons later) and the rest of his kind(Sadly, the only members of Happy Tree Friends that can fights are Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, The Mole, and of course Payton himself) as well Sonic and Mario along their respective friends and Mane 6 plus Spike the Dragon and Derpy Hooves

Korra: and there's genocide against Benders all over the place by ACME Forces

Adam Jensen: *Recruits Korra and her friends to Payton's team with his C.A.S.I.E. augmentation* so why there's persecution of Benders all over the place?

Korra: there's people from beyond our world that want to gives us some more advanced technologies as well they also taught us some concepts of Capitalism, but with return all the Benders are must be exterminated and turned into Soylent Emeralds

Adam Jensen: they're must be ACME Corporation and how about Technologies like Augmentations and so on, and is ACME corporation is the first one that introduces Capitalism to your world?

Korra: indeed they're ACME Corporation and they finds certain technologies like any transhumanist technologies abhorrent, and ACME Corporation are the second party that introduces us Capitalism, the first one is an goblin-like aliens where I drives them away from our world with my newfound powers(courtesy of Avatar State variation that's known as Prithviraja-Rudrangi)

Adam Jensen: so they excludes transhumanist technologies when it comes to technologies that they introduces to your world?

Korra: yes

Adam Jensen: and the Aliens that comes for you to introduces Capitalism and more technology to your world are must be Ferengi

Korra: *nods*

Adam Jensen: so why you drives them away from your world?

Korra: they're sexist and they greedy

Adam Jensen: what's about Varrick?

Korra: Varrick sold his Shipping Company to ACME Corporation

Adam Jensen: and what's about Asami Sato, your friend that aren't Bender?

Korra: she's about to sign her contracts to ACME Corporation

Payton: Jensen, go to the Asami's place! and anyway, let's kick ACME ass and drives them out from Republic City and your world

(Payton's team(now with Korra and her friends) then fights ACME Forces across Avatar earth(she uses her Avatar state where she becomes flying brick known as Prithviraja-Rudrangi with massive array of elemental powers) and stops the Benders' genocide and persecution once and for all(while Adam Jensen interrupts Asami's contracts with ACME), Korra also learn that the ACME Corporation is actually led by Lex Luthor which is sadly, he isn't here so she and her friends ends up joins Payton team and following them in their journeys across the Multiverse where just before she and her friends(including her pet) enters re-entry capsule after she and her new friends drives ACME Forces out from Republic City and the rest of Avatar earth, she says goodbye to her people)

Korra: we will avenge our fellow Benders, and Asami, you're stay here in our world where you're got some new tech to communicate with us

Asami Sato: OK

Adam Jensen: *Gives Asami Sato some tech for communicates with his group* take this, and you're also imports my tech to your own world where among them Mechanical Augmentations(reserved for those that their injuries are too severe to be healed by Waterbenders) and Don't forget to buy back Varrick's Shipping Company from ACME

Asami Sato: *nods*

(and then, the Payton's team(now with Korra and her friends) left the Avatar earth)

Payton: looks like you're want to avenge the lost lives of Benders

Korra: yeah and it's because of Lex Luthor

Adam Jensen: he must makes Ferengi in general looks like very charitable person in comparison

Korra: *nod*

(the re-entry capsule then finally reaches the Interdimensional Space Station)

(then Payton takes Korra and her Friends to residential quarter where they'll live there)

Korra: can we live here?

Payton: of course yes!

Payton: and would you teach me some Bending lessons?

Korra: yes of course

(Korra then teaches Payton some Bending lessons so Payton can manipulates Water, Earth, Air, and other elements in addition of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and darkness)

Payton: thank you Korra

(meanwhile in the Bar, Adam Jensen arm wrestling with Knuckles where Knuckles defeats Adam Jensen in Armwrestling match)

Adam Jensen: I demand rematch

(Adam Jensen then do the rematch with knuckles where this time, his arm that he used for armwrestling are covered with part of his retractable exosuit so he's stronger and this allows Adam Jensen to defeat Knuckles)

Adam Jensen: I win

(Adam Jensen then drinks some Applejack(Drink) and Waaagh Heimer's. meanwhile in the Control Room, R.O.B. detects something)

R.O.B.: ay yay ya! we detects something!

Crew: what's the thing?

R.O.B.: it's Anunnaki's fleet(including Flying Tesseracts)

Crew: the defense of Interdimensional Space Station aren't enough to dealing with these, all personnel, ride the Tornado aircrafts to defend this Space Station

(Payton and his team then ordered to board the Tornado aircrafts(looks lot like F-22 Raptor) to defend the Interdimensional Space Station from Anunnaki forces)

Payton: so who wants to rides Tornado aircrafts?

(it seems that those that answers the question are Mario, Sonic, Adam Jensen, Luigi, Tails, and that's it)

Payton: just you?

Adam Jensen: yeah!

(Mario and Sonic(along their respective best friends) and Adam Jensen then rides Tornado Aircrafts to defends Interdimensional Space Station from Anunnaki forces. then Adam Jensen and his fellow plumbers and mobians fights the Anunnaki forces)

Tails: you want your tech back, then take this *fires his proton Missiles at Anunnaki Vimanas and Valixis*

Adam Jensen: remember guys, the space is 3d

(Adam Jensen, Mario, and Sonic(along respective best friends of latter) bravely fights Anunnaki forces until their tornado planes took some damage as they got overwhelmed by Anunnaki forces)

Adam Jensen: Mario, use your cape powerup while Sonic, use your chaos emeralds

(as Adam Jensen, Tails, and Luigi retreats to the Interdimensional Space Station. Mario and Sonic uses their Cape Mario and Chaos Emeralds respectively so they become powerful and then they proceeds to destroys Anunnaki forces until their power up almost run out and just before their powerup runs out, Mario and Sonic retreats to Interdimensional Space Station)

Mario and Sonic: *enters the Interdimensional Space Station*

Payton: Rosalina, drives this Space Station to escapes from Anunnaki forces

(Rosalina then drives Interdimensional Space Station in order to escapes from Anunnaki forces only to have the Interdimensional Space Station lands in the universe where Illuminati and Annunaki comes from where the Interdimensional Space Station flies near Planet X)

Payton: what is this?

Adam Jensen: the Planet X surface is full of wreckage of those that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle and the Earth is now the nexus between universes

Sniffles: *Sees something in the surface of Planet X* Look! there's my Drone in that surface

Payton: how about the murders that it's victims are mostly Power Rangers and it's killer are Anton Chigurh?

Adam Jensen: it remains unsolved even following the death of Kindaichi and his friends

Payton: Splendid! can you comes out from Interdimensional Space Station to investigate surrounding areas?

Splendid: yes sir!

(Splendid then leaves the Interdimensional Space Station to investigates the areas surrounding Interdimensional Space Station, then he notices that the Anunnaki armada are still following Interdimensional Space Station, this time, they come with Serpentrons)

Splendid: *Talks to his Communicator* they're still following us, this time they bring some kind of biomechanical serpent, it's serpentron

(everyone onboard Interdimensional Space Station sees the Serpentron)

Fluttershy: they makes Serpentera looks like all but nothing

Payton: *Talks to Splendid with his Communicator* Splendid! fight them!

Splendid: Yes Sir!

(Splendid then fights the Serpentrons by speed blitzing them only to finds out that whatever he splits them with his powers, one half of the Serpentron fully regenerates into an intact Serpentron while another half become Fully-intact serpentron)

Payton: *Talks to Splendid with his communicator* attacks their head instead, it's their weakness

Splendid: ok!

(Splendid then attacks heads of the Serpentrons so the Serpentrons are destroyed)

Everyone onboard Interdimensional Space Station: *Cheers*

(Suddenly, Splendid realizes that Flying Tesseracts of Anunnaki are still following the Interdimensional Space Station)

Payton: Ok Splendid, deal with those Flying Tesseracts

(Splendid then destroys some Flying Tesseracts until he got shot by Kryptonite Ion Cannon)

Payton: Splendid!

Payton: ok Adam Jensen, use the Tractor beam to take Splendid to Interdimensional Space Station while Fluttershy, take care of him

(Adam Jensen then use Tractor beam to takes wounded Splendid to the Interdimensional Space Station while Fluttershy is ordered to heals Splendid once he's in the hospital section of the Interdimensional Space Station)

Fluttershy: Splendid! what's your condition

Splendid: I'm fine

Fluttershy: exposure to the Kryptonite Ion is very deadly, and how you survives that

(then, Adam Jensen and Twilight Sparkle shows up in the Hospital)

Adam Jensen and Twilight Sparkle: we do!

Adam Jensen: with my repair gun(which can also heals any living things)

Twilight Sparkle: and healing Magic

(Suddenly there's alarm sets off in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Adam Jensen: what is this?

Announcer: the Anunnaki armada has surrounded us from every direction from even Up and Down and they give us an Ultimatum

(Adam Jensen, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Splendid then goes to Control Room)

Adam Jensen: what's the ultimatum?

Crew: here's the Ultimatum from the Anunnaki: Goyim! give us our technology back or we kill you

(the Anunnaki troops then teleports into onboard the Interdimensional Space Station. the Generic Tree Friends soldiers fights them only to be wiped out by incoming Anunnaki forces in Nanoseconds)

Anunnaki Stormtrooper: gives our tech back or we'll kill you

Payton: Neither

(Payton and his team then fights Anunnaki troops onboard the Interdimensional Space Station: Adam Jensen Shoots incoming Anunnaki Stormtroopers with his Bolter only to finds out that their personal force fields protects them from bolter rounds so he decides to engages them in close combat where he slices them with Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blade until one of Anunnaki Stormtroopers uses it's Resonance Detonator so Adam Jensen are thrown backwards, but he manages to lands safely, he then uses his Typhoon Explosive system at Stormtroopers. Payton, Blaze, and Big the Cat fighting Chupacabras with their powers where whatever they're about to explodes as they defeats them, they tricks the Chupacabras to enters the airlock, then once the soon-to be exploding Chupacabras are in the airlock, the Chupacabras are sucked into the space and then they're explodes(their resulting explosion temporarily nerfs magic users). Applejack, Knuckles, and Buddhist Monkey fights Anunnaki Stormtroopers with Energy Shields(that protects them from anything) where Applejacks kicks them and Knuckles and Buddhist Monkey punch them from their shields until they thrown backwards. Lumpy got cornered by the Stormtroopers only to finds the shotgun in the glass box where he breaks the glass(tearing his hand in process) and takes the Shotgun and he shots the Stormtroopers with the shotgun. Korra and her friends along Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy shoots fireballs of elemental powers from their hands at incoming Stormtroopers and takes cover when they got fired upon by Stormtroopers. Sonic and Yoshi fights Stormtroopers bravely only to got cornered, then Yoshi swallows Sonic and spits them where Sonic turns into spinball that becomes makeshift bowling balls with Anunnaki mooks for it's target pin. Twilight Sparkle blocks incoming fire from Anunnaki Stormtroopers with her Barrier Powers, then she retaliates by shooting fireballs at Stormtroopers alongside Spike(fights Stormtroopers with his Fire-breath). then there's alert)

Announcer: the Anunnaki cryptek are approaching the control room, all personnel defends the Control room

(Payton then orders his team to defends the Control Room from incoming Crypteks)

Payton: if you're encounters crypteks, just attacks them and ignore other Anunnaki units unless when they're attacks you

(the Crypteks then about to reaches the Control room only to be stopped by Payton's team before they reaches the control room. and then the Anunnaki are retreats as their crypteks are eliminated)

Anunnaki Forces: looks like we're have no match for you

Anunnaki Forces: hahahaha, we'll be back for you Goyim!

(the Anunnaki forces then quickly retreats from Interdimensional Space Station. and the battle that Payton's team fought onboard Interdimensional Space Station does left some damages in the Interdimensional Space Station)

R.O.B.: looks like this Space Station has got some damage

Payton: don't worry, the Space Station has nanotech-based Self-repair system

R.O.B.: but to fully recover, some of its occupant must left this space station

Payton: what?

R.O.B.: there's mission for you: take out the ACME Gigazord

Payton: what is ACME Gigazord?

R.O.B.: ACME Gigazord is one of the Ultimate weapon of the ACME(though technically it's owned by the Illuminati)

Payton: what's the specs of the ACME Gigazord

R.O.B.: Here's the specs of the ACME Gigazord: fully-autonomous Artificial Intelligence(which makes this mecha is considered as sapient automaton instead of disposable military hardware), Neo-Xenothium/Cold Fusion hybrid reactor for it's powerplant and engine, it's armament consists following: Obelisk of Light capable of repeating fire and mounted on it's back, nanotech-arm that can shapeshifts into any kind of mechanical weaponry, and shoulder-mounted Missile pods, it's armor are consists powerful void-shield over reflective armor over it's adamantium skin, and despite its size which twice as tall as Burj Dubai, it's impossibly graceful

Payton: why we must take it out as well where's the location of the ACME Gigazord?

R.O.B.: it has separates the people that tries to reach the area 51 and captures them for the Illuminati, and the current location of ACME Gigazord are in the abandoned city of the earth in this universe

Payton: anyone that has pets! you must bring them with us

(Payton then orders any of his teammates that has pet to takes their respective pets: Twilight Sparkle takes Owlicious, Applejack takes Winona, Rainbow Dash takes Tank, Rarity takes Opal, Fluttershy takes Angel, and Pinkie Pie takes Gummy as well Korra is also takes whatever her pet and Derpy got her pet Chameleon)

Payton: and if you have any Elements of Harmony and Chaos Emeralds, bring them too

(Payton then orders Sonic to takes stashed Chaos Emeralds as well he also orders Ponies to takes stashed elements of harmony. and after they carries Chaos Emeralds and Elements of Harmony, Payton and his team(along their pets if they have any) rides Re-entry capsule where it launched to earth by R.O.B. and Professor E. Gadd. as it's enter the Atmosphere, at least some of the Payton's team comes out from Capsule: Rainbow Dash, Splendid, Fluttershy, Payton, Tails, Cream, Mario(takes Cape Mario form), Luigi(Takes cape Luigi form), Korra(with her pet), and even Adam Jensen comes out from the capsule as it's falling from orbit)

Payton: Splendid! slow down the fall of the capsule and Adam Jensen, use your telekinesis at the capsule

(Splendid and Adam Jensen then ordered to slow down the descent of the capsule and finally, the capsule is lands safely where anyone that has once comes out from capsule back when the capsule are midair are reunites with those that comes out from capsule after the capsule are landed)

Payton: *Talks to his Communicator* R.O.B. Do you copy!

R.O.B.: *Talks through Payton's Communicator* Yes!

Payton: where's the ACME Gigazord?

R.O.B.: *Talks through Payton's communicator* here's nearby

Payton: ok! but looks like we forgot to give Korra and her friends Communicator

Adam Jensen: *Gives Korra and her friends communicator*

(Suddenly, the ACME Gigazord are shows up for Payton's team)

ACME Gigazord: I'm ACME Gigazord, I'll kill you in the name of ACME

Payton: Sonic and Friends, use your Chaos Emeralds. Mane 6, use elements of Harmony. Mario, Use Cape Form. and Splendid, Attack the ACME Gigazord directly

(Payton then orders Sonic and his Friends to uses their Chaos Emeralds to Morphs into their Super forms and Mane 6 to use their Elements of Harmony at ACME Gigazord. Super Sonic, Super Amy, Super Knuckles, Super Tails, Super Shadow, and Super Silver attacks ACME Gigazord only to finds out that combined forces of Super Mobians combined with Elements of Harmony won't harm ACME Gigazord)

ACME Gigazord: not even combined forces of Chaos Emeralds, Elements of Harmony, and Exterminatus can harm me

ACME Gigazord: it's my turn *fires it's shoulder mounted Missile launcher and arm cannons(programmed to fires Gatling guns that shoots RPGs)*

(ACME Gigazord then fires it's Shoulder-mounted Missile Launcher and Arm Cannons where Payton's team dodges them and protected by Barrier powers of Payton and Twilight Sparkle)

Payton: Korra and Bolin, use your Earth-bending powers at ACME Gigazord

(Korra and Bolin as well Payton then use their Earth-bending attack at ACME Gigazord only to finds out that the ACME Gigazord dodges their attacks by Acrobatics)

Payton: Spike! use your Giant Spike powers to fights the ACME Gigazord and Mario and Luigi, become Giant Mario and Luigi

(Spike then turns into Giant Spike while Mario and Luigi turns into giant Mario and Luigi with appropriate Powerup where they fights ACME Gigazord only to get overpowered by ACME Gigazord even when their size is comparable or superior to ACME Gigazord)

Payton: ok Adam Jensen, it's up to you! you enter the ACME Gigazord, while Splendid! take Adam Jensen to the ACME Gigazord and deliver him with Fastball Special

(Splendid then lifts Adam Jensen and Throws him to ACME Gigazord where he fires his Grappling Hook Gun after he thrown into ACME Gigazord so he reaches ACME Gigazord and once he reaches ACME Gigazord, he enters the ACME Gigazord by firing Portal Gun to the seams of the ACME Gigazord(when his X-Ray vision shows area that can admits him behind that seam) and then he fires portal Gun to the outside of ACME Gigazord where he quickly fires his Grappling Hook Gun to that portal so he enters the ACME Gigazord. once he's inside the ACME Gigazord, Adam Jensen scans the ACME Gigazord and hacks it to locate the Shield Generator)

Adam Jensen: *Hacking the computer of the ACME Gigazord*

(After Adam Jensen hacking the ACME Gigazord Computer, he concludes that much of the technologies behind ACME Gigazord are reverse Engineered from Castigator-pattern Titans from 40k Universe, and then after he's located the Shield Generator, he quickly blows it up with C4(just before he blows it up, he's hacks to it so he can replicates the Shield Generator) and then, he comes out by using Portal Gun(fired at the hole that leads to the outside world that he drills with drill from his finger while one another are fired inside) and after he comes out from ACME Gigazord, he orders Cape Mario, Super Sonic, Splendid, Super Rainbow Dash, and Korra(in her Avatar State where now she can flies like Goku except with Elemental powers) to destroys ACME gigazord and then they destroys ACME Gigazord without any difficulty. as ACME Gigazord got destroyed, it blows up like Nuclear Bomb where Payton, Twilight Sparkle, and Shadow not to mention Silver combines their barrier powers and Chaos Control powers as well Psychic powers respectively to protects the entire Payton's team from Nuclear explosion. and following the destruction of ACME Gigazord, Payton's team then cheers)

Payton's team: *Cheers*

Adam Jensen: I also has putting the database of that Shield Generator so we can make it later

(unaware to everyone, there's a C-130 flying far above Payton's team where inside the plane, we sees Emile Danko(inside his personalized Nanosuit 3.0) about to wear the helmet of his Nanosuit where he receives transmission from Lex Luthor)

Lex Luthor: *talks through computer in the C-130* due to ever growing threat of the group simply known as Payton's team, you're ordered to eliminates them

Emile Danko: *dons the helmet part of his Nanosuit*

(then, the Door of the Plane opens and after he finished wearing his Helmet, Emile Danko then jumps and performs High-Altitude Low-Opening drop(just before he do that, he sets his Nanosuit mode into cloaking mode). meanwhile in the ground, Payton and his team discuss something)

Adam Jensen: according to my investigation, the Murderer of Power Rangers are indeed no other than Anton Chigurh

Payton: who is Anton Chigurh?

Adam Jensen: according to my database, he's mercenary that ACME Corporation recruited to eliminates Power Rangers, his favorite Weapon is Captive Bolt Gun

Payton: and have you ever heard 40k Universe(the universe where General Sturnn comes from)?

Adam Jensen: yeah! in that universe, Humans are evil speciesists for good reasons(surrounded by evil aliens and so on) and have sexist Super Soldiers and has flashlight-toting punching bags for it's regular armies and despite the presence of Humans are Bastards trope in that universe, the only people from that universe that can match the attitude of the ACME Corporation is the most extreme of mono dominants(so extreme that their hatred extends to anyone that aren't 100% standard issue Humans, even when they're Emperor's servants just because they're more capable members of Human race)

Adam Jensen: also, those Super Soldiers have function that can make me jealous: they can eats anything(though I has managed to replicates this by having my digestive system augmented), they tans really fast, and so on.

(suddenly, Emile Danko shows up for Payton's team)

Adam Jensen: who are you?

Emile Danko: I'm Emile Danko, I come to kill all of you

Adam Jensen: *Scans Emile Danko with his Stat-o-Vision* looks like underneath your suit, you're just ordinary mortal, and you're one of the sole survivors of the Heroes Universe

Emile Danko: indeed! and I come to kill you

Payton: Silver! use your Telepathy on him, then Splendid, attack him

(as Emile Danko approaching Payton's team, Payton orders Splendid to attacks him only to be shot by Danko's Kryptonite Blaster upon approaching him while Silver uses his Telepathy only to finds out that Danko's nanosuit helmet protects him from Silver's telepathy)

Silver: It’s no Use!

Payton: Everybody, attacks him while Adam Jensen, Twilight Sparkle, and Silver! throws heavy objects at your face

(Payton then orders Silver, Twilight Sparkle, and Adam Jensen as well Knuckles throws heavy objects(including even M1 Abrams and Mammoth Tanks) at Emile Danko only to be have all of those objects bisected by Emile Danko's retractable power sword mounted on his right arm wrist. then Payton orders his team to attacks Emile Danko with the most powerful attacks on their disposal: starting from EarthBending and Firebending attacks to even Rainbow Nukes and Rocket-propelled Chainsaw fired by Lifty and Shifty as well Railgun that Shadow the Hedgehog Fires(though this knocks Shadow backwards with it's recoil), none of them are manages to hurts Danko)

Emile Danko: fool! my suit protects me from even Tactical Nukes(or it's equivalents)

Adam Jensen: then it's up to me!

(Adam Jensen(with his Retractable exoskeleton deployed) then engages duel with Emile Danko as Emile Danko moves towards Payton's team with Super Speed(courtesy of his suit) where at first, he engages Gun-fu against Danko with Bolter Revolver Akimbo while Emile Danko got 20 mm Handgun. and after both of their guns runs out of ammo. Adam Jensen and Emile Danko engages sword fights with their Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blades and Power Swords respectively where whatever Adam Jensen parries Danko's Power Sword, his Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blades are broken, sending it's chain flying towards Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, and Sniffles only to be stopped by Payton's Barrier powers before the flying chain kills them. Adam Jensen and Emile Danko then plays Hide and Seek game where both fighters turns invisible until Emile Danko grabs Adam Jensen from behind only to be bombarded by Typhoon Explosive system, but Danko's Nanosuit protects him from Typhoon Explosive system, though this at least allows Adam Jensen to escapes from Emile Danko)

Adam Jensen: since we're have no match for him and we're forgot to have Nano-disruptor Grenades. all that we can do now is Run from Him

(Adam Jensen then orders Payton team to runs from Emile Danko into Nearest Bunker and after the entirety of the Payton's team enters the Bunker, Adam Jensen sets the Proximity mine and seals the Entrance door of Bunker with his Laser Gun from inside so they can hide from Emile Danko. and just before reaches the now-sealed door of Bunker, Emile Danko got blasted by Proximity Mine but Unfortunately, his suit protects him from Mine)

Lex Luthor: *Talks through Danko's Nanosuit computer* Report!

Emile Danko: they have no match for me because my suits protects me from their powers and weapons, and they decides to hide in a bunker where I stepped on Mine so I gave up

Lex Luthor: *Talks through Danko's nanosuit computer* Next time you must got them all

(Meanwhile inside Bunker. Payton lit the Bunker with his Fire and light powers while any Payton's teammates that has Fire Powers, uses their Fire powers to lit the Bunker)

Payton: what we gonna do now!

Adam Jensen: According to my radar, Emile Danko has goes away

Payton: so that's mean we can comes out?

Adam Jensen: yes!

Payton: and Shadow, would you teleports us into outside the Bunker with your Chaos Control?

Shadow: Yes!

(Shadow then teleports the entire Payton's team to outside Bunker)

Payton: and Sonic! would you synthesizes Super Emeralds with the Pyramid?

Sonic: what?

Payton: do you know, the Pyramids are built not for just a Tomb, it's also used to harnessing the energy for just anything

Sonic: ok!

(Sonic then carries Chaos Emeralds to the Bosnian Pyramid where he uses the Pyramid Power to synthesizes Super Emeralds by placing the Chaos Emeralds into the core chamber of Bosnian pyramid, and the energy of the Pyramid turns some chaos emeralds into a Super Emeralds and then. Sonic Returns into Payton's Team with some Super Emeralds(though he got attacked by Railgun-armed Illuminati Battleships and Frigates in his way))

Payton: Congratulation! you has synthesizes Super Emeralds, use wisely

Payton: and Shadow, can you teleport us to nearest city with your Chaos Control?

Shadow: Yes! *teleports Payton's team to the Nearest city with Chaos Control*

(Payton's team then arrives in a City)

Payton: what is this city?

Adam Jensen: This city is the Las Vegas

Lifty and Shifty: does that mean we can gambling here?

Adam Jensen: maybe!

(Lifty and Shifty then goes into a Casino in the Las Vegas where in their journey to the Casino, they encounters 3 kids fighting ACME Forces(those kids are temporarily depowered by Sappers) and manages to defeats them despite being temporarily depowered)

Lifty: who are you?

Isami: my name is Isami Hanaoka

Soshi: my name is Soshi Yukimi

Toshi: my name is Toshi Tsukikage

Shifty: nice to join us and why you're here?

Isami: because the Evil Kuro Tengu Organization are joins either Illuminati or Anunnaki

(Isami and Her friends then joins the Payton Team)

Payton: Welcome to my team, we're astounded by your skills to takes on Power-armored ACME Forces when you're got temporarily depowered by Sappers

Twilight Sparkle: looks like you needs some Magic of Friendship

(Twilight Sparkle then casts Magic of Friendship(Along Adam Jensen with his C.A.S.I.E.) at Isami and her friends)

Payton: and Sonic, would you scouting around!

Sonic: Ok!

(Sonic then scouting around Las Vegas, as he's scouting around, he got spotted by one of the CCTV Camera and that CCTV Camera fires it's laser at Sonic, but luckily Sonic managed to dodge it and runs into Payton's team)

Sonic: the CCTV cameras with Laser guns are everywhere

Adam Jensen: Great! I can jamming them

(Suddenly, the Illuminati forces are comes for Payton's Team. they consists following: Soldiers, Shocktroopers, Knights Templars, and Cultists as well Scientists with their experiments: Radioactive Carnivorous Plant, Tiberium-based creatures, and even Venusian(Metal Slug universe)/Tyranid hybrids. the Illuminati Troops are also supported by Mechas)

Mario: *Calling Illuminati Cultists* Shy Guys, except far too tall and far too powerful

Payton: ok Everybody(Save for HTFs that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, The Mole, and Me)! anyone that has Ice or Water powers, deal with flamethrower-armed enemies as well anyone that has Fire Powers, Deal with Radioactive Carnivorous Plant and the rest, deal with the rest

(then, the Shocktroopers, Soldiers, and Mechas shoots their Flamethrowers only to have their shots neutralized by Ice and Water powers of Payton and some of his friends: Korra, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy(Mario and Luigi uses his F.L.U.D.D.), then Payton, Korra, and Mario fights Soldiers and Shocktroopers with their Martial Arts Skills. Twilight Sparkle and Blaze burning Radioactive Carnivorous Plants with their powers. Knights Templars and Gatling Mechas fires their Gatling Guns at Sonic only to hit nothing and then they got speed blitzed by Sonic. Adam Jensen uses his Bolter Revolver Akimbo at Venusian-Tyranid hybrids. Buddhist Monkey pressure Points Illuminati Soldiers. Black-robed Cultists fires their handguns at Silver the Hedgehog only to have Silver stops all the bullets that they fires at him with his Telekinesis, and then Silver uses his Telekinesis at Black-robed Cultists only to have the Cultists retaliates at Silver with their elemental spells. Tails takes on Illuminati Scientists where their Back-mounted Mechanical arm fires it's laser at Tails, and Tails simply disarms the Scientists with his skills. Knuckles fights Illuminati Melee Mechas. Adam Jensen hacks Illuminati Missile Mechas and Cannon-armed Knights Templars so their weapons explodes in their faces upon firing it. Payton then summons Angry Birds with D-Link where he fires Black Bird at Tiberium-based Creatures so the Tiberium Creatures are defeated. Isami and Her friends fights red-robed and White-robed cultists only to finds out that the cultists are immune to their powers)

Isami: can you help us fights those Cultists?

Payton: yes

(Payton then orders the rest of his team to fights Red-robed and white-robed Cultists only to finds out that those cultists are immune to even their attacks either from Lovecraftian Superpower(in Red-robed ones case) or Barrier Powers(in white-robed ones case). then the ACME Forces are comes for Payton's team, this time they includes dreaded Sappers)

Payton: Splendid and Rainbow Dash, fights those Sappers

(Splendid and Rainbow Dash then attacks Sappers only to got hit by their signature Bio-energy feedback inducer where this leaves both Splendid and Rainbow Dash weakened. and this leaves Payton's team got surrounded by Illuminati and ACME Forces)

Payton: what we gonna do now?

Adam Jensen: escape

(Adam Jensen then uses non-lethal Smoke-bomb payload of Typhoon Explosive system so the Payton's Team escapes from ACME and Illuminati forces. and this leaves Illuminati and ACME Forces fights each other partly because of ACME's extreme hatred of All Sorts of Superpowered Beings. meanwhile, the Payton's team has managed to escape the battle though the battle that they recently fought leaves them hungry)

Sonic: I'm hungry

Applejack: me too!

(then, Nutty sees a Vending Machine where when he's about to buy something from vending machine, he finds out that the vending machine requires RFID to use)

Nutty: Adam Jensen! can you hacks this vending machine?

Adam Jensen: *Hacks Vending Machine*

(the candy then comes out from the Vending Machine, but the rest of Payton's team yells as he and Pinkie Pie eats those candies)

The rest of Payton's team: those candies are people

Adam Jensen: according to my hacking to the computer server of this city, everything that edible(at least in this city) is made from People

Payton's team: we're starving

Adam Jensen: *eats an inedible object* I can eat anything including even the most inedible things because of my augmented digestive system

(Payton's team then uses Mr. Pickles as emergency rations. then the entire Payton's team goes to the Luxor Hotel and Casino to uses it's pyramid as makeshift teleporter to the Interdimensional Space Station)

Cuddles: why we'll uses this as teleporter to goes back into Interdimensional Space Station?

Adam Jensen: because theoretically, you can use Ley Line vortex points as Teleport point. and by now, the Interdimensional Space Station has fully fixed.

(Shadow the Hedgehog then teleports entire Payton's team with his Chaos Control to the onboard Interdimensional Space Station, once the Payton's team are onboard Interdimensional Space Station, they got a feast of their favorite foods: Sonic eats Chili Dogs, Mario eats Mushrooms, Adam Jensen eats energy bars, Spike eats jewels, and so on.)

Toothy: what about Lammy?

Payton: she got driven insane from having Mr. Pickles got eaten. now she's wearing high-tech straightjacket that's developed by Sniffles and Tails and she's sealed in the prison cell

(then, Cuddles shows Cream and Fluttershy something when both Cream and Fluttershy are about to go to toilet)

Cuddles: I got something for you!

Cream: what?

Cuddles: it's "Captain John Price kills the Nolanverse" Comic Book

Fluttershy: how did you get that?

Cuddles: I buy this Comic book from nearest Comic Book Store in Las Vegas, when you along most of our new friends busy fighting ACME and Illuminati

(Cuddles then gives Cream and Fluttershy "Captain John Price kills the Nolanverse" Comic Book to be read by both when both are in Toilet, and then, Cream and Fluttershy comes back from the Toilet section of Interdimensional Space Station without that comic book)

Cuddles: where's "Captain John Price kills the Nolanverse" Comic Book?

Fluttershy: we uses it as our Toilet paper instead of reading it

Cuddles: why?

Cream: It's Just too violent for us

Cuddles: too bad!

(After feasting, Adam Jensen goes into his personal room located in the Residential Quarter, followed by Payton)

Payton: what is this?

Adam Jensen: this is my personal L.I.M.B. Clinic

Payton: wow! and why?

Adam Jensen: my Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blades are damaged so I will replaces it with something better: Combat Nanoceramic Vibroblades(which is basically an Ordinary Combat Nanoceramic Blades that simply vibrates at very high rates so it can cuts through anything, it can do anything Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blades can, albeit better and much more silent) *Replaces damaged Combat Nanoceramic Chainsaw Blades with Combat Nanoceramic Vibroblades with a machinery in his L.I.M.B. Clinic*

(Payton and Adam Jensen then goes into Training Simulator Deck in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Adam Jensen: this is Training Simulator Deck, it's very Realistic yet safe and it can replicates any environment as well it can accommodates even the most exotic powers

Payton: Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle, Korra, and Isami! let's train with us

(Payton then calls Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle, Korra, and Isami to Trains along Payton and Adam Jensen in the Training Simulator deck. and then, they trains together in the Training Simulator deck where at first, it used by Adam Jensen to tests his new Combat Nanoceramic Vibroblades, and then they trains in Training Simulator Deck(Payton uses his Angry Birds Summons by firing Red Birds and so on) until the Training Session finished by Adam Jensen(in his Armored form) thrown by Twilight Sparkle against simulated Giant Robot where he slices the simulated giant robot into pieces with his Combat Nanoceramic vibroblades. and after finished Training, Payton then goes into his quarter where he receives 2 email messages(and one another is in Spam folder) in his Personal Computer as well a new news)

Payton: let's see! *opens the email*

from: a Teen Titan named Kid Flash
To: Payton
I has got a Truckloads after truckloads of Fast Foods and Junk Foods to fill my stomach only to finds out that they all are made from People

Payton: a Hungry Teen Titan that finds out that every foods including ones that he'll eat are made from People just like Soylent Green

Payton: and look at another Email *opens another Email*

from: Iji Kataiser
to: Payton
I got something for you: a D-Link that I emailed to you in order to summons Homestuck Kids(you know, Homestuck Trolls are just too Overrated to you to summon) where each kids holds unique godlike powers in the battle, and their Real Life selves are dies. and I has also calls Cutie Mark Crusaders to defends my brother, Dan

Payton: now I can also summons Homestuck kids in addition of Angry Birds and Team Chaotix *checks Spam folder*
From: Wade Wilson aka Deadpool
To: Payton
Whoever created and owned you thinks this crossover mess are can’t be better than a shitty crossover series including your Purple unicorn Friend have a talking train for her boyfriend, but at least whoever Write this crossover mess are manage to disagree with your creator for better or worse, oh not to mention you’re started out Happy Tree Friends equivalent of that Electric Hedgehog Pokemon upon your conception by your creator

Payton: at least whoever write me in this story manages to write my backstory better than my creator and owner’s scrapped comic, and here's the news *open news*

Something blows up SCP Foundation HQ
there's something that Blows up the Headquarters of SCP Foundation and it sets many of the captives of SCP Foundation free, the explosion that levels SCP Foundation Headquarters are more than capable of destroying mountains

Payton: looks like someone has sets off an Antimatter Bomb at SCP Foundation 

(Suddenly, there's alarm sets off in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Payton: what is this?

Announcer: there's something that Possess Adam Jensen when he's jacking into Cyberspace for hacking our enemies

Payton: what?

(Everyone in the Interdimensional Space Station(Particularly Payton's team) then meets Adam Jensen got possessed by something (with the signs that his eyes are slitted). Splendid then interferes only to be shot by Possessed Adam Jensen with his Kryptonite Blaster)

Payton: Fluttershy, Take Splendid to the Hospital, and looks like he's possessed by a evil Digimon. and Twilight Sparkle, can you removes a Digimon that possesses Adam Jensen with your Psychic Surgery

(Twilight Sparkle then removes a evil Digimon from Adam Jensen's body and then she fights it once the Evil Digimon comes out from Adam Jensen's body and the Evil Digimon are Mummymon X. Payton and Twilight Sparkle then fights it alongside Mario and Sonic and after they defeated it, Payton saves it into a Computer Card)

Payton: *Talks to computer card* don't mess with my best friend anymore

(Adam Jensen then wakes up in his room where he's greeted by Sniffles and Tails as well Payton)

Sniffles and Tails: we has working on you

Payton: as well me

(Adam Jensen then greeted by the rest of Payton's team in the bar section of Interdimensional Space Station where everything okay until Payton turns into Majin Buu)

Adam Jensen: what the?

Majin Buu: I'll kill all of you!

(As the Majin Buu threatens to kill people. Flippy then calls Generic Tree Friends(armed with Morita Rifle) to fights Majin Buu only to be killed by Majin Buu. then Twilight Sparkle uses her Psychic Surgery to removes Majin Buu from Payton's Body only to finds out that Majin Buu is too powerful to removed by her Psychic Surgery)

Twilight Sparkle: he's too powerful to I remove with Psychic Surgery

(then, Mario and Sonic as well Isami fights Majin Buu with their Fireballs, Spin Dash, and Dragon Swords respectively only to have no match for him. then, Adam Jensen fires his Combat Rifle at Majin Buu as the Majin Buu are threatens to kills Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Flaky, Nutty, and Sniffles only to have Majin Buu are about to kills Adam Jensen, but luckily, Rainbow Dash saves Adam Jensen just before Majin Buu kills him. and even in her Avatar State, Korra is still have no match for him)

Adam Jensen: Shadow, use your chaos control at Majin Buu

(Adam Jensen then orders Shadow to uses his Chaos Control at Majin Buu. Neutralizing it so Majin Buu transforms back into Payton)

Adam Jensen: now! who's better leader

(Payton then wakes up in the front of Adam Jensen and the rest of his teammates)

Payton: what does I do, and does I killed my best friends?

Adam Jensen: you're switches into Majin Buu and you're about to kill all of us and you don't kill anyone that aren't generic tree friends so far

Payton: what is Majin buu?

Adam Jensen: we'll research later

Payton: how about my leadership?

Adam Jensen: there's still lot of things that you still learning

Payton: what you got from Hacking session that leaves you got possessed by a Digimon?

Adam Jensen: I got some things that has to do with Illuminati and ACME as well Anunnaki

Adam Jensen: and do you know, Barney the Dinosaur(ones that appeared in his shows) is also a member of the Anunnaki Empire

Adam Jensen: also, there's group of people that managed to infiltrates the Illuminati HQ/Capital City: Area 51

Payton: who they are?

Adam Jensen: here they are: 4 of the core Teen Titans team(minus Cyborg) that teams up with 8 Original Digidestined(now their partner Digimon are mostly replaced with unique elemental powers). they also joined by Master Chief in the Area 51. and recently, they're about to escapes from Area 51

Payton: what about Huntsclan that I encountered long earlier in Traverse town?

Adam Jensen: they're recruited into ACME Corporation

Payton: why?

Adam Jensen: apparently, the Huntsclan and ACME Corporation have one thing in common: they're obsessed with the extermination of all sorts of Superpowered Beings

Payton: what about Dimentio and Count Bleck?

Adam Jensen: they're probably joins the Anunnaki empire

Adam Jensen: the Kuro Tengu Organization has also gives the Anunnaki Lumino Tight

(Suddenly, there's alarm in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Announcer: looks like we're surrounded by Illuminati Spaceships

(Payton, Adam Jensen, and the rest of Payton's teammates then goes into control room where they beholds TR3B Astra surrounds the Interdimensional Space Station from every direction)

TR3B Astra Pilot: surrender! or we'll kill you

Payton: neither! Rosalina, Drives the Interdimensional Space Station to escape

(Rosalina that drives Interdimensional Space Station to teleports through the multiverse so they can escapes from Illuminati TR3B Astras only to got followed by those same TR3B Astra)

Payton: this is the last warning for you: if you're attacks us, Splendid(along Super Sonic and Super Rainbow Dash) will destroy your vessel

TR3B Astra Pilot: hahahahahaha! but we're have no match for your Splendid, Super Sonic, and Super Rainbow Dash. so we're retreats

(the fleet of TR3B Astra then surrenders)

Pinkie Pie: yeah!

(then, Adam Jensen receives a Message)

Adam Jensen: I got a Message: Anton Chigurh has goes into South Park Universe and recently, he's got Kenny McCormick. but Can I requests Personal-sized re-entry capsule to enters the South Park earth?

R.O.B. Yes of Course

(Rosalina then drives Interdimensional Space Station to the South Park universe where then, Adam Jensen rides one-man Re-entry capsule. Meanwhile in the South park universe, Anton Chigurh murders Kenny McCormick with his Cattle Gun)

Stan: Oh My God! You killed Kenny

Kyle: you Bastard, Anton Chigurh

Eric: and you got All-Brain-No-Brawn Atheist Jew that's simply too carnivorous to eat any earthly foods for your current boss

(Anton Chigurh then runs from remaining South Park Kids only to get shot by some Shotgun Taser Rounds, it revealed that ones that fires Taser Rounds are Adam Jensen(which turns visible once he has finished fired some Taser Rounds at Anton Chigurh))

Adam Jensen: you can't escape from me!

(Adam Jensen then takes Anton Chigurh to the another Re-entry capsule that he's requested to takes himself and Anton Chigurh into Interdimensional Space Station, and once they're in the Interdimensional Space Station, Adam Jensen puts Anton Chigurh into a High-tech prison)

Adam Jensen: this prison is immune to any kind of improvisation(cuz it’s door and window can electrocute you whatever you’re attempt to escape), so you're simply can't escape

Anton Chigurh: mwahahahahahaha!

Adam Jensen: who are you and why you're here?

Anton Chigurh: My name is Anton Chigurh, I'm a Mercenary of the ACME Corporation that simply hired to assassinates Power Rangers

Adam Jensen: so you're hired by ACME corporation to assassinates Power Rangers?

Anton Chigurh: one of them are can beats Lex Luthor in Math and Science, so I assassinates him. As well one of them are Darkie Vegan girl

Adam Jensen: this prison can only opened by mine *Leaves Anton Chigurh in the prison*

(After Adam Jensen leaves Anton Chigurh in the prison, he receives some messages in his Computer)

Adam Jensen: let's see what's the messages that I received *opens the messages*

From: Techpriest Enginseer that Sora the keybearer summons
To: Adam Jensen's team
looks like the heartless that destroys the homeworld of your squishy xenos friend are ones that harvest hearts for the Anunnaki to build their Kingdom Hearts, and when the King Mickey and his Human friend, Ansem the wise are attempts to recovers worlds that destroyed by reaching Anunnaki's Kingdom hearts, King Mickey are tortured to near death while Ansem is killed in action. and the Kingdom Hearts that Anunnaki builds is to completes the god pharaoh of the Anunnaki, Anu

(Adam Jensen then tells Payton and his fellow Happy Tree Friends that the heartless that destroys their home universe is for harvesting hearts for building Anunnaki's Kingdom Hearts)

Adam Jensen: Payton and your fellow HTFs, the Heartless that destroys your home world are ones that Anunnaki uses to builds their Kingdom hearts

Payton: what?

Adam Jensen: the Anunnaki builts their Kingdom hearts to completes their God Pharaoh

Payton: why?

Adam Jensen: any living things that incomplete isn't alive and since current state of the Anunnaki Gods Pharaoh Anu isn't complete, the Anunnaki are bent to complete their God Pharaoh Anu

Payton: and who is Anunnaki Gods Pharaoh Anu?

Adam Jensen: I have a story for you: long ago in the beginning of time, there's heaven where Adam(the father of Human Race) forever happy, and Anu(at the time, it known as Azazel) is ordered to bow down before Adam along the rest of the creations of God. when the rest are bow down before Adam, Azzazzel refuses due to it's arrogance, and due to Azzazzel's refusal to bow down before Adam, it's banished from Heaven, and in hell, it becomes metallic and it also consumed by it's desire to destroys even it's creator. and this plan fruits into this: a Dyson Swarm-like structure that roughly bigger than Andromeda Galaxy which is serves as it's new body(later it's become its current body), when uploading it's mind to that construct in order to get Godlike Intelligence, Anu lost it's hearts and souls(likely because the process of mind uploading didn't uploads it's hearts and souls) during it's ascension so it's incomplete, and that's why it's children, the Anunnaki are obsessed with building Kingdom hearts, to make it complete being.

Payton: so that's why they destroys my homeworld with Nanotech-implanted Heartless and how did you know that story

Adam Jensen: just before I'm no longer religious, I love that story

Adam Jensen: the nanomachines in the heartless that destroys your world didn't just makes them immune to even keyblades, it also used to digitizes any hearts that the implanted heartless harvests to builds Anunnaki's Kingdom Hearts

(Suddenly, there's alarm in the Interdimensional Space Station where everyone goes into the Control Room of the Interdimensional Space Station)

R.O.B.: ay yay yay! the Axem Rangers has spotted in the ruins of Springfield of the Simpsons Universe

Adam Jensen: *jacks in himself into the Interdimensional Space Station computer* looks like there's something that will get into our way when we go after Axem Rangers: from the Illuminati, we got Robotnik robots and M1 Abrams with Microwave cannon for its main gun as well some RAH-66 Comanche Helicopters and from Anunnaki, we got the Grox(Spore) and their vassal races: Conqrix and Insectrox as well Humans like Imperial Guardsmen and Space Marine chapter that simply follows the Grox

Payton: what is the Grox?

Adam Jensen: The Grox is the race of Super-intelligent Cybernetic Reptilian Carnivores that finds Water and Oxygen poisonous to them, they hails from Spore Universe. ever since their universe is destroyed by something(the Spore universe where they hails from are have the Grox forms an allies with an humanoid alien race(that didn't considers Grox as their enemies) and the destruction of their universe are takes place just after the unknown race forms an alliance with the Grox(making the rest of the sapients across that universe declares war at ones that forms an alliance with the Grox) and this is where the destruction of Spore universe takes place). and due to their vulnerability to Water and Oxygen as well their abysmal Physical Abilities(which their superhuman intelligence compensates), they mostly relies on their vassal races: Dronox/Conqrix and Insectrox as well Humans like Guardsmen and Space Marines for physical tasks and combat. and the Grox(and their vassal races) are members of the Anunnaki Empire

Sniffles: wow! does that means we can meets Grox in Real life?

Adam Jensen: yes, but you're too squishy to thrust into the fights against them

Payton: how did you know that?

Adam Jensen: from jacking-in session that leaves me possessed by a Digimon

Payton: anyway! let's go to the Springfield ruins of Simpsons universe. Rosalina, fly this Space Station to the Simpsons Universe

(Rosalina then flies the Interdimensional Space Station to the Simpsons universe by entering special room in the control room. then after the Interdimensional Space Station reaches the Simpsons universe. Payton and the rest of his teammates then goes into the re-entry capsule)

R.O.B.: there's a tower-like structure in the middle of Springfield ruins. would you lands in the top of it?

Payton: *Talks through intercom* yes!

(R.O.B. then launches Re-entry capsule to the Springfield ruins, specifically in the top of the tower-like structure in the middle of Springfield ruins. and after Payton's team lands in the top of the tower, Adam Jensen uses the Digital zoom function of his bionic eyes)

Adam Jensen: Look! the Axem Rangers is located in the downtown section of the Springfield ruins

Payton: let's go for them

Shadow: but how about Guns for me?

Adam Jensen: if you're needs some guns, here it is: *takes gun that looks lot like Thompson Submachine Gun from his Digital Storage augmentation* it's looks and works much like Tommy Gun except it's fires rocket-propelled rounds, *takes bullpup bolt action rifle from his Digital Storage augmentation* this is anti-materiel rifle that fires scramjet-Propelled rounds, and *takes RPG-7 from his Digital storage augmentation* this is Laser-guided variant of RPG-7

Shadow: thanks

(Adam Jensen gives Shadow the Hedgehog those guns, and then Payton and his team then descends form the tower. then after they descends from the tower, they confronts Illuminati forces(Consists Robots from Sonic series and M1 Abrams with X-43 MIKE(Tank Cannon variant) Microwave cannon for its main gun as well RAH-66 Comanche Helicopters)) and Anunnaki forces(Consists Grox Vehicles as well Dronox, Insectrox, and Grox Guardsmen))

Payton: remember Boys and Girls, our mission isn't mowing down what we'll encounters here, but fights your way through them and reach the Axem Rangers, and all Happy Tree Friends that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, The Mole, and me. hide yourself in the truck

Adam Jensen: and be wary of Microwave weaponry, they can boils you from inside no matter how well protected are you

(Payton's team then fights their ways through Illuminati and Annunaki forces: Sonic and his friends fights the robots where Shadow snipes some of those robots with his Scramjet rifle as well fighting them up close and personal with Tommy Gun that fires rockets. Adam Jensen Lays Suppressive fire with his Storm Bolter Akimbo)

Adam Jensen: 3 words: Storm Bolter Akimbo *Lays Suppressive fire against Dronox and Insectrox with Storm Bolters*

(Adam Jensen does good job laying suppressive fire as Bolter Rounds penetrates their armor. until Adam Jensen's storm bolters runs out of ammo, and then he deploys retractable exosuit and rips the main gun of Microwave-armed M1 Abrams and he uses the Main gun of M1 Abrams at Dronox and Insectrox, rendering them explodes from inside. Rainbow Dash uses her pet: Tank to takes on Grox Guardsmen by playing bowling with Tank(with his appendages retracted) for its balls and Grox Guardsmen for it's targets where Tank hits all the Grox Guardsmen)

Rainbow Dash: Strike!

(Payton then flies against Grox Guardsmen where his Barrier Powers protects him from their lasguns and once he's close enough, he claws them. Amy swings Pinkie Pie horizontally by holding her front hoof where Pinkie Pie kicks Grox Guardsmen around Amy with her back hoof. Buddhist Monkey and Korra as well her friends engages Grox Guardsmen and Dronox in Close Combat Martial Arts where Buddhist Monkey pressure points Grox Guardsmen and Korra and her friends uses their Bending attacks at Dronox. Silver, Twilight Sparkle, and Adam Jensen throws Grox Vehicles with their Telekinesis at Robots and Insectrox. Meanwhile in the truck that carries the rest of Happy Tree Friends)

Flaky: I'm so scared, we can't left this truck

Unaware from the Happy Tree Friends that hides inside the truck, there's RAH-66 Comanche helicopters that's about to shoot the truck with their Missiles only to got blasted out of sky with Shadow the Hedgehog with his Scramjet Rifle before they fires their first missiles)

Shadow: don't mess with us!

(Suddenly, the Grox Space Marines teleports to the battlefield)

Adam Jensen: teleporting powerful infantry straight to us when we're got tarpitted by weak infantry, how very clever!

Grox Space Marines: Die Goyim! *Fires their Cyclic Fusion Ignition System at Payton's Team*

(The Grox Space Marines then fires their Cyclic Fusion Ignition System at Payton's team only to hit cover that made by Payton's earth-bending powers)

Payton: Nice shooting Grox Space Marines! and why you serves the Grox Empire that's being vassal for the Anunnaki empire?

Grox Space Marine: some of us ends up joining the Grox Empire due to Emperor's death and the destruction of our home galaxy

Payton: wow!

Grox Space Marine: but we serves the Grox instead of the Emperor

Payton: you're must be foolish enough to joins the client race of those that destroys your home universe, and everybody! let's fights Grox Space Marines

(Payton's team then fights Grox Space Marines: Adam Jensen shots Grox Space Marines with his Bolter and Combat Rifle as well Pinkie Pie shots them with her Party Cannon only to finds out that Grox Space Marines has personal force fields over their Power armor which protects them from anything including Adam Jensen's bolter and Combat Rifle rounds as well Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon)

Adam Jensen: looks like I must engages them in close combat

(Adam Jensen then engages Grox Tactical marines in close combat where his Combat Nanoceramic Vibroblades cuts through their knives and penetrates their armor. Applejack and Knuckles kicks and punches shield-wielding Grox Space Marines through their shields until Grox Assault Marines are comes and about to kill them with their Energy-based Power Swords only to have their attacks interrupted by Isami with her dragon swords)

Isami: don't mess with my friends

(Isami then engages Grox Assault Marines in swordfights. Payton and Twilight Sparkle charges towards Grox Space Marines where their Barrier powers protects them from Grox Space Marine's shots and Payton and Twilight Sparkle along Blaze shots their flame powers at Grox Space Marines. Grox Devastator Marines lays Suppressive Fire with their Plasma Pellet handguns only to be speed blitzed by Sonic and Rainbow Dash. Payton, Korra, and Bolin uses their earthquakes(Courtesy of Earth-bending powers) at Grox Space Marines that aren't assault marines. Mario and Luigi uses their Tanooki suits to fights Grox Space Marines. Payton's team eventually realizes that Grox Space Marines can regenerates from even the most horrific injuries in nanoseconds)

Adam Jensen: looks like they can regenerates like Wolverine from X-Men

Splendid: Why can't you just die even when I turns your ass(or at least your head) into soup?

Payton: and all that we can do now is: Run from them and reach the Axem Rangers

(Payton then orders himself and his teammates to runs from Grox Space Marines to reaches the Axem Rangers where just after they running from Grox Space Marines, they sets a trap that consists Automatic Shotgun Drum Magazines as well Gyrojet Drum Magazines sets alight by Payton, Blaze, Twilight Sparkle, and Mako fire powers)

Grox Space Marines: you can run but you can't hide from us! *caught in a blast of makeshift mine*

(Payton's team then runs to approaching Axem Rangers where in their way, they encounters Kool-Aid Man comes out from the wall of one of the ruins)

Kool-Aid Man: oh Yeah!

Payton: why you're here

Kool-Aid Man: the Illuminati is send me to kill you

Nutty and Pinkie Pie: sweet

(then, Pinkie Pie and Nutty chases and Corners Kool-Aid man, and then both Pinkie Pie and Nutty jumps into Kool-Aid man and both drinks Kool-Aid so Kool-Aid Man dies. meanwhile in the downtown section of the Springfield, Axem Rangers is making some chaos)

Axem Black: Chaos is cool!

(then, Payton's team arrives for the Axem Rangers)

Payton: who are you?

Axem Red: we're Axem Rangers, we just playing for Chaos

Adam Jensen: *raising his Gun* stop making chaos please!

(without any hesitation, the Axem Rangers fights Payton's team: Axem Red is about to hacks Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, and Flaky only to got hit by Red Bird that Payton fires with his Slingshot(Angry Birds summon))

Payton: Don't mess with my best friend!

(Payton then fires various Angry Birds at Axem Rangers: from Bluebird to hit 3 of the Axem Rangers, Yellow Bird to hit Axem Pink, and Big Brother Bird to hit Axem Yellow. Axem Yellow retaliates by causing Earthquakes from hitting the ground with his axe, but luckily Payton flies away so the fissure hits the mountain with Springfield sign, splitting it. Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash speed blitzes Axem Rangers until they got hit by Slow Spells(which allows Axem Rangers to defeats Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash) by Axem Green. Twilight Sparkle fights Axem Green with her spells: Lightning to short-circuits Axem Rangers and she manages to short-circuits Axem Rangers only to be fully recovered in seconds due to their nanotechnology-based self-repair system and then Axem Green casts his Spells at Twilight)

Axem Green: I can casts Magic Spells too, except I uses sufficiently advanced Science instead of Hocus Pocus or something

(Twilight Sparkle got zapped by Plasma spells that Axem Green casts. Adam Jensen then shoots Axem Green and Axem pink with Gatling Laser Cannon and M134 Minigun(Loaded with 7.62mm Armor piercing bullets))

Adam Jensen: 2 more words: Gatling Gun Akimbo

(Adam Jensen keep shooting Axem Rangers with Gatling guns until he runs out of ammo, and when reloading his gun(in unorthodox manner), he got shot by Laser Blaster guns of Axem Rangers(actually their blasters are their axes). Mario and Luigi(both uses their Hammer forms) and Amy fights Axem Rangers with their Hammers until they got outmatched by Axem Red once the Axem Red's Axe are turns into Chain Axes: it breaks Mario, Luigi, and Amy's hammers into half. Knuckles and Applejack fights Axem Yellow only to get overpowered by Axem Yellow. the battle between Payton's team and Axem Rangers raged on until Payton's team got outmatched by Axem Rangers where each of Payton's team that can fights got wounded)

Axem Red: who's suffering now?

Toothy: even the more capable of us are no match for Axem Rangers, let alone us

(Suddenly, the Axem Rangers got blasted by volleys of Bolter Rounds, then they got speed blitzed by something(later revealed to be Red Time Force Ranger which also fires that bolter). then the Axem Rangers got hit by Elemental energy projectiles which fired by Black Dino Thunder Ranger that turns visible from shooting elemental powers with his staff and after he approaching Axem Rangers, he fights all of Axem Rangers with Martial Arts Attacks. followed by Hadouken-like attacks of arriving Blue Jungle Fury Ranger. then there's Zerg-Rush of Yellow SPD Ranger. followed by Tornado attacks of Pink Mystic Force Ranger. the Axem Rangers then got suspended in the air and then blasted by Silver Space Ranger with his Super Silverizer(Blaster Mode). and then the Axem Rangers got shot by staff of Gold Zeo Ranger. and Finally, the Green RPM Ranger teleports straight to the Axem Rangers and fights Axem Rangers with his power Axe(albeit in clumsy manner). the Payton's team then stands up, watching those Rangers fighting Axem Rangers)

Payton: who are they?

Adam Jensen: they're Power Rangers

Payton: they're the only remaining Power Rangers

(the Power Rangers then combines their attacks and they kills Axem Rangers with their combined attacks. finally, the Rangers are demorphs)

Power Rangers: Power Down *Demorphs*

(After they demorphs, the Power Rangers are revealed to be following: Wes Collins(wears his Gasmask and Silver Guardians uniform), Tommy Oliver, Theo Martin, Z, Vida Rocca, Zhane, Trey of Triforia, and Ziggy Grover where Payton's team rendezvous with them)

Sonic: nice to meet you!

Payton: how did you survives Anton Chigurh?

Tommy Oliver: we survives that because someone has arrests Anton Chigurh before he murders any of us

Adam Jensen: me?

Wes Collins: yes!

(Payton's team then takes the Rangers into the Interdimensional Space Station where the Rangers are enters the control room of the Interdimensional Space Station)

Tommy Oliver: wow! an Alpha 8

Payton: this is R.O.B.(Robot Operating Buddy), he's our mission control

(Payton then takes the Rangers into various sections of Interdimensional Space Station: he takes the Rangers into Lab)

Payton: this is the lab where Tails, Sniffles, and Professor E. Gadd do the research

(Payton then takes the Rangers into Training Simulator Deck)

Zhane: this is reminds me of Simudeck in Astro Megaship

(Payton then takes the Rangers into Hydroponic Farm)

Zhane: that's why the food in this Space Station are more natural than ones that I used to eat in Astro Megaship

(and Finally, Payton takes the Rangers into the residential quarter of the Interdimensional Space Station)

Payton: this is the place where we live

Tommy Oliver: does that mean we can live here?

Payton: yes of course

(the Residential Quarter does prepares itself for the Rangers)

Theo Martin: awesome

(and then, Payton takes the Rangers into briefing room where he takes the Rangers to the rest of his teammates)

Payton: this is my friends

Tommy Oliver: hey Flippy, looks like both of us have biggest fanclub

Flippy: yep, and would you try my Khorne Flakes?

Tommy Oliver: yes!

(Flippy and Tommy then eats Khorne Flakes)

Adam Jensen: why Anton Chigurh murders most of the Power Rangers that aren't you?

Wes Collins: long story short! the ACME Corporation privatizes everything, including even Silver Guardians where I used to work before as well ACME also buys corporation where my father runs(since he dies 5 year after Ransik and his Mutant gang invades Silver Hills) and since the ones that runs the ACME Corporation is obsessed with indiscriminately exterminating all sorts of Superpowered Beings from the Omniverse. so that's why Lex Luthor hires Anton Chigurh to murders most of us, and all that remains of us are joins your team

Fluttershy: we're feeling so sorry for Rangers that isn't in your Power Rangers team

Payton: and what do you doing before you're arrives for us?

Wes Collins: amongst many other things, I rescues anonymous Teen Titans and Digidestined from Sweatshops, and so on. but most(if not all) of them are dies

Payton: who’s the surviving Teen Titans and Digidestined from that Sweatshop?

Wes Collins: so far the only one that survives(when he or she works there) was Tara Markov aka Terra. Other survivors includes one from Digimon universe, specifically one where the digidestined can turn to Digimon instead of having Digimon partners in traditional sense

Payton: who rescues Terra and partner-less, but superpowered Digidestined?

Wes Collins: here’s their names: Victor Stone aka Cyborg(he’s separated from the rest of Teen Titans’ core team, even when he’s 3rd physically strongest at best(in his new team), he’s still there for computer hacking), Daisuke Motomiya(that team’s wildcard and can control plasma in any form as well he can conveniently use random superpowers), Miyako Inoue(she can control gravity where her powers allows her to enhances her physical strength to superhuman levels(enough to casually overpowers Cyborg), levitate, make barriers and constructs out of Gravitons, and achieves telekinesis), Iori Hida(he’s the youngest of the bunch, even when he’s only have his reflexes enhanced far beyond any peak humans, he has twin katanas that only kills when it eletrified(by cutting through any materials) and electromagnetic grappling hook, not to mention he can psychically guess Superhumans), and Ken Ichijouji(he can control darkness, has enhanced physicals(at least enough to overpowers Cyborg), see through solid object, phase through, and opens up Portals). I personally meet all of them in person(even briefly)

Toothy: the Illuminati killed Thuy Trang

Adam Jensen: yeah!

Payton: Wes! what do you think about tired cliche of Humans are the only Lifeforms that has no Superhuman Powers video?

Wes Collins: our universe is one(if not the most) of the worst offender ever of that cliche, but at least they don't gives us those that as irredeemably evil as ACME Corporation

Korra: Lex Luthor is the Murderer. so Adam Jensen, would you tells R.O.B. and Rosalina to fly Interdimensional Space Station to the dimension where ACME HQ are located?

Adam Jensen: I has make a teleportation system that allows you to reaches any locations across the omniverse that we developed with the help of Tails, Sniffles, Twilight Sparkle, and Professor E. Gadd. so we don't need to fly the Interdimensional Space Station to our destination universe, and it can be accessed through your Communicator

Korra: thanks!

(Just before Korra and her friends teleports to the ACME HQ, Hiro Nakamura Arrives for Payton's team with his Teleportation powers)

Hiro Nakamura: my name is Hiro Nakamura! and do you're ones that destroys ACME Gigazord(which scatters my teammates back at our journey to Area 51)?

Payton: Yes and why you're here?

Hiro Nakamura: because I wants to finds out there's another survivor from my home Universe

Adam Jensen: there's another Survivor from your universe and he's no other than Emile Danko

Hiro Nakamura: and Adam Jensen is one of Heroes fans

Adam Jensen: I'm a fan of Heroes and my Favorite character from that show is Micah Sanders(since he's basically myself as Squishy Human boy that can talks to machines without augmentations)

Payton: what's happened to everyone else in Heroes Universe?

Hiro Nakamura: they all are eaten by Alex Mercer(after he's transformed into Grey Goo) *Sober*

Payton: how did Emile Danko survives that?

Hiro Nakamura: I don't know, Adam Jensen, can you tell me?

Adam Jensen: Emile Danko survives by being Dimension-dumped from his doomed earth(just before someone that dimension dumps him are eaten by Alex Mercer before he has any chance to dimension-dumps any of others) and recruited into ACME Corporation where he got his Nanosuit 3.0(No longer filling user's wounds with Nanosuit materials)

Hiro Nakamura: and he's obsessed with killing your team and do you know, one of your friend is reminds me of Daphne Millbrook

Adam Jensen: you mean Sonic?

Hiro Nakamura: yes

(Sonic then meets Hiro Nakamura)

Sonic: Hello Hiro! do you want to watch me racing with Splendid and Rainbow Dash

Hiro Nakamura: yes! but Adam Jensen, you must records it with your bionic eye and transfer it into my iCommunicator

(Hiro Nakamura then takes Payton's Team to Training Simulator Deck where during their way, they notices Korra and her friends are gone)

Hiro Nakamura: where are they?

Adam Jensen: they just teleports straight into city where ACME Building are located

(after they reaches Training Simulator Deck, they meets Power Rangers that recently finished their practices in the Training Simulator Deck)

Wes Collins: we're finished training

(Adam Jensen then sets Training Simulator Deck to simulates Racing Track where Sonic will racing with Splendid and Rainbow Dash)

Adam Jensen: who's the first that reaches finish line is the winner

(Sonic then racing with Splendid and Rainbow Dash where Adam Jensen watching it and recording it with his bionic eyes)

Training Simulator Deck computer: 3.2.1. Go

(The Racing between Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash starts: Sonic runs while Splendid and Rainbow Dash flies. they keeps racing until both Splendid, Sonic, and Rainbow Dash reaches the finish line)

Training Simulator Deck computer: all 3 are draw, no winner

(as Sonic, Splendid, and Rainbow Dash reaches finish line, Adam Jensen finishes recording the race with his bionic eye and transfers what he recorded with his bionic eye to Hiro's iCommunicator)

Hiro Nakamura: thanks! but I got something for you: Hypodermic injectors that filled with Claire Bennet's blood

(Hiro then gives Payton's team some hypodermic Injectors filled with Claire Bennet's blood)

Hiro Nakamura: use these wisely, and only when any of your teammates are sustains horrific injuries

Payton: can we mix it with Vaccines(ones that cures Zombie Virus) that were extracted from Survivors genetic materials as well 1-up Mushroom?

Hiro Nakamura: yes! and as return, you can give me some of the vaccines

(Payton then gives the vaccines that can cures any zombie virus to Hiro Nakamura, and then Hiro Nakamura leaves with his Teleportation powers(after he gave Adam Jensen Renamon plush for Disco Bear))

Payton: Good luck!

(Payton then takes some of the Claire Bennet's blood injectors to the Dr. Mario to get mixed with Vaccines)

Payton: can you mix these with vaccines and 1-up Mushroom?

Dr. Mario: of course

(Dr. Mario then mixed some Claire Bennet's blood with Vaccines and 1-up Mushroom so he creates vaccines that can cures anything)

Dr. Mario: this cure for Cancer can also cures zombies infection

Payton: yeah!

(Meanwhile, Adam Jensen receives a message from Hiro Nakamura)

Adam Jensen: let's see!

From: Hiro Nakamura
To: Adam Jensen
the Illuminati has moved its capital City into Planktopolis 2.0

(Adam Jensen then jacks himself into the Cyberspace in order to hacking Illuminati Computer networks in order to finds out more information about the Illuminati only to have his Body hijacked by CABAL when he's hacking into Planktopolis 2.0's computer networks)

Adam Jensen: I has managed to hacks Planktopolis 2.0 to helps Hiro's teammates, but something takes control on me

(Adam Jensen then have his eyes turns into slit as CABAL Takes over his body for his avatar)

CABAL: *Uses Adam Jensen's body* now, this body is mine!

(CABAL(in Adam Jensen's body) then about to rampage across the Interdimensional Space Station where this triggers alarm in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Payton: what's happening Everybody?

(Payton and the rest of his teammates then confronts CABAL-hijacked Adam Jensen)

Payton: we're your friend and teammates Adam Jensen

CABAL: *uses Adam Jensen Body* Shut up! Fleshbags

(Payton then orders Splendid to attacks Adam Jensen only to got shot by Kryptonite Blaster. he then orders the rest of his teammates to fights CABAL-controlled Adam Jensen only to have no match for Adam Jensen's superior fighting skills and gunplay)

Payton: Tails! can you save Adam Jensen from CABAL after I Zapps him with my lightning powers?

Tails: yes!

(Payton then uses his Lightning powers at Adam Jensen, so this knocks Adam Jensen unconscious and then Payton uses his Intuitive aptitude to works on Adam Jensen alongside Sniffles and Tails. meanwhile, Korra and her friends infiltrates the ACME HQ Building(which is used to be Freedom Tower) where the trio incapacitates ACME security personnel and wears their clothes before they enters ACME Corporation HQ, they then enters ACME HQ)

Korra: be wary of the ACME Security guards and CCTV Cameras that can fires lasers

(Korra and her friends sneaks around where in their way, they're encounters Vending Machine shooting cans to them, PC's CPU shooting razor sharp discs where Bolin(with his hand encased by stone) catches some of them, and so on(due to Syndrome being hooked to ACME HQ computer system having complete control over them) until they reaches a corridor where Mako uses his fire powers at the fire alarm to fools security system in order to traps ACME mooks, so the fire sprayer showers the corridor)

Mako: do you know, Fire alarm are far from foolproof, it won’t exactly take someone like Asami Sato to figure out this

(Korra and her friends are keep ascending the ACME HQ Building until they got caught in the blast of Web Grenade during their way to Lex Luthor)

ACME Security Guard: nice to join us

ACME Security Guard: you're trying to reach our boss

(Korra and her friends then taken to the Interrogation room of the ACME Corporation building. meanwhile in the Interdimensional Space Station, Adam Jensen wakes up after Sniffles, Tails, and Payton repairs him)

Payton: Adam Jensen! are you okay?

Adam Jensen: yes *Sends the message to Sandy Cheeks*

(Suddenly, the alarm in the Interdimensional Space Station are sets off where Payton, Sniffles, Tails, and Adam Jensen goes into Control Room)

Adam Jensen: what's that?

R.O.B.: Metal Sonic, RD-5000, and Cyborg Splendid is approaching Interdimensional Space Station

Adam Jensen: don't Worry! I can takes care of them

Adam Jensen: and does the Fighter planes that parked in the Interdimensional Space Station can travels through dimensions too because they all are from Eggman's Death Eggs?

R.O.B.: Yes!

(Adam Jensen then goes to the Tornado Fighter plane only to be interrupted by Shadow the Hedgehog)

Shadow: Don't forgot to bring Maria Robotnik to life *Gives Claire Bennet's blood injector to Adam Jensen*

(After that, Adam Jensen rides Tornado Fighter and then, he flies into Death Egg where just after he left Interdimensional Space Station, He engages dogfight with Metal Sonic, RD-5000, and Cyborg Splendid.)

RD-5000: Crush, Kill, Destroy, Swag

(RD-5000 are the first that converted into Jensen's side followed by Metal Sonic(after some fight) and finally Cyborg Splendid where this took quite effort due to Cyborg Splendid remain overpowered even after it got exposed to Red Sun and kryptonite weaponry)

Adam Jensen: why it shrug off Kryptonite and Red Sun weaponry?

Announcer: it has C'tan Shard of the Deceiver as it's CPU and it has Necrodermis Endoskeleton wrapped with living tissue grown from Splendid's DNA

(after quite a fight, Adam Jensen finally reprograms Cyborg Splendid(with some help from Super Amy Rose), and then Adam Jensen flies to Death Egg. meanwhile in the ACME HQ Building, Korra and Her friends wakes up in the Interrogation chamber)

Korra: where are we?

Syndrome: Welcome to Interrogation Chamber, Why you tries to reaches Lex Luthor?

Korra: Lex Luthor is the Murderer for people like us

Lex Luthor: Indeed am I

Korra: why you kills people like us back in our world?

Lex Luthor: because being Human is defined solely by it's scrappiness

Korra: do you know, we're human beings too!

Lex Luthor: if it has any preternatural abilities, they aren't Human even when they're Homo Sapiens

Korra: you Monster!

(then Lex Luthor sends some ACME Soldiers(that aren't wears Powered Armor) to executes Korra and her friends)

ACME Soldier: Nice try elemental girl!

(Just before ACME Soldier executes Korra, Payton(and Korra's pets) arrives and shots ACME Soldiers with His powers)

Payton: my teacher! looks like revenge can be suicidal

(Payton then sets Korra and her friends free, and Then Payton, Korra and her friends and pets escapes from ACME Building)

Lex Luthor: they has heads towards the Interdimensional Space Station

Lex Luthor: send the ACME Forces to the Interdimensional Space Station, Danko! kill everyone onboard that space station, and Hannibal Lecter, eats everyone in the Interdimensional Space Station

(After Lex Luthor dispatches ACME Forces, he receives a message)

Lex Luthor: *Checks personal message*

From: Sheldon Jr. Plankton
To: Lex Luthor
Looks like your people are equal to viruses(at best) and my kind, Copepods are always higher than virus

Lex Luthor: *Replies* you mean being Human are being defined solely by being ordinary person?

Plankton: *Replies* yes! at least according to your definition of one

(Lex Luthor then enters secret door in the hearth of his office where he keeps descending until he reaches some kind of High-tech mausoleum where he standing next into high-tech sarcophagus-like structure that holds Syndrome's body)

Syndrome: *Talks through speaker networks* I'm here!

Syndrome: *Talks through speaker networks* if I'm you, the sudden pulse and Fight and Flight(often dominated by freeze) chemicals into my belly

Syndrome: *Talks through speaker networks* at least a decade after I got sealed into high-tech Sarcophagus with it's life support system are powered by Zero-point Energy so I can live forever

Lex Luthor: why you use this method when you're become Immortal?

Syndrome: *Talks through speaker networks* every other ways that leads to Immortality makes us Not Human

(meanwhile. in the Death Egg(Robotnik's hideout), Adam Jensen infiltrates it in order to finds cryogenically-frozen body of Maria Robotnik)

Adam Jensen: hmm!

(Adam Jensen then summons a drone by detaching his pinky finger(which become drone). then he uses the drone to scouting around)

Adam Jensen: hmm! Security guards

(Adam Jensen then uses his Portal Gun to makes security guards fall to infinity of Portal. he then goes to the next room that previously guarded by security guards that currently falls into infinity where he enters it and it's the computer room where Adam Jensen hacks it with his powers and skills to locates Maria Robotnik)

Adam Jensen: looks like to enter the chamber that holds Maria Robotnik, you must follow this direction: up, up, down, down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Bottom, and Above from the door next to me

(Adam Jensen then enters the corridor that leads to Maria Robotnik's Cryogenic chamber, and after he reaches Maria Robotnik, he injects her with Claire Bennet's blood so she comes back to life, and then Adam Jensen escapes from Death Egg where Dr. Eggman meets newly revived Maria Robotnik)

Ivo Robotnik: Maria, looks like someone has bring back my cousin to live

Maria Robotnik: I don't know who's that bring me to life, but at least this can stops you from being enemies with that blue Hedgehog

Ivo Robotnik: yeah!

(Meanwhile in the Interdimensional Space Station, Fluttershy is caring Cuddles and Cream)

Fluttershy: you're so cute!

Cuddles: I'm, and Cream, you're my girlfriend

Cream: but too bad, you're too soft for me(at least in the battlefields)

(We sees Payton talking with Korra)

Payton: you know, killing people can makes you just as bad(if not worse) as ones that you kill for revenge

Korra: I know

Payton: and eventually, Lex Luthor(which you views as the Murderer for benders) will dies from his karmic death

(we sees the game room where Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle, and Flippy plays 40k)

Flippy: I win!

Twilight Sparkle: how did you win that?

Flippy: just clog your units with dead Guardsmen

Mario: I plays Space Marine

Sonic: I plays Orks(since I don't need to think to plays that)

Twilight Sparkle: and I plays Eldar

(Suddenly, there's an alarm in the Interdimensional Space Station)

Flippy: what is this?

(Everyone onboard Interdimensional Space Station(Particularly Payton's team) goes into the control room of the Interdimensional Space Station)

Payton: what's up?

R.O.B.: the Illuminati, ACME, and Anunnaki are invading Interdimensional Space Station at once

Payton: what's about Adam Jensen? and what does they consists(by the time they invades Interdimensional Space Station)?

R.O.B.: he's still yet come back for us. the Illuminati forces are mainly consists Soldiers(including ones with Bazookas), Shocktroopers, Knights Templars, Cultists, Mechas, and MIBs. the ACME Forces are mainly consists ACME Forces with Sappers and ACME troops without Power Armor as well there's Emile Danko and Hannibal Lecter. and the Anunnaki forces are mostly consists Biomimetic Enforcers

R.O.B.: and there's news for you: the rest of Imperium of Man has about to lands at Traverse Town

Payton: ok! Rosalina! fly the Interdimensional Space Station into the universe where Traverse Town are located!

(Payton then orders Rosalina to flies Interdimensional Space Station into the universe where Traverse Town are located only to have Rosalina got Electrocuted as the navigation device are sabotaged)

Payton: our job is defending this Space Station until Adam Jensen comes for us, and who's that can use Guns? *Asking his teammates*

(Payton then asking his teammates for ones that uses guns only to got an answer: Shadow the Hedgehog as well Flippy and the Mole)

Payton: that's it! as well we must repairs sabotaged navigation system of the Interdimensional Space Station

Payton: Ok! Sniffles, Tails, Professor E. Gadd, and I, Repairs the Navigation System, everyone else, takes care of the invaders

(Payton then orders Sniffles, Tails, Professor E.Gadd, and himself to repairs navigation system while the rest are ordered to take care of invading Illuminati, ACME, and Anunnaki forces)

(Meanwhile in the Traverse Town, an army of Imperial Guard Regiments and Space Marine chapters are lands in the District Z(for the uninitiated, District Z is the moon-sized Space Station in Traverse Town that linked to District X with Space Elevator) of Traverse Town)

Gabriel Angelos: Space Marines and Imperial Guard, go to Traverse Town and freed it from the Illuminati

Tu'Shan: we'll do our best to avoid civilian casualties

(The Imperial Forces then descends to the District X with Space Elevator where the Salamanders Space Marine chapter do their best to keeps Imperial Forces from causing civilian casualties either from keeping their fellow Space Marines and Imperial Guardsmen from shooting civilians and so on. meanwhile, back in the Interdimensional Space Station, Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle, and Flippy are patrolling in the corridor of Interdimensional space station)

Payton: *Talks through Sonic's communicator* be wary of Biomimetic enforcers, they can transforms into any of you to copy your powers

(Then, Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle, and Flippy encounters Biomimetic Enforcer where the Biomimetic Enforcer copies the powers of Mario, Sonic, and Twilight Sparkle as they attacks them, until Flippy manages to kill it with his knives and grenades. Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle, and Flippy then regroups with their respective friends and companions)

Twilight Sparkle: dear Princess Celestia! our enemies has finally invaded our new home

(then the MIBs comes to attacks the group, where Shadow engages one of the MIBs in a gun-fu duel like ones in the Matrix(after he finds out they're resistant to his Chaos Control) until he runs out of ammo)

MIB: you're run out of ammo

Shadow: so you are

(Shadow then engages MIBs in Hand to Hand combat until Shadow wins(With Chaos Spear, where the MIBs got slowed down by his Chaos Control powers comes to play). then the ACME Sappers arrives for HTF/Sonic/Mario/MLP:FiM joint team)

Twilight Sparkle: Sappers, Run for your life!

(the HTF/Sonic/Mario/MLP:FiM joint team then runs from Sappers so the Sappers are clashes with Cultists and MIBs as well Biomimetic Enforcers instead. the running HTF/Sonic/Mario/MLP:FiM joint team then interrupted by Frag grenade that non-power armored ACME Soldiers, but luckily, Twilight Sparkle uses her barrier powers to contains Frag-Grenade detonation so the detonating frag grenade won't hurt anyone in her group, then the ACME soldiers are arrives for HTF/Sonic/Mario/MLP:FiM joint team)

ACME Soldiers: nice try guys! *Fires their guns at HTF/Sonic/Mario/MLP:FiM joint team*

(the ACME Soldiers fired their guns at HTF/Sonic/Mario/MLP:FiM joint team only to have all of their bullets are stopped by Silver and Twilight Sparkle's Telekinesis, then the ACME Soldiers are got curb stomped by HTF/Sonic/Mario/MLP:FiM joint team, the HTF/Sonic/Mario/MLP:FiM joint team runs only to collides with Team Avatar, Shinsengumi, and Power Rangers)

Twilight Sparkle: how did you survives the attack to Interdimensional Space Station?

Korra: we fights with our Bending

Tommy Oliver: we hold our own with our Civilian powers

Wes Collins: or in my case, I uses my Bolter

Ziggy Grover: I don't fight anyone, all that I do is comment over this situation as I simply can't fight anyone

Wes Collins: unfortunately, looks like our enemies has hold the staff and crews of the Interdimensional Space Station as hostage in the residential quarter

(Suddenly, the group got shot by Returning Emile Danko with his Gatling gun, but luckily no one is got hit likely due to horrible accuracy of Gatling gun which is even worse when fired one handed. then, Hannibal Lecter comes for the group. but luckily, Emile Danko got knocked by newly arrived Adam Jensen)

Amy: Adam Jensen?

Adam Jensen: I has returned from Death Egg(bringing Maria Robotnik back to life with Claire Bennet's blood. so Dr. Eggman no longer enemies with our blue hedgehog friend) and I has fully repaired the navigation system of the Interdimensional Space Station

(then, Payton is also arrives for the group)

Payton: ok! Adam Jensen, take care of Emile Danko, I take care of Hannibal Lecter, and the rest, freed the Interdimensional Space Station Staff and Crew

Payton: but Jensen, you need some Nano-disruptor Grenades

(Payton then orders Adam Jensen to takes on Emile Danko after he grabs some Nano-disruptor Grenades while he orders the rest of his teammates to sets Interdimensional Space Station staff and crews free. we sees Residential Quarter of Interdimensional Space Station where Twilight Sparkle, Mario, and Sonic unties the rope where Interdimensional Space Station Staff and Crews are tied while the rest of their teammates are takes care of Illuminati Nanosuit soldiers(which holds ISS Staff and Crews at the Residential Quarter). meanwhile, Emile Danko engages Duel with Adam Jensen where Adam Jensen relies on his reflexes when fighting Emile Danko)

Adam Jensen: looks like you're can't hit me, even when your sword are can cut through anything

(Danko's Nanosuit soaks forces that Jensen's Nanoceramic vibroblades are delivers, no matter how powerful the damage output of Jensen's vibroblades, so this prompts Adam Jensen to lures Emile Danko to one of ISS airlocks where once Danko is in the Airlock, Jensen uses it to dumps Danko into the space)

Adam Jensen: *says goodbye through Airlock window to Emile Danko*

(Adam Jensen walks for a while only to have Danko returns for him by carving his own way into the corridor where Jensen currently walks in with his Power sword(though this makes the air sucked into the vacuum of the space)

Adam Jensen: how did you returns for me?

Emile Danko: when I got sucked into the outer space, I quickly uses my Grappling Hook gun so I come back for you

Adam Jensen: you damages some part of this space station

(then the Zero-gravity fights between Jensen and Danko ensues(where during the fights, they accidently engages Melee-a-Trois with some Spacewalking Grox Space Marines) until both enters a room where the one that leaks into outer space got sealed, meanwhile, the rest of Payton's team has freed the ISS Staff and Crews only to confronts Hannibal Lecter(with his Restraint Mask retracted))

Hannibal Lecter: looks like all of you are tasty to me

Payton: you're have no match for me

Hannibal Lecter: but I wear suit of powered armor that can protects me from anything

Payton: except your mouth

Hannibal Lecter: and now, this is my revenge

(Hannibal Lecter then shots Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle and their respective friends: including Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, the rest of Mane 6, Spike(with Dragon Slayer round), Derpy Hooves, and even Big the Cat where unlike the rest of Sonic Characters, Big didn't dies from Hannibal Lecter's gun, it forces Hannibal Lecter empties his gun)

Cuddles: oh no! we losing our new friend

Toothy: maybe they tired of seeing us dies everyday, so that's why they dies for us

Hannibal Lecter: Die! I want you to die! because I want to taste your meat! *empties his gun at Big*

(After Hannibal Lecter's gun is empty, Big then grabs Hannibal lecter in his neck only to have Hannibal Lecter abouts to kill Big with his Chainsaw only to got interrupted by Lumpy's Powerfist(tearing his arm from his body, hitting Hannibal's face) so Handy is about to attacks Hannibal Lecter with loaded gun that died Generic Tree Friend soldiers drops only to realizes that his lack of hands does prevents him from fighting Hannibal Lecter with gun, so he's angry. Hannibal Lecter then shoots Rocket-propelled Chainsaw at Happy Tree Friends animals only to have it deflected by Payton's Barrier Powers. then Sniffles runs from Hannibal Lecter only to be outrunned by Hannibal lecter due to the Hannibal Lecter's superhuman speed(courtesy of his suit), but luckily, Payton delays Lecter so Sniffles runs to his lab and when Hungry Hannibal Lecter about to eats Sniffles, he eats Sniffles hands unawares that the hands that Lecter eats are holding Phyllobates Terribilis, so Hannibal Lecter ends up poisoned. and then, Payton injects Mortally Wounded Mario, Sonic, Twilight Sparkle, and their respective friends with Claire Bennet's blood, bringing them back to life)

Sonic: we sees Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley

Payton: Rosalina! fly the Interdimensional Space Station to the universe where Traverse Town is located

(Payton then orders Rosalina to flies Interdimensional Space Station to the universe where Traverse Town are located and then, Payton Sets Anton Chigurh free)

Payton: Anton Chigurh, help Adam Jensen fights Emile Danko

Anton Chigurh: with my pleasure

(meanwhile, Adam Jensen is fighting Emile Danko where both fighters goes into Engine Room by accident after they foughts throughout ISS)

Adam Jensen: below us, there's something that burns just like billions of stars

Emile Danko: fool, my suit can protects me from even burning Plasma of Stars

(Suddenly, Anton Chigurh arrives for Emile Danko where Anton Chigurh approaches Emile Danko only to got Grabbed by Emile Danko in the neck, and thrown into Reactor Shaft)

Adam Jensen: noooo!

(this drives Adam Jensen to throws Nano-disruptor Grenades at Emile Danko so Danko got his Nanosuit disabled)

Adam Jensen: Take this! *Kicks Emile Danko*

(Adam Jensen then kicks Emile Danko down to the Reactor Shafts before his suit enabled again, so Danko ends up vaporized by the synthetic quasar of the Reactor Core)

Adam Jensen: *talks to Emile Danko* how you feel the billions of stars burns through you, especially when your suit are disabled

(Suddenly, there's alarm in the Interdimensional Space Station, this time it's about the inevitable destruction of Interdimensional Space Station)

Announcer: all personnel, go to the Re-entry capsules to evacuates the Interdimensional Space station, all will be directed to Traverse Town

Twilight Sparkle: there's possibility that when this collapses into Black Hole, it will consumes Traverse Town

Payton: when we escape this Space Station, Splendid and Cyborg Splendid! Both of you contains the Black Hole once this Space Station destroyed into one due to Quasar Reactor

(Adam Jensen then regroups with the rest of his teammates)

Adam Jensen: but wait, how about ones that allows this Space Station to travels through the Multiverses?

Tails: just copy the technology code to your aug's onboard computers

(Adam Jensen then copies the technology that allows ISS to flies through the Multiverse so he can replicates it later, and then he along his teammates(including even pets of Korra and Mane 6) as well every single Interdimensional Space Station Staff, Crews, and other occupants evacuates doomed Interdimensional Space Station with Re-entry capsules, and finally after the Re-entry capsules of Interdimensional Space Station are launched towards Traverse Town, the Interdimensional Space Station finally explodes, then collapses into a black hole. meanwhile in the Traverse Town, the remnants of the Imperium of Man involved in the gunfight against the Illuminati where the weapons of the Imperium shots through cover where Illuminati enemies are hiding, we sees Praetorian Guardsmen seeing Victorian region of Traverse Town)

Praetorian Guardsmen: looks like the building in this Districts of Traverse Town reminds us our home planets

(Suddenly, the ACME Forces are invading Traverse Town, giving the Imperium of Man ultimatum)

ACME Forces: give us anyone of you that aren't 100% Standard Issue Humans or we kill you

Imperials: neither!

(the Imperial Forces then clashes with the ACME Forces: mainly Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicus forces as well Abhumans and Psykers of the Imperial Guard. as the battles between Imperium of Man Remnants and ACME Forces are rages on in the Traverse Town, the Re-entry capsules of now-destroyed Interdimensional Space Station lands in Various spots in the Traverse Town(Crushing some ACME Forces in process): ones that carries Payton's team are lands in the District 7 of Traverse Town where after landed, Payton's team are comes out from Re-entry capsule: Starting from Payton, Adam Jensen, and their fellow HTFs, Mobians, Ponies, and Mario's gang(including the Toads, Yoshis, and Professor E. Gadd) to Korra and her friends, Shinsengumi Descendants, and Power Rangers)

Adam Jensen: ah! my Home Sweet Home

Mario, Sonic, and Twilight Sparkle: looks like we lands in this town for the first time

(then both Splendid and Cyborg Splendid come back from containing Quasar Black Hole from consuming Traverse Town)

Splendid: that aren't so bad if it isn't literally hotter than Hell

Payton: our mission is located the other Interdimensional Space Station Reentry capsules that spread throughout Traverse Town

(Payton and his team then locates other reentry capsules of Interdimensional Space station that scattered across Traverse Town: starting from ones that holds the crews of Interdimensional Space Station where those crews are joins Payton's team, then the Payton's team locates scattered reentry capsules one by one wherein one of their way, Sonic accidently came across Black Templars Assault Marine)

Black Templars Assault Marine: Die xenos *shots Sonic with his bolt pistol*

(the Black Templars then shots Sonic only to finds out that Sonic catches his bullet)

Sonic: Imperials! none of us are your enemies ok? *throws away bolter round just before it explodes*

(Payton and his Teammates, keeps taking those that evacuates doomed Interdimensional Space Station from their re-entry capsules until they notices that CABAL owns Traverse Town computer network)

CABAL: Fleshbags! leave Traverse Town or I kill you

(Suddenly, Payton receives a text message in his Communicator)

From: Ursarkar E. Creed
To: Payton
It's me! the tactical genius of the Imperium of Man, ever since the Illuminati takes over Traverse Town long yesterday before we lands here, an Abominable Intelligence with Godlike powers named CABAL has controls computer networks of the Traverse Town, and now our Tech Priests are working on Computer networks of Traverse Town, freeing it from this godlike Abominable intelligence, but they have no match for it when they hacking Traverse Town computer networks

Payton: Ok Adam Jensen! help those techpriests hacking Traverse Town computer network from CABAL, but be wary of CCTV Cameras with Laser Guns

(Payton then orders Adam Jensen to go into Traverse Town computer Station, the Mane 6 and Korra then recovers their pets from one of Re-entry Capsules as well they're also recovers R.O.B. and other Interdimensional Space Station staff and crews from Reentry capsules. and after they recovers everyone else from Interdimensional Space Station Reentry capsules as well defeating ACME and Illuminati so they retreats, Payton receives a message from Gabriel Angelos)

Gabriel Angelos: *Talks through Payton's communicator* go and meet us in the Traverse Town Central Park

Cream: but Wait! I and Fluttershy as well Cheese the Chao must tells others in Traverse Town to stop fighting each other

Payton: Ok!

Cheese: Chao!

(Cream, Fluttershy, and Cheese the Chao then flying around Traverse Town to tells people like Mutants, Imperials, and so on from fighting each other, and after they returns to Payton's team, Payton and his team then ordered to rendezvous with Gabriel Angelos and other Imperials in the Traverse Town Central Park where during their way, Adam Jensen rejoins the Payton's team)

Adam Jensen: I has helps those Techpriests freed this city from Godlike A.I. Named CABAL

(after Adam Jensen rejoins Payton's team, the Payton's team finally reaches Traverse Town Central park where they rendezvous with Gabriel Angelos and other 40k Characters though upon first meeting, the Imperials raises their guns at Payton's group only to have lower their guns later due to Magic of Friendship that Twilight Sparkle casts)

Gabriel Angelos: welcome new friends! I'm a Chapter Master of Blood Ravens

Everyone in the Payton's team: *salutes the Imperium of Man remnants*

Gabriel Angelos: anyway, we're have something in common with some of you

Payton: you mean Happy Tree Friends?

Gabriel Angelos: yes! our home galaxy are destroyed by Heartless that comes out from Holy Terra

Gabriel Angelos: but the good news is, by the time we're about to lands into Traverse Town, we got tons of Technologies from Dark Age of Technology(including those that completely forgotten by us in our home Universe) thanks to Belisarius Cawl

Adam Jensen: you're just like me(other than being far too tall and far too big)

Gabriel Angelos: and say hello to my fellow Imperials! this is Roboute Gulillman, the Primarch of Ultramarines

Roboute Gulillman: hello everybody! I'm a Primarch of the Ultramarines, and I have something for you

Payton: you mean something for me?

Roboute Gulillman: yes! it is one that allows you to summons all the Loyalist Primarchs (including me) through D-Link

(Suddenly, there’s a Redemptor Pattern Dreadnought among Ultramarines)

Payton: who’s that Dreadnought?

Marneus Calgar: it’s me I’m Marneus Calgar! Back during Vigilus Campaign, Abaddon wounds me badly so I ends up become Dreadnought pilot for the rest of my life, and I’m still Chapter Master of Ultrammarine

(Roboute Gulillman then gives Payton power to summons Loyalist Primarchs including himself)

Roboute Gulillman: it will summons loyalist Primarchs such as myself in battle, they're individually packs Godlike powers

Rarity: and Darling Tigurius, I makes you something that you can use as weapon

Varro Tigurius: What do you make for me, Xeno Witch?

Rarity: I make Life-sized plushies of Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven(with her hood off) from Teen Titans animated series; Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Mimi, Koushiro, Joe, Takeru, and Hikari from Digimon(02 forms in summer clothes); Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts(KH2 forms); Ash Ketchum, Misty, Tracey Sketchit, and Melody from Pokemon(both Ash and Misty are wearing Advanced generation outfits while Melody are from Pokemon the Movie 2000(in her street clothes without her sunglasses)) for you, you can use it by animating them with your Powers to help you fight and they got unique powers, not to mention they all have removable clothes

(the Space Marines that have rendezvous with Payton's team then followed by Imperial Guardsmen from various regiments)

Ursarkar E. Creed: this is a Tactical Genius that you can trust, and my psyker detects something terrible

Creed's Psyker: I has predicts that the Abominable Intelligence that once dominates Traverse Town are someday, will merges with Dark Gods of the Warp and C'Tan gods as well bunch of other gods

Splendid: you forget that I fought a hybrid between Avatar of Khaine and C'tan shard of the Nightbringer!

Creed's Psyker: that's just beginning, that Eldar god will become part of C’Tan that joins all the C’Tan gods as well Chaos Gods

Commander Bitchslap: my name is Commander Bitchslap

Cuddles: cool! you got tank gun for your right hand

(then, the Catachans are arrives)

Catachan Guardsmen: we can makes your favorite Action Film heroes looks like Justin Bieber

Flippy: does that even includes even Chuck Norris?

Catachan Guardsmen: yes

Guardsman Marbo: my name is Sly Marbo! I can makes even Chuck Norris looks like Justin Bieber

(Sly Marbo then joins Payton's team. then Commissar Yarrick and his men(Steel Legion) arrives for Payton's team followed by Tallarn Desert Raiders)

Commissar Yarrick: my Name is Commissar Yarrick!

(Flippy then mistakes Yarrick for General Tiger)

Flippy: General Tiger *Flips out*

Payton: General Tiger is my Father! but too bad I hates him so you once killed him for me and that's why I got adopted by Quilly

(but luckily, Flippy can't attacks his teammates whatever he got flips out, and the Tallarns does reminds him his Taliban Allies back when he fights Soviets in the Afghanistan)

Tu'Shan: we got something for you!

(Tu'Shan then shows Payton's team some new friends: Amazing Alex(which is Spin-off counterpart of MacGyver in actual movie), Leona Heidern from Metal Slug, and Hokage from Flame of Recca)

Amazing Alex: hello!

Recca Hanabishi: My name is Recca Hanabishi
Domon Ishijama: my name is Domon Ishijama

Fuko Kirisawa: I’m Fuko

Tokiya Mikagami: my name is Tokiya Mikagami

Kaoru Koganei: my name is Kaoru Koganei

Leona Heidern: and I'm Leona Heidern

Payton: why you're here?

Leona Heidern: I'm here in the Traverse Town because back when I'm with P.F. Squad of Global Defense Union, I got separated from the rest of my teammates so the Illuminati takes me prisoner into Traverse Town(back when Illuminati occupies Traverse Town) and then, the Imperium of Man sets me free

Recca Hanabishi: we’re here to escape Alex Mercer

Payton: who is Alex Mercer, Hokage?

Recca Hanabishi: Alex Mercer has Eats Kouran Mori, Tendo Jigoku, and Yanagi Sakoshita as well many from our universe just after 5 of us escape into Traverse Town

Adam Jensen: he eats others in your universe after he eats everyone in Heroes universe that aren't Hiro Nakamura or Emile Danko?

Tokiya Mikagami: I don’t know

Adam Jensen: according to my database, Alex Mercer eats Kouran Mori and Yanagi as well others in your universe just after he eats everyone in Heroes Universe that aren't Hiro Nakamura or Emile Danko when he travels to your home universe

Kaoru Koganei: we’re meet an Unexpected hope on our plight

Isami Hanaoka: *comforts Recca and his friends*

Lifty and Shifty: *scratching their heads*

Amazing Alex: and I survives Traverse Town just because of my smarts and rube-goldberg machines

(Amazing Alex, Hokage(consists Recca, Domon, Fuko, Mikagami, and Koganei), and Leona Heidern then joins Payton's team. unaware to everyone, the Payton team's rendezvous with Imperium of Man remnants are watched by Max with his binoculars)

Max: hmm!

(meanwhile, back in the meeting between Payton's team and Imperials, the Imperial Guard and Space Marine people aren't the only people from 40k Universe that meets Payton's team: they are also includes Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Mechanicus people, and a Custode(Emperor's bodyguard) with Keyblade whose his name is Yab Htedra)

Sister of Battle: ever since the Emperor is gone, we're feeling Powerless

Yab Htedra: actually, back in our home galaxy, the Golden Throne are damaged beyond repair so the Emperor dies, and then his Skeletal remains turns black and alive and it allows Heartless invades our home galaxy, but luckily, I got a Keyblade so I'm as powerful as Primarch though too bad, I’m still have no match for Heartless that possess Emperor’s skeletal remains so we’re escape the Holy Terra and then Warp jump(once everyone in Holy Terra evacuated into safety, we’re Exterminatus Holy Terra only to have the exterminatus do little(if anything) to stop Heartless from later consumes our universe). Not to mention we lost Kaldor Draigo as well the whole Grey Knights and Sisters of Silence to Heartless

(Suddenly, there's bladed hat flies towards Payton's team only to be stopped by Silver, Twilight Sparkle, and Adam Jensen's Telekinesis mid-air before it hits anyone)

Silver: what is this hat?

(ones that throws hat are revealed to be inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn)

Gregor Eisenhorn: sorry! *puts his hat on*

Indrick Boreale: Happy Tree Friends are so cute! can I hug them?

(Indrick Boreale then hugs Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, and Petunia only to crush them to death)

Payton: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

(but luckily, Max arrives for the Payton's team so his Jirachi bring back Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, and Petunia to life)

Payton: welcome to my team *Recruits Max to his team*

Max: since I was tired of running from Illuminati and Annunaki because I can't fights as well as the rest of my friends at least on my own, but I'm smarter than the rest of my Ash and the rest of his friends and I has separated from my friends for fairly long time

Payton: wow! and why you're comes here to revives Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, and Petunia?

Max: because they reminds me of some of my friends: Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Melody where Cuddles is basically unsuperpowered knock-off of Pikachu

Payton: that's my friend and your Jirachi can provides us some Literal Deus Ex Backings

Max: but I have terrible news: Giovanni is now become Ridiculously overpowered Bodyguard for Plankton that can makes Space Marines looks like Paintball player

Yab Htedra: you mean he's as powerful as Primarch?

Max: yes!

Max: and he's looks like Darth Vader, except he's far too tall

(Meanwhile in the ACME HQ. Lex Luthor got news from his fellow Board of Director)

ACME Director: you has losing your agent and your right hand man

Lex Luthor: that's because of the opponents they're up to, they competent enough to defeats my agents and my right hand man

ACME Director: but there's something that will takes over this place *Runs*

Lex Luthor: what?

Lex Luthor: my bigotry does makes me and my ACME Corporation clashes with Imperium of Man and UNSC

(Suddenly, there's something terrible happens in ACME HQ building)

Lex Luthor: what is this?

(then, there's something that hits Lex Luthor in the head hard enough to sends him flying into outside of ACME HQ building so he falls to his death(it seems it later revealed that Syndrome is possessed by the Anunnaki, so the computer networks of ACME goes haywire). meanwhile, back in the Traverse Town, at the meeting between Payton's Team and Imperium of Man remnants where he receives a new Message in his Communicator)

From: Negi Springfield
To: Payton
The ACME Corporation is no more before they have any chance whatsoever to invade our Mahora Academy. and do you want to enrolls in Mahora Academy cuz the Digidestined that used to work on Sweat shop in China decided to become our students?

Payton: Maybe! and so Captain Gabe! what do you think about Ultramarines movie?

Gabriel Angelos: this movie is insulting Space Marines

Payton: why?

Gabriel Angelos: it's characters are being portrayed too wimp, at least for a Space Marine

Twilight Sparkle: Marneus Calgar! Can I borrow your Codex Astartes?

Marneus Calgar: yes! Even when it’s updated version of one

Twilight Sparkle: *borrows and reads Codex Astartes*

Tails: Techmarines! I like your technologies, but too bad, it's outdated for 10.000 years, at least you updates your techs with Dark Age of Technology-era technologies(including ones that totally forgotten at least in your home galaxy)

Techmarine: *Shows some Servitors to Tails*

(the Servitors that Techmarine showed to Tails scared both Tails and Cream and Cheese)

Amy: stop scaring my under-aged friend

Techmarine: sorry

Shadow: looks like you uses Human Beings that reduced into Animals(the term "Animal" here refers to opposites to "Sapients" instead of Animal characters like Mobians, Happy Tree Friends, and Ponies which they're often Sapients) and turned into Cyborgs for it's Labor

Techmarine: yeah! and they're often byproducts of Space Marine creation, you're wondering that most people that got Space Marine Gene-seeds are ends up being servitors

Adam Jensen: and Space Marine gene-seeds can only used by Males, while my Augmentations can used by Female subjects too

Techmarine: but your Augmentation can makes your life shorter while our Gene-seeds makes us live longer

Adam Jensen: that's because what makes those that uses my Augmentation life shorter is: anti-rejection drug and I don't need that stupid drug anymore Since I'm a Designer baby when I'm born

(Suddenly, Payton receives a Message in his communicator)

there will be a Data Dump in the Radiant Garden due to Illuminati and ACME Forces withdrawn from Radiant Garden

Payton: ok! everybody let's go to the Radiant Garden

Payton: and once we takes over Radiant Garden, you Imperials! sets Teleportarium networks on these places: Traverse Town, Radiant Garden, Mobius, Equestria, and Mushroom Kingdom

Korra: as well my world

Payton: to link them all

Twilight Sparkle: but what about transportation between the multiverses?

Admiral Spire: our Warp-ships can replaces your Interdimensional Space Station

Payton: we should Retrofits Imperial's Warp Ships with technology that we recovers from Interdimensional Space Station

(Payton then orders Tails, Sniffles, Professor E.Gadd, and Tech Priests to retrofits Imperials' warp ships with technology that allows them to Travels through multiverses, and after the Warp-ships are retrofitted with technology from destroyed Interdimensional Space Station, the Payton's team(now also joined by Keyblade-wielding Custodes named Yab Htedra) then rides the Retrofitted Warp Ship)

Gabriel Angelos: Wait! our Battle Brothers can help you

Commander Bitchslap: and so some of my men!

(as the Payton's team taken to Retrofitted Warp Ship by Thunderhawk Gunship, the Ultramarines and Blood Ravens as well Cadians and Catachans (now, they all armed with better weapons but minus named 40k characters apart from Marbo for Catachans and Yab Htedra) backs up Payton's team and finally, the retrofitted Warp Ship are flies away from Traverse Town. meanwhile in the Traverse Town, Space Marine scouts founds a Grave of John Doe)

Space Marine Scout: we finds something

(the Space Marine scout are followed by his Fellow Battle Brothers to recovers coffin from John Doe's grave, and inside the coffin, there's Materias)

Roboute Gulillman: we have found gems that can give people (additional) Superhuman Powers

Varro Tigurius: and these can makes me more powerful

(the Named characters of 40k then equips themselves with Materias. Meanwhile, in the Warp ship that Payton's team rides, Payton's team got incoming Transmission from Team Fortress 2 Universe)

Astropath: we got incoming Transmission from Team Fortress 2 universe

Payton: Navigator! fly this vessel to Team Fortress 2 Universe

(Payton then orders Navigator to fly into Team Fortress 2 Universe where in their way to Team Fortress 2 Universe, there's Commander Shadowsun(in her Tau battlesuit) floats lifelessly in the crash course of the Warp ship)

Payton: Space Marine, takes her to the onboard the Warp Ship with your graviton gun

(Payton then orders Space Marine to takes Commander Shadowsun to onboard the Warp ship where After taken into Warp Ship, Commander Shadowsun wakes up surrounded by Payton's team)

Commander Shadowsun: where Am I?

Payton: nice to join us, your Battlesuit has been repaired

Commander Shadowsun: looks like I'm a Sole Survivor of Tau Empire(during the destruction of 40k Galaxy)

Mario: mamma mia! I has cooked some Vegan foods for you

Commander Shadowsun: thank you Gue'Vesa!

(the Warp ship that transports Payton's Team has finally reaches Team Fortress 2 Earth. meanwhile on Team Fortress 2 Earth, a PUR Team waiting for something)

Engineer: I has sent the SETI Signal and yet we got no answer so far

Heavy: I want more Sandvich!

(then there’s beep from Engineer’s Radio Telescope)

Engineer: looks like something has proves Drake’s equation right

(Engineer then uses his optical telescope on what his Radio telescope caught)

Engineer: oh it’s flying space Cathedral where boxy gunship came out from there

(we see Thunderhawk Gunship enters the atmosphere of TF2 Earth, and lands on the wilderness of TF2 Earth, meanwhile in PUR base)

The Administrator: Intruder Alert! There’s Unknown entities from Outer Space that’s unlike Aliens that we’re used to encounter has entered our base!

PUR Team: we need to protect the base! *Scatters*

Meanwhile in the wilderness of TF2 earth

Payton: Sonic and Rainbow Dash! do the Recon. Adam Jensen! Hack Engineer’s turrets. Cream and Fluttershy! Recruit the Medic. Recca, Domon, Fuko, Mikagami, Koganei, Isami, Soshi, and Toshi! Recruit the rest. Silver! Recruit the Spy.

(Sonic ordered to do the Recon(alongside Rainbow Dash), where Scout sees their blue blurs)

Scout: what's that?

(Scout finds out that the Blue Blur are actually Sonic which comes to recruits Scout)

Scout: we got new Friends!

Meanwhile, Engineer build a turret and lies down. Unaware of Recca, Domon, Fuko, Mikagami, Koganei, Isami, Soshi, and Toshi watching him

Engineer: I hope Drake’s Equation proven dead right

(Koganei, Domon(using his Tetsugan to shrugs off Engie’s turrets), and Mikagami shows up only to have 3 got electrocuted by Engie’s tesla coil from his Gunslinger mk2)

Engineer: Electricity beats Water and Metal Equally!

(Engineer’s turret shoots at Fuko where Fuko dodges Engie’s turrets bullet until it’s shoots Missiles only to got deflected by Fuko’s powers(leaving the missiles blasted midair by Turret’s own gatling guns), then the turret spraying Isami, Soshi, and Toshi only to get blocked by Madoka’s barrier powers where this prompts Engineer to manually controls his turret and shots at the dots of Madoka’s Barrier, neutralizing Madoka’s barrier)

Engineer: you don’t know that I’m a Math genius and it take a Mathematician to neutralizes yor Barrier, Flamethrower boy!

(as Recca’s fire barrier from 5th flame dragon, Madoka got neutralized by Engineer’s turret, Fuko protects herself, Isami, Soshi, and Toshi from Engineer’s turret with her Kazamori. until the turret aims to Engineer Instead of Hokage and Shinsengumi (from hacked by Adam Jensen). Leaving him arrested by Recca, Domon, Fuko, Mikagami, Koganei, Isami, Soshi, and Toshi at the gunpoint of his own turret)

Fuko Kirisawa: let us fight together!

Meanwhile, Spy does Recon with his Invisibility on only to come across a Silver Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog: you can’t hide from me! Even under your cloaking device or your disguises

Spy: Bullshit! *shoots Silver with his revolver only to have his revolver bullets stopped midair by Silver’s telekinesis*

Silver the Hedgehog: *telepathically convinces Spy to fight for Payton’s team*

Meanwhile, Soldier scouting around until he sees Fuko where he shoots his Bazooka on her only to have her deflects his rocket to his face with her Wind powers, blasting him unconscious

Fuko Kirisawa: let we fight alongside you

Meanwhile, Demoman scouting only to get challenged by Isami in a duel where Isami defeats Demoman in a sword duel

We also see Heavy weapons guy scouting around only to encounters Domon where Domon uses his Tetsugan to shrugs off Heavy’s Minigun, then Heavy uses his pump-action Shotgun only to explodes in Heavy’s face(from it’s barrel plugged by Tetsugan-amped Domon’s finger), and finally Domon overpowers Heavy

Domon Ishijama: you need to fight along us!

We see Sniper scoping around until he spots Koganei where he aimlessly snipes him until when he decided to throw Jarate against Koganei, Sniper got caught in jarate instead while Koganei himself are unscatched by Jarate, Sniper tries to fought Koganei in melee with his bows(with kukris attached on it’s sides) only to got outmatched by Koganei’s vastly superior agility

Kaoru Koganei: we have lot of things that make your Jarate obsolete

Meanwhile, Pyro wandering around only to spots Mikagami where it burns him only to notices that they’re Mikagami’s water clones, he then frozen by real Mikagami

Tokiya Mikagami: water beats fire! And let us take you out from your Pyroland

We see Sonic and Rainbow Dash arresting Scout, Cream and Fluttershy arresting Medic, Silver arresting Spy, and Recca, Domon, Fuko, Mikagami, Koganei, Isami, Soshi, and Toshi arresting the rest of TF2 Mercenaries for Payton’s team

Payton: welcome to my team. Adam Jensen and Tails, give Pyro electric choker that electrocute it whatever it attack us, and Navigator! do you have enough money to cover their salary so they won't hostile to us?

Navigator: Yes

(then, after Payton's team recruits Team Fortress 2 Casts to his team(as well giving them better equipments), they all(along Ultramarines, Blood Ravens, Cadians, and Catachans that backs up them) goes back to their Thunderhawk that takes them to Warp ship)

Payton: now we're complete and next stop! Radiant Garden

(Payton then orders Navigator to flies modified Warp Ship to the universe where the Radiant Garden are located and finally, the Warp Ship’s thunderhawk delivers Payton's team are lands in the Radiant Garden(specifically in the southern Section of the Radiant Garden outside the Radiant Garden itself that's abandoned building that's used to be villain vale that cleared by orbital bombardment just before the Warp ship’s Thunderhawk lands) and after the Thunderhawk lands, Payton's team(with Ultramarines, Blood Ravens, Cadians, and Catachans as well Generic Tree Friend soldiers and former crews and Staff of Interdimensional Space Station) disembarks from Thunderhawk, and then the Thunderhawk flies to the upper atmosphere after everyone onboard that aren't Imperial Navy personnel disembarks)

Payton: finally we're reaches it

Adam Jensen: according to my database, the Hollow Bastion Restoration committee hires Illuminati and ACME to fully restores Radiant Garden, this allows Illuminati takes over Radiant Garden and its inhabitants are being held as prisoner(after the Illuminati putting Miley Cyrus in the Disney Fortress throne)

Payton: so let's free the Radiant Garden from the Illuminati

Adam Jensen: but the defense are somewhat impenetrable, and according to my analysis, it also utilizes Kryptonite Guns

Flippy: how about sending Generic Tree Friends soldiers?

(Flippy then sends all the Generic Tree Friends soldiers only to got wiped out by Radiant Garden defense)

Adam Jensen: *Calls Gabriel Angelos* Captain Gabe! would you deep strike your forces(with Techmarines to captures Radiant Garden as well all troops are transported with Land Raider) into behind Radiant Garden walls?

Gabriel Angelos: *Talks through Adam Jensen's augs* sir yes sir

(after Adam Jensen requests Gabriel Angelos for Deep Strike, the Deep Strike that Jensen requests are landed behind Radiant Garden walls, but after the Land Raiders comes out from their Drop Pods, they all got toppled by Claymore, so this forces Space Marines to comes out from Land Raider, and they got attacked by Claymore)

Space Marines: *talks through Adam Jensen's augs* we're no match for Claymore

Payton: Jensen, it's up to you!

(Adam Jensen then runs into Radiant Garden where he deploys Retractable suit of Armor and turns invisible(before he do that, he spawns his holographic mirages to distracts Radiant Garden's defense that aren't Claymore), then after he reaches Radiant Garden wall, he leaps and uses his grappling hook gun to climb the walls, after he's inside, he runs from Claymore until he reaches the postern section of the Castle where he encounters Robocop that’s came out from it’s stasis chamber)

Robocop: You're under Arrest!

Adam Jensen: why you're hostile to us?

Robocop: fourth directive

(Just before Robocop attacks Adam Jensen, Adam Jensen hacks Robocop so the Robocop takes side of Adam Jensen and his team, and once he and Robocop enters the Castle, he finds control room of the Radiant Garden, and finally after he reaches the Radiant Garden Control Room, he hacks Radiant Garden Computer network to captures Radiant Garden so the Radiant Garden are finally under control of Payton's team(Adam Jensen finishes hacking Radiant Garden computer system just before the Data Dump Timer expires, nanoseconds away from Data dumping). and finally, the rest of Payton's team storms Radiant Garden after Adam Jensen takes over Radiant Garden with his powers)

Adam Jensen: welcome to the Radiant Garden!

Payton: who's the occupants of Radiant Garden that being held as prisoner?

Adam Jensen: according to data that I got from hacking Radiant Garden computer system, they're FF characters as well Braig, Dilan, Even, Elaeus, Ienzo, Isa, and Lea

Payton: so would you free them?

Adam Jensen: yes! *Hacks Radiant Garden computer system*

(Adam Jensen then sets Prisoners free by hacking Radiant Garden computer system once more and finally the Prisoners are freed from their prisons and joins Payton's team)

Payton: welcome to my team

Braig, Dilan, Even, Eleaus, Ienzo, Isa, and Lea: we all fight for you

Flaky: does our group is too big for a Protagonist group?

Payton: and what's about the data from Radiant that's about to be dumped?

Adam Jensen: here it is: Ansem's last will

Ansem's Last will
hello everybody, I'm going to the Anunnaki's Kingdom Hearts to restores everything that destroyed for its construction and this mission is surely my last mission before I died in their hands

Adam Jensen: and it's holds the key to restores your worlds, my fellow HTFs

(Suddenly, someone tells everyone to comes out from Radiant Garden's castle)

Guardsman: everybody! there's holographic image in the sky

(Everyone then goes outside Radiant Garden castle to beholds it)

Anunnaki Prince Horon: hear me everyone!

Anunnaki Prince Horon: gives our god pharaoh Plankton or your blood will drowns the galaxies and your body will feeds us, Goyim

(the holographic image of Horon in the sky then replaced by something that looks like Eye of Sauron, except it's electrical and it's purple in color)


(the holographic image of Anu finally disappears from the sky. but this leaving everyone panic)

Payton: all the HTFs that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, The Mole, and me of course, go and hide in the Castle, Max you can hide along your fellow HTFs where your Pokemon, Jirachi can provides some literal Deus Ex backing for us. but Sniffles, you should helps Tails, Twilight Sparkle, Professor E. Gadd, Engineer, and Tech Priests/Techmarines install Vulcan Mega-Bolter(Gatling Guns that fires Rocket-propelled Grenades) turrets with Point-defense laser on their tops at the top of the Radiant Garden wall towers before you hide. Imperial Guardsmen, garrison the walls. and Space Marines as well Guardsman Marbo, Commander Shadowsun, and Yab Htedra, stick with us when we're goes outside Radiant Garden walls

(Sniffles, Tails, Twilight Sparkle, Professor E. Gadd, Engineer, and Tech Priests/Techmarines installs Vulcan Mega-Bolter turrets at the top of each Radiant Garden Wall towers where Twilight Sparkle enchants it to have infinite Ammo and after they installs it, Sniffles is ordered to hide in the castle along most other HTFs, the Hiding HTFs then founds some Prism Tanks from Red Alert 2)

Toothy: *Talks through Payton's communicator* look! we founds something, it's prism tanks from Red Alert 2 in the Radiant Garden basement

Payton: good! we need some Tank bunker built outside the Radiant Garden Perimeter walls

(Payton then orders Engineer and Techmarines to built Tank bunkers outside the Radiant Garden walls while he orders Imperial Guardsmen to drives Prism tanks to outside Radiant Garden complex, and then the Prism Tanks are parked inside their Tank Bunkers. the Techmarines are also installs advanced Atomantic Field Generator that protects Radiant Garden Complex)

Techmarines: it can comfortably withstands even combined forces of Exterminatus, Chaos Emeralds, and Elements of Harmony and any living things can safely pass the barrier(unless when they're bacteria outside the bodies of living things)

Engineer: *his con-tracker beeps* what’s this?

From: Jimmy Neutron
To: Dell Conagher
The Burning Legion is about to invades my hometown(as well Amity Park and Dimmsdale), so the Talking Gorilla(whose his IQ is twice of mine) and his whole Overwatch heroes(including even their TALON Enemies) come to defend us, and once this war is over, Overwatch girls wants to go on date with you for their respective boyfriends and future husbands

Engineer: *replies to his Con-tracker* I want Symmetra for my girlfriend and would-be wife, as for my fellow Mercenaries, I want Scout’s girlfriend/wife Tracer, Pharah being Soldier’s girlfriend/future wife, Pyro date with Mei, Demoman date and marry with Ashe, Heavy with Zarya, Medic with Mercy, Sniper with Widowmaker, and Sombra(not to be confused with King Sombra) date with Spy

(Payton then also got a message in his Communicator)

the Teleportarium Terminal of Radiant Garden has been Installed, it used to link this place with Traverse Town, Mobius, Equestria, and Mushroom Kingdom(another Teleportarium Terminals) and it's big enough to accommodate even Warhound Scout Titan

Payton: and we can traverses freely between Traverse Town, Mobius, Equestria, Mushroom Kingdom

Korra: and of course my homeworld

(and Finally, Payton's team(minus HTFs that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and Payton himself) along some squads of Space Marines patrols outside Radiant Garden. Meanwhile in the Traverse Town. Knight Commander Pask and Commander Bitchslap patrolling in Traverse Town streets with their personal Leman Russ Tanks: Pask got Leman Russ executioner while Bitchslap got Leman Russ Vanquisher with Assault Cannons for Anti-infantry defenses)

Knight Commander Pask: so far so good

Commander Bitchslap: yeah!

(behind them, there's Commissar Yarrick riding his upgraded Fortress of Arrogance: it has Gatling Coilguns(known as Burst Cannon) in place of Heavy Bolters, Railguns in place of Lascannons, Particle Cannons(Capable of Sustained fire) in place of Autocannons, Gauss Obliterator for its main gun, Melta Cannon in lieu of Demolisher Cannon, and it has antimatter missile pods)

Commissar Yarrick: check out my new Fortress of Arrogance

Ursarkar E. Creed: *Talks through Commander Bitchslap's personal Leman Russ vox Caster* I has deploys some Warhound Scout Titans across Traverse Town where they can hides very well courtesy of my Tactical Genius

(Suddenly, there's siren throughout Traverse Town)

Space Marine captain: *talks through speaker* the Anunnaki has arrived

(Commander Bitchslap, Commissar Yarrick, and Knight Commander Pask then drives around. meanwhile, in the Radiant Garden, the Payton's team(minus most HTFs) and Space Marine squads patrols around Radiant Garden)

Payton: so far so good!

(Suddenly, Payton got incoming Transmission from Bjorn the Fell-handed)

Bjorn the Fell-Handed: *Talks through Payton's communicator* be wary, what we will up against now are can makes even War against Men of Iron looks like Cakewalk and the Battlefield of the incoming war that makes Cybernetic Revolt like cakewalk in comparison are the omniverse itself

Payton: but don't worry, at least we have something that overpowered enough to solos whole 40k Universe like Splendid, Chaos Emeralds, and Elements of Harmony

Ursarkar E. Creed: *Talks through Payton's communicator* and my own Tactical Genius of course. I'm hiding in the high-tech bunker that can tanks everything from Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Nanotech weaponry to Black Hole weaponry and even Exterminatus combined with Chaos Emeralds and Elements of Harmony and located deep beneath Traverse Town

Payton: so how about Imperial forces that defend those worlds: Mobius, Equestria, Mushroom Kingdom, and Korra's homeworld?

Ursarkar E. Creed: *Talks through Payton's Communicator* they're defended by UNSC and Mobian Militias as well reformed Robotnik, Sisters of Battle and Equestrian Militias, King Croacus and his people as well some of our forces, and Adeptus Mechanicus Forces(including Iron Hands Space Marine chapter) and resident benders respectively. but now the Anunnaki forces has landed on Traverse Town though at least we have Flying Metal Boxes(Rhino Transport(or its variants) and Land Raider with Anti-gravity propulsion) and other new weapons

(then, the Anunnaki forces are arrives in the Radiant Garden)

Heavy: man! they got Grilled Cheese Sandvich for their Bread and Butter

Sniper: Yeah!

Engineer: that's basically Mann vs Machine 2.0

Soldier: *Prays* may God and Jesus let us all survives this battle

(the incoming Anunnaki forces then attacks Radiant Garden, we see Max in his computer)

Max: *Talks through Payton's team Communicator* Payton! don't let the Anunnaki reaches the Radiant Garden terminal of Teleportarium networks, and our mission is wait for Plankton being dropped of in Radiant Garden.

Payton: we got it

(Payton's team then fights incoming Anunnaki forces: just before fighting, The Rangers, Isami, Soshi, and Toshi morphs into their superpowered forms, then they fights Anunnaki forces alongside the rest of Payton's team)

Ziggy Grover: *clumsily fights Anunnaki troops* they're just too real, too fast, too big, and too powerful to be a man in suit

(Payton then summons Angry Birds as well Homestuck Kids and Loyalist Primarch to assists his team fighting Anunnaki forces)

Payton: Space Marine! drains the force shields of Anunnaki troops while destroying them is up to us

(the Space Marines(along Pulse Rifle-armed Imperial Guardsmen and Vulcan Mega-Bolter turret as well Prism Tank providing fire support) shooting Anunnaki forces with their Automatic railguns, then Payton's team deals finishing blows as their force shields is temporarily drained: Adam Jensen shots Anunnaki Tripods in their vulnerable legs with his HI-NRG Plasma Rifle, leaving them collapses under their weight. Mikagami speed blitzes Anunnaki Stormtroopers with his Ensui. Robocop shoots Anunnaki troops with his Pistol at pinpoint accuracy. Payton and Twilight Sparkle rushes against Anunnaki Stormtroopers where their Barrier Powers protects them from their Blasters and then Payton and Twilight defeats Stormtroopers with their Fire Powers. Cream throws her Chao: Cheese at Anunnaki Annihilator's face)

Cream: looks like you have no word "peace" in your dictionary in spite of your godlike Intellect

(Barret Wallace punches holes in Myrmidon Hover Tanks with his Pile Bunker(this is transformation of his Bionic Arm). Sniper and Payton Snipes Chupacabras with their Sniper Rifle and Black Bird respectively. Heavy and Space Marine Devastator squads lays Suppressive Fire against Incoming Anunnaki forces with their Gatling guns. Isami and Assault Marine Squads(they all are equipped with Power Swords that looks like Lightsaber) engages Anunnaki forces in Close Combat. Splendid, Cape Mario, and Rainbow Dash as well Cyborg Splendid and RD-5000 engages Anunnaki Aircrafts and Vulturites in Radiant Garden Airspace where they destroys Anunnaki Aircrafts and Vulturites with fairly ease. and then, Payton receives transmission from Creed)

Ursarkar E. Creed: *Talks through Payton's communicator* the Bowser(upgraded with Anunnaki Nanotechnology) has arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom, Discord and King Sombra has merged and wreak havoc in Equestria, and the Anunnaki has threaten to planet-nuking Mobius

Payton: Mario, go to Mushroom Kingdom and use your Cape Mario form combined with your other super forms. Sonic and Shadow, go to the Mobius and use your Super Emeralds to destroys Flying Tesseracts and Anunnaki fleets. and Mane 6, go to the Equestria and use your elements of Harmony at Discord-King Sombra mix. as well Korra, go back to your homeworld and use your Avatar state to go Prti-Varna-Rudragni when defending your own homeworld. but all of you, you must returns to Radiant Garden immediately once you finished defending your own homeworld

(Payton then orders Mario, Sonic and Shadow, Mane 6, and Korra to go back to their respective home universes with Teleportarium Networks to defends them from Anunnaki forces. Meanwhile in the Traverse Town, the Imperials fights Anunnaki forces alongside Traverse Town citizens)

Commissar Yarrick: no surrender!

(Commissar Yarrick shots Incoming Giant Robots of the Anunnaki with Gauss Obliterator(as Main gun of his Fortress of Arrogance 2.0) where it vaporized leg joints of Anunnaki's giant robots, Grox Guardsmen shooting their Lasguns around only to got hit by soccer balls that Conan Edogawa kicks to them where Conan Edogawa fights Grox Guardsmen with his Soccer moves, Trevor Philips and Michael DeSanta teams up with Penal Legionnaires(Imperium criminals that fought as guardsmen) as well Traverse Town outlaws(that's deliberately released from their prisons to fought the Battle of Traverse Town) to fought Anunnaki forces)

Penal Legionnaire 01: how did you ends up landing on Traverse Town?

Michael DeSanta: back when we escaping our doomed universe with Trevor and Franklin, we somehow ends up landing here

Trevor Philips: eat my chainsaw *killing Anunnaki forces with Chainsaw*

(as Michael and Trevor got outnumbered by Anunnaki forces in spite of teaming up with Penal Legionnaires and Traverse Town outlaws, Franklin Clinton arrives with School Bus to take Michael, Trevor, Penal legionnaires, and other Traverse Town outlaws)

Franklin Clinton: Quick, ride this bus please!

(as Franklin tells Penal Legionnaires as well Michael and other Traverse Town outlaws to ride the bus, Trevor fights Anunnaki forces standstill until he decides to rides the bus as he got hopelessly outnumbered by Anunnaki forces. then the bus that driven by Franklin patrols in Traverse Town streets. Commander Bitchslap(in his Leman Russ Vanquisher) got surrounded by swarms of Chupacabras where as the Swarms of Chupacabras are approaching Bitchslap's Leman russ vanquisher, Commander Bitchslap's Leman Russ vanquisher rotates 360 degrees whilst firing it's Assault Cannons sideways, shooting Chupacabras to death where upon death, Chupacabra's antimatter detonation blasts surviving chupacabras, setting chain reaction that eventually leads to the destruction of Bitchslap's Leman Russ Vanquisher, luckily, Commander Bitchslap manages to escapes his doomed tank before his tank explodes)

Commander Bitchslap: my Tank! at least I can fights on foot

(Commander Bitchslap then fights Grox Space Marine dreadnoughts where he blows them up with his Oversized Power Fist, then Gregor Eisenhorn kills incoming swarms of Dronox and Insectrox with his throwing hat and his powers, meanwhile Back in the Radiant Garden. Payton's team(Minus Mario, Sonic and Shadow, Mane 6, and Korra) bravely foughts Anunnaki forces where suddenly, an army of Anunnaki's Giant Robots comes out from the Sky)

Payton: Splendid! Takes down the Flying Tesseract and Anunnaki space fleets. Spike and FF Characters, Takes the Annunaki Giant Robots, and the Rest, Take the Rest

(Payton then orders Splendid to takes on Anunnaki Space Fleets and Flying Tesseracts, Spike turns into Giant Spike where he uses his tails to smashes Annunaki Giant Robots, Cloud Strife and Leon are slicing the legs of Giant Robots as well Isami jumps in the front of Annunaki Giant Robot and slices it into half with her sword, then the Serpentrons comes for Payton's Team)

Payton: be wary, they can multiplies everytime we attacks any parts that aren't it's head

Sabin: looks like they're another trains that I want to suplex, except with guns

(Sabin then suplexing the Serpentrons until when he attempts to suplex one of the serpentrons, he got gunned down by Serpentron. then Koganei uses his Arrow Form of Kougan Anki to Shots Serpentrons in their heads)

Payton: You're pay for killing my new friend *shots can of sardines at Serpentron's head with his Slingshot(courtesy of Angry Birds summon)*

(the Sardines can that Payton fires at Serpentron's head does summons Mighty Eagle that instantly destroys Serpentron's head upon impact. Loyalist Primarchs and Homestuck Kids that Payton summons does pulls off good fights against Anunnaki forces with their unique godlike powers where their attacks Splits mountains and Decimates armies in Nanosecond. Guardsman Marbo and Yab Htedra fighting Anunnaki forces side by side with their Godlike powers. Commander Shadowsun shots down Serpentrons in their heads and blasting Anunnaki heavy armor(including their Giant Robots). and despite the best efforts of Payton's team, the battle leaves Payton's team heavily exhausted where the Power Rangers are mortally wounded)

Payton: everybody! retreats to the Radiant Garden itself

(The Payton's team then quickly retreats to the Radiant Garden as they got grossly outnumbered ten to one and as they retreats, the mortally wounded Power Rangers(now, they're also infected with Anunnaki Nanotechnology) sacrifices themselves so the rest of Payton's team makes it into Radiant Garden and just after everyone retreats into behind Radiant Garden walls, Adam Jensen fires Vortex Missile Launcher at Anunnaki Armies in order to kill them, and finally, the Radiant Garden wall gate closed where the Vulcan Mega-Bolter turrets lays Suppressive fire at the Anunnaki forces while the entrenched Prism Tanks lays Anti-armor punch at the Anunnaki forces and Pulse Rifle-armed Guardsmen snipes Anunnaki forces. as the Payton's team hides in the Radiant Garden, they got reunited with Mario, Sonic and Shadow, Mane 6, and Korra that returns into Radiant Garden terminal of Teleportarium networks from their respective homeworlds)

Payton: how about your fights in your respective homeworlds?

Mario: I has defeated Bowser, but despite Bowser's defeat, the Anunnaki forces are about to takes over the Mushroom Kingdom, so that's why I retreated to Radiant Garden

Sonic: we uses Super Emeralds at the Anunnaki forces that invading Mobius, but due to numberlessness of Anunnaki forces, we forced to retreats to Radiant Garden through Teleportarium

Payton: I hope we have enough Chaos Emeralds and Elements of Harmony to survive this War until the situation demands us to leaves Radiant Garden

(Suddenly, the Anunnaki forces comes out from Teleportarium Terminal)

Adam Jensen: Run Everybody!

(Adam Jensen then quickly kills Anunnaki forces before he finally destroys Teleportarium Terminal so no more Anunnaki comes out from Teleportarium Terminal)

Adam Jensen: the Anunnaki has attacks from behind through Teleportarium Terminals

Payton: does this just happened here?

Max: it also happens in every Teleportarium Terminals: including in Traverse Town, Mobius, Equestria, and Mushroom Kingdom, so this leaves us isolated here in the Radiant Garden since the space is become giant fireworks display due to Imperial and Anunnaki spaceships shooting each other

(The Payton's team then goes into Control room of Radiant Garden where Max and Leona got a Message)

From: Trevor Spacey
To: Leona Heidern and Max
we got ambushed by Illuminati forces(to the extent, Anunnaki forces) during our journey into Planktopolis 2.0 and until now, we're still far away from Planktopolis 2.0

Leona Heidern: Can you and the rest of your teammates reach Planktopolis 2.0 as soon as possible?

Trevor Spacey: *Talks through Radiant Garden computer* maybe!

(Payton unawares that he now got D-Link to summons Army of Super Sentai Warriors)

Payton: how long the shield can holds Anunnaki attacks?

Techpriest: the shield that protects Radiant Garden isn't just Colony Drop-proof, it also can comfortably withstands everything including even combined forces of Chaos Emeralds, Elements of Harmony, and Exterminatus

Payton: so how exactly the instruction from Ansem the Wise to restores universes that anunnaki destroys to build their Kingdom hearts?

Adam Jensen: by forging the most powerful Keyblade and Keyblade Armor that can only used by the most powerful of us

Splendid: who? me?

Payton: yeah! we'll makes Keyblade and Keyblade armor specifically for you, so Tails, Twilight Sparkle, Sniffles, and Professor E.Gadd! make the Keyblade and Keyblade Armor for Splendid

(Twilight Sparkle then forges Keyblade named Blade of  Splendid as well HTF-sized Keyblade Armor made for Splendid with her Powers while Sniffles, Tails, and Professor E. Gadd working on it's more technological parts of Splendid's Keyblade Armor)

Tails: Splendid! can you summons this suit with your powers once we're finished working on this?

Splendid: yes of course

Cyborg Splendid: does I can also use his Keyblade and Keyblade armor since I might stronger than even Splendid himself?

Payton: yes! but too bad, you have C'tan Shard of Deceiver as your CPU so this might backfires by the time you dismantling Anunnaki’s Kingdom Hearts

(Suddenly, the Radiant Garden computer detects something)

Radiant Garden computer: the Oguma forces of the Anunnaki are approaching Radiant Garden, their shields stops everything that we fires at them

Payton: ok Leona! deal with them!

(Payton then orders Leona Heidern to leaves Radiant Garden town perimeter to deal with Oguma Forces, as Oguma forces approaching the Radiant Garden, their shield discs stops Vulcan Mega-bolter Rounds, Prism Tanks laser beams, Pulse Rifle rounds, and so on. until they meets Leona Heidern)

Sermeg Oguma: Puny Earthlings!

Leona Heidern: don't touch my friends

(Oguma and his men then throws their discs at Leona Heidern only to have those Monomolecular plasma discs split by Leona's moon slash. meanwhile, behind Leona Heidern, an Enlil's Hammer lands in the Radiant Garden, Neutralizing it's shield because of the force of Enlil's Hammer overloading the Shield Generator of the Radiant Garden, and after Oguma and his men losing their shields, Leona picks them off with her earring bomb and M41A Pulse Rifle. meanwhile, back at Radiant Garden castle, Payton and his team(minus Leona Heidern) got shaken by the shock of Enlil's Hammer)

Payton: what's happening?

Max: the Anunnaki has neutralized our shield with Enlil's Hammer by overloading it's generator

Adam Jensen: and the generator is damaged Beyond Repair not to mention the place where the Generator are located are infected with Grey Goo Nanites

Payton: Tails and Twilight! what's about your works on Blade of Splendid and Splendid Keyblade armor?

Twilight Sparkle: by the time we're busy working on the Keyblade and Keyblade's armor, it interrupts our works on that

Professor E. Gadd: at least I has saves our works on Keyblade and Keyblade Armor for Splendid in my USB Flashdisk so we can finish this later

Payton: ok everybody! all the Happy Tree Friends that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and of course me as well Max, Stay here while we go outside to fights Anunnaki Forces while Max, your Jirachi can provides us some Miracles

(the Payton's team(Minus Max and His Jirachi and Happy Tree Friends that aren't Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and Payton himself) then comes out from Radiant Garden's castle to Assists Leona Heidern fighting Anunnaki forces. the Anunnaki Revenants and Singularity Cannons then bombards Radiant Garden's Castle(the Point Defense Lasers on the top of Vulcan Mega-Bolter turrets are little more than death traps against proton missiles of Anunnaki revenants))

Payton: Leona Heidern, Guardsman Marbo, Demoman, Flippy, the Mole, Blaze, and Commander Shadowsun, Neutralizes Anunnaki artillery pieces that bombarding Radiant Garden. Splendid, Rainbow Dash, Silver, Mario, Luigi, Korra, Cyborg Splendid, RD-5000, and me, deal with Anunnaki air forces where Mario and Luigi uses Cape Mario forms. FF Characters and Keyblade-wielding Custodian as well the rest of my team that aren't most HTFs and Max, deal with the rest of the Anunnaki forces

(Commander Shadowsun and Demoman destroys Anunnaki artillery pieces with their Fusion Blasters and Grenade Launchers respectively as well Flippy uses his Vortex Grenades at Anunnaki singularity Cannons)

Flippy: taste your medicines

(Splendid, Rainbow Dash(uses her Super form), Mario and Luigi(uses their Cape forms), Korra(uses her Avatar State to go Prti Varna Rudrangi), and Payton himself is dealing with Anunnaki Air Forces and Spacecrafts(to the extent they also fights Anunnaki ground forces) where Payton also summons Loyalist Primarchs, Homestuck Kids, and army of every single Super Sentai Warriors to fought ground battles for him. Payton also uses Angry Birds summons to shots Anunnaki Vulturites and other Anunnaki air forces. Anunnaki Annihilators fires their Gatling Guns(that fires superheated Plasma Pellets) at Radiant Garden towns only to later got shot by Leon's Fireballs as well Vincent's Guns. Keyblade-Wielding Custodian fights Anunnaki forces alongside Loyalist Primarchs and Homestuck kids where their attacks are also splits the Mountains. the Super Sentai Warriors then uses their Megazords to fights Annunaki giant robots that invading Radiant Garden where their Finishing moves slices Annunaki Giant Robots like Knives through Butter. Amazing Alex ambushes Anunnaki with his traps ala Amadeus Cho. Professor E. Gadd shots Anunnaki with his Ray Gun akimbo where his personal Force Field protects him from Anunnaki shots as well Cid shots Anunnaki forces with his Raygun. Tails and Twilight Sparkle shots Anunnaki troops with their Arm Cannon and Magic beam respectively. Kaoru Koganei and Space Marine Squads fighting Anunnaki forces with his Kougan Anki and chainswords respectively. Guardsman Marbo then calls Gabriel Angelos)

Guardsman Marbo: Captain Gabe! we need some Reinforcements

Gabriel Angelos: *sent Drop Pods filled with Space Marines and their fire supports as well he also sent Valkyries paradrops Grav-chutes equipped Cadian Kasrkin*

(the Cadian Kasrkin and Space Marines(with their Fire supports) lays Suppressive fire with their Burst Cannons at the Anunnaki forces as well Adam Jensen also pulls off Heavy Bolter Akimbo alongside Heavy and Space Marine Devastators and Hellfire Dreadnoughts. Space Marine Dreadnoughts got caught in the CQC situations against Anunnaki Annihilators where some Annihilators destroys Dreadnoughts with their Electrocution(upon grabbing Dreanought) while others got destroyed by Dreadnought Powerfists. Rosalina Wipes out Anunnaki forces with her Powers. and despite the best efforts that Payton's team pulls off, they're still hopelessly outnumbered by the Anunnaki forces as well due to Crumbling Castle, they're also forced to retreats into Radiant Garden itself)

Guardsman Marbo: their numbers massively dwarfs combined numbers of Orks and Tyranids and they can makes Necrons looks like Cavemen

Payton: let's save those that makes Hiding in the Castle as the castle crumbling from Bombardment of Anunnaki forces

(Payton's team quickly rescues most HTFs and Max from Radiant Garden's castle as the Castle crumbles. but unfortunately, this leaves Max as the Only survivor of the crumbling Radiant Garden as the Happy Tree Friends dies from their wounds(their fragile physiology allows them to be killed by even slightest of the injuries), rendering Flippy, Splendid, Buddhist Monkey, the Mole, and Payton himself as well Lumpy the only remaining Happy Tree Friends)

Payton: Nooooooooooooooo! Max can you use your Jirachi to bring them back to life?

Max: yes!

(just before Max tells his Jirachi to bring back dead HTFs to life, there's something that kills Max and his Jirachi)

Payton: what is it?
(it later revealed to be Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida)

Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida: I come to retrieves Chaos Emeralds as well Assassinates all of you through time warp(which can keeps any of you from touching me)

(Payton then orders what his team left to attacks Anunnaki Assassin only to finds out that Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida loves to teleports, preventing any of Payton's team from touching him and it kills Payton as well Sonic(by grabbing his head and electrocuting him) and he got all 7 remaining Chaos Emeralds)

Amy: Sonic!

(Amy go to Sonic's corpse only to got shot by Anunnaki Assassin. Shadow the Hedgehog uses his Chaos powers at Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida only to finds out the Anunnaki Assassin are immunes to his Chaos Powers, so he engages it in old-fashioned gun-fu only to finds out that he's sliced into half after he duels with Anunnaki Assassin. not even Splendid have match for it as Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida since it can stops time and shots Splendid with Kryptonite Blaster gun, this time Splendid dies as Anunnaki Assassin quickly slices him into half as Splendid got weakened by Kryptonite blaster, it also kills Adam Jensen by slicing him into half, not even Cyborg Splendid are it's match(it stole C'Tan Shard of the Deceiver from Cyborg Splendid). and finally, just before he kills Mane 6 plus Spike and Derpy as well Mario characters and Korra and her friends plus Leona Heidern and Kaoru Koganei as well now-wounded Marbo and Keyblade-wielding Custodian(which is the only remaining members of Payton's team by now), Hiro Nakamura arrives via Teleportation)

Hiro Nakamura: don't mess with my friends or I kill you just like in Screwattack's Death Battle!

Hiro Nakamura: and Give me Dragon Balls!

(Hiro Nakamura then engages Swordfights with Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida: the Assassin can works around Hiro's time stop Powers, So Hiro engages it in a Sword Fight where whatever Anunnaki Assassin shots him, He uses his Time stop only to got physically outmatched by Anunnaki Assassin where the Anunnaki Assassin manages to destroys Hiro's swords and when Hiro has his swords destroyed by Anunnaki Assassin, he proceed to kicks Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida in the balls only to breaks his own leg,, but suddenly, the Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida teleports away, it got away with Chaos Emeralds, so Hiro Nakamura teleports away(before doing so, he talks with his teammates that travels to Planktopolis 2.0), and it later revealed that what makes Anunnaki Assassin Ningishzida teleports away is: someone has calls the reinforcements of Global Defense Union forces: they consists Zone Troopers(and its variations) for it's Infantry, Mechanized walker akin to GDI's Titan, and Mammoth MK2 to confronts Anunnaki forces in the now-ruined Radiant Garden, and due to the GDU's lack of Technological Prowess of the Imperium of Man, they're mere speed bumps for the Anunnaki forces. but this allows the remnants of Payton's team escapes from Radiant Garden with Imperial Navy vessel that called by resident Astropath of the Payton's team. and finally, the remnants of Payton's team flies from Radiant Garden with the Imperial Navy's vessel from doomed Radiant Garden)

Fluttershy: Next stop! Traverse Town

(the warp-ship that transports the remaining members of Payton's team flies into Traverse Town only to finds out that Traverse Town is similarly ruined where when they takes wounded Marbo, there's something that kills Marbo. and after they sees fleets after fleets of Imperial Spaceships evacuating Traverse Town citizens, the Warp ship that carries what left of Payton's team finally flies into the Disney Fortress, following the fleets of the refugees. we skip some time later where Payton's wakes up in the bedroom with a Photo of these characters: Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven(with her hood off) from Teen Titans animated series; Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Mimi, Koushiro, Joe, Takeru, and Hikari from Digimon(02 forms in summer clothes); Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants; Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts(KH2 forms); Ash Ketchum, Misty, Tracey Sketchit, and Melody from Pokemon(both Ash and Misty are wearing Advanced generation outfits while Melody are from Pokemon the Movie 2000(in her street clothes without her sunglasses)) placed next into him)

Payton: what is this?

(unaware of Payton, he got power to Summons those characters through D-Link, then Adam Jensen visits Payton in this Bedroom)

Adam Jensen: I got some news for you: the bad news is: your home world is beyond recovery, but the good news is: all of your teammates, including me will gather in the courtyard section of Traverse Town

(Payton then follows Adam Jensen to the Courtyard Section of Traverse Town and finally, he and Adam Jensen gathers with the rest of His teammates where Vinyl Scratch are about to plays the song. and finally, everyone dances in Gangnam style)


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